Astrologer Jessica Adams gives her predictions for your star sign this week

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You will put your house, family, town, apartment, household and/or country first over the next three weeks with a crucial discussion or signature near Thursday. Other people will hold up a mirror to your home life, relatives or property interests now and you can rate yourself and make changes, if required. Your career, unpaid work or university degree is at the heart of important new questions about how much power you have and also – crucially – what willpower you possess.


What happens near Thursday will remind you that travel, university, websites, books or foreigners are issues that never go away and the only answer is self-control and self-discipline. You will be heavily involved with the internet, multimedia, public speaking or writing over the next three weeks and a go-between who is at the heart of the discussion or e-mails near Wednesday must keep two sides happy. Perhaps you are one of them, or just know one of them, but this human bridge is crucial now.


The New Moon on Monday will show you exactly what you need to do about your house, apartment, bank account, possessions or income. Very close to Thursday you will be able to get your message across with your usual way with words – but this time you need to factor in the numbers. This has implications for December and January too, so make sure you are completely understood by the person or organization concerned. The week ends with a reminder (as if you needed one) that power is money. Handle with extreme care.


The spotlight is well and truly on you, and what represents you – the photographs, the online mentions, the video footage or the title. You will make a fresh start when your ruler the Moon also becomes New, on Monday or Tuesday. All that remains is for you to look at the huge impact that your former, current or potential partner has on how you present yourself to the world these days. This also applies to enemies, rivals or opponents. The insights you gain by Sunday will help you change course with image issues if necessary.


You will either pursue a confidential matter now or take a role behind the scenes. A go-between will be involved and the discussion, e-mail or letter will seal the deal near Thursday. What you cover up or do without any recognition will occupy you until 22nd July. A far more important long-term issue is your lifestyle. What happens near Thursday will show you why your work, doctor, housework, food, drugs, drink, fitness or healer must be at the heart of new decisions to take control.


Sometimes it helps to see your friendships and group involvements from the outside looking in. This is an illuminating week when you will have the blessing of an outsider’s perspective on your team, club, band, party, association, charity or other network of people. There is also a go-between involved, bridging the gap between two rather powerful friends, or two organisations. This person needs to read hearts and minds, but you also need to support him/her as this is no easy task. Close to Thursday, Virgo, you also need to look at the world of children or lovers and step outside the power issue.


You can now take up a new role, title or position, or take on a new project. Perhaps you need to reinterpret the title or task you had before, or maybe you need a completely new direction. The New Moon will help you on your way, but you must deal with some intense issues still affecting the way you see your country, town, home, family, property investment, household or apartment. The Sun’s opposition with Pluto later this week will shed light on what must be said and done, and perhaps once this has occurred you can move on.


Look at what is now possible for you in another district, region or country. This also applies to those from other backgrounds or cultures which seem foreign to you. There is no going back, once you have begun your new path and everything is possible near Monday. Sometimes on a new cycle like this, the concern is travel in the mind, rather than actual travel or relocation. If this applies to you, then everything you gather together for a new beginning with the internet, education or publishing will lead you to a destination near Christmas.


You will attend to the discussions, news or paperwork that sets you up for the rest of 2016 near Thursday. Once the numbers have been subtracted, divided or added up, perhaps you need to put a value on other things. Independence and integrity may be priceless to you, or perhaps peace of mind. These calculations will concern you all week as you have some unusual patterns in an area of your chart which rules your house, apartment, debt, savings, possessions, business, company and other valuable assets.


You can now see your former, current or potential partner in a new light. This will help you take a fresh direction with this man (or woman) near Monday. It is also time to look at the deep emotions which are being covered up and the impact that is having on you, or the other person. Certainly the role of a go-between (a person who is bridging the gap) will become more important as the week goes on. There is much to be said or put in writing, after all, and thus you need to understand the position this person or organization is in. Should your issue be a rival, enemy or opponent instead, then all of the above also applies.


Your lifestyle, daily workload, body and regular routine is off to a flying start near Monday with a New Moon. This helps you figure out what you need to achieve for the rest of the year and how you are going to do that. Close to Thursday one of the year’s most important question-and-answer sessions will unfold with your colleague, doctor, boss, lecturer, employee, client, healer, dietitian or trainer. You need to be absolutely clear on what is at stake so you can make an informed decision.


The world of children (your own or other people’s) now takes up your time and attention, for good reasons. You must find a new direction for the rest of the year and there is rather a lot at stake. This also applies to paid or unpaid work with children; godchildren; young relatives. The Sun will shed light on what needs to be said, read or understood very close to Thursday. This is useful and in fact, it is the only time this year you could gather so much information so quickly. If a lover is the issue, it is because s/he could bring the world of children closer one day, for whatever reason – and so it’s time to talk.

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