Want to make your period one less thing to worry about at your wedding, during an exam or on holiday? The Boots Period Delay Service could prove pretty handy if so...

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When it comes to Mother Nature’s monthly visits, no day is exempt - wedding days and honeymoons included. However, a particular online Boots service could provide a much-needed helping hand for stopping her in her tracks as we prepare to walk down the aisle or board that jet plane.

Introducing the Boots Period Delay Service  - a facility that allows women access to prescription only medicines that can delay your period, without the need to see your doctor or book in for an appointment.

So how does it work? Simply fill in an online consultation form to see if a prescription medicine is suitable (the Boots brand of choice is Utovlan) and once approved, they can then make arrangements for collection or delivery. Boots pharmacist Angela Chalmers says: “Pop into your local pharmacy and speak to your pharmacist about the different options available which include the Boots online clinic. This provides the option of a 10 or 20 day course of progesterone tablets which work to delay your period until the tablets are stopped. This can help you enjoy this time of your life, without the worry of the time of the month.”

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How much will it cost you? It depends on the length of treatment. A 10 day supply costs £14.90 and a 20 day course costs £22.40 - provided you’ve been deemed suitable for Utovlan following the online consultation. Other prerequisites include being a woman aged 16 or over and not being on the contraceptive pill or using hormonal contraception.

Come holidays, weddings, exams or festivals, this could prove pretty handy for helping women gain greater control over their monthly cycles. However, is this one service best left in the doctor’s surgery and off the high street when it comes to more specialised and personalised care? Would you use it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Read more about the service and Utovlan here .

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