Cooling down with sugar laden ice creams? The glossy posse opt for an all-natural, protein-packed alternative, writes Kiran Branch

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Here at GTG HQ we're accustomed to expert nutritionists and personal trainers professing their love for protein. Hearing those in the know wax lyrical about the benefits of the vital nutrient has all the glossy staffers attempting to up their protein intake and with the launch of Wheyhey Protein Ice Cream our quest just got a whole lot tastier.

Created using premium quality whey protein isolate, Wheyhey is an all natural, low fat, gluten-free, sugar-free alternative to ice cream available in three flavours; vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Each 150ml tub contains an impressive 22g of protein which - as with all high quality protein - will help to reduce body fat, boost the immune system, improve mental performance and aid lean muscle growth and repair.

Now if that's not something to shout Wheyhey about, we don't know what is.

Wheyhey Protein Ice Cream (£2.50, 150ml) is stocked in Holland and Barrett nationwide.