What do your stars have in store this week? Astrologer Jessica Adams has your predictions

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There will be a messy transformation in the balance of power from January which means that any person or company which took over your working life, will require time and patience. Get it in writing and read the fine print. This is like musical chairs with a stuck record as the reshuffles, demotions or promotions will be on a fluctuating soundtrack. Make allowances now.


You are approaching the midway point of the hardest money, property, charity, business and property cycle in three decades. Rare patterns involving Saturn this Christmas bring a milestone choice. Try not to start anything new and demanding on a financial level. You will be your own best money manager if you find the expert who can help. Yet, 2017 will be so much easier.


Jupiter in Libra is working hard for you this Christmas. Expect a very happy pregnancy, adoption or blended family decision shortly. You will be amazed at new opportunities and advantages for your youth projects, children, godchildren or young relatives. The overall picture with your former, current or potential partner may be tough but there are so many gains from babies, children or Millennials.


Your house or flat is your passport to joy at Christmas no matter if you want to move, buy, sell, renovate or redecorate. House guests, tenants, family members or lodgers will be plus factors. Horoscope patterns you have not experienced in your life, suggest that being squeezed in one area of your life, helps you gain with your home, clan, home town or homeland.


Even if you already have one wonderful tribute to your life as a wordsmith on your CV you could acquire another one by October 2017. You will be amazed at how one online, written, sung or spoken-word project skyrockets after a halting start a few months ago. You never see Jupiter patterns like this, Leo and December is the time to find new ways to be heard or read, or a bigger, better way to project your old voice.


December emphasises everything you own, earn or owe. See the money, house, business, flat or possessions through new eyes and you will save yourself time and perhaps money in 2017. Rare patterns involving Jupiter in Libra for the first time in 12 years give you milestone choices. You cannot change some realities about your property situation but you can do a lot elsewhere. Rock, hard place, soft landing!


Life can only become more liberating and liberated with your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to single life which has put you through an unpredictable obstacle course. The second half of 2018 will be a great deal easier. This also applies to any enemies too. In the meantime you have to think about Christmas 2016 through 2017. Experiment, innovate, invent and be open to change. The only time this rare Uranus pattern will feel wrong is when you do it wrong. Embrace the future.


A tapestry in your horoscope involving Mars in Aquarius, in your home zone, and other planets, makes this the month for house, flat, family or household decisions that come with a strategy. You must time decisions about your place or your people now. Mars means action stations and extra heat, but actually you will gain far more from plotting and planning at Christmas.


Your group project, social life or old friendships should provide you with a lovely escape from the usual Christmas madness. Your children, godchildren, stepchildren, youth project (or issues about pregnancy) will be at the heart of a forced compromise in April 2017 which is hinted at now. The answer, as always, rests with being open to radical change. Even a revolution.


Your best moment of escapism yet as a wordsmith comes from a book, website, multimedia project, media achievement or language qualification by March 2017 if you can focus in December. As always, the issue is organisation and order, with a lot of capital M method thrown in. In 2016 the boundaries were so fuzzy that you ended up all at sea. Future projects can be the lovely escapes you want.


Your relaunch is almost complete with Mars in Aquarius so make the most of the pressure to come up with a new role, look or image. A go-between will help bridge the gap and connect the dots, later on. Matters of branding or personal appearance take you into your own past next May as you hit a cycle which allows you to borrow from your old look or Me Agenda in order to help your future. Heavy hints now.


As Uranus in Aries turns the right cartwheels in your chart at Christmas, you will finally be in the right financial position to make a radical change. This also applies to your volunteer or student commitment. Vive la revolution! It really comes down to being in the right time and place to take a solution or opportunity, then realise that what you wanted all along was freedom. Independence Day is important now.

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