The U.S.’s largest online retailer is looking to take a bite out of the UK online grocery market

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Once upon a time Amazon was where you went for books, CDs and DVDs (remember those?), but with the online retailer now stocking everything from cleansers to car parts the move to selling fresh groceries was inevitable.

According to multiple sources, Amazon looks set to launch its grocery delivery service, Amazon Fresh in the UK later this year. Already up and running in U.S. cities including Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, it has been reported that the e-commerce giant will roll out the scheme in London this September.

The move does not come as a surprise as the UK market for online grocery shopping has always been ahead of the U.S.’s with 5% of all UK grocery sales now completed online according to Amazon’s entry into the UK market will surely have British supermarkets and delivery services such as Ocado quaking in their boots...