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Diana, Juno and Cupido are all in your opposite sign of Libra this week. This augurs well for the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner, particularly as both of you are about to hit the mother of all solutions – or a wonderful door to a bright new future – after September 10th. It may help to explain what these asteroids do in your horoscope. Diana is a symbol of freedom. She refused to marry or have children to tie her down and in mythology, had the sleeping Endymion as her lover. Juno is the wife of Jupiter, and she describes commitment, security and prestige. She is as tied down as Diana is free, and together these two symbols in your horoscope have a lot to teach you about promises, as opposed to space. Cupido is the dangerous cherub with the arrow, who was as vulnerable to passion in myth (he fell in love with Psyche) as anybody else. To see these three players together is extremely unusual, but what can only happen once every 12 years is the arrival of Jupiter, the husband of Juno, in this same zone of your chart. This happens in three months’ time. To get the situation you deserve with this man (or woman) spend time this week getting to the bottom of each and every issue that arises.


The time has come to be optimistic about a better lifestyle and to look forward to bigger things, in your chosen field, profession or special subject. This will all come about in three months’ time, with the first remarkable results by the New Moon in Libra on October 1st. Of course, there is no point in welcoming an improved working day, if your body is not also along for the ride, and you will be thrilled at the lucky breaks, twists of fate, offers and opportunities which gradually help you to improve the relationship you have with your body, into 2016. All this might seem a long way off, but the pieces are being put on the table now, so that you can begin to put the jigsaw together. You are now dealing with people, organisations or situations which ooze passion. There will be a sense this week, that when it comes to work (or your body) the only thing that matters is a tremendous sense of meaning, dedication and absolute focus. This is down to the combined impact of three pretty potent asteroids, paving the way for Jupiter with all his solutions and advantages, later this year.


A high percentage of Gemini people will welcome new babies, adopt them or marry into blended families, between September 10th and October 10th 2017. You may be in this group, depending on your personal horoscope, and if so you will be stunned at the speed with which one story is written in your life this week. Trust the future, because one way or another, a much younger generation deserves a special new place in your life and this generation will find its way. In other cases, the stellium in Libra this week is about godchildren, nieces, nephews or the paid (or unpaid) work you do for children. Here, too, you should welcome what comes. This complicated and colourful new story in your life will ultimately lead you to a wonderful chapter, commencing in three months’ time. The sign of Libra not only rules those who are born 20 years or more after you. It also rules lovers who can bring a much younger generation into your life, which is always the case when marriage delivers in-laws, but also the case when pregnancy, step-parenting or adoption is possible. There are tremendous contradictions around you now. Nothing is clear-cut, easy or obvious. Would you have it any other way, though? Should you have it any other way? The deepest meaning in the relationship you have with a younger generation can only come when you take the biggest journey.


You are ruled by the Moon in astrology and your sign is also associated with the Fourth House, which describes your home and also your family. We link Cancer the crab to the creature which carries her home on her back – her shell – and will retreat into it for security and safety. Crabs are also very much clan creatures and reside with their kin, rather than any other strangers on the shore. I mention all this, because you are now beginning the next great adventure of your life, which will develop in small but important stages this week, and escalate from September 10th, with the most tremendous results by October 2017. Diana, Juno and Cupido are now gathering in the Fourth House of your own chart, so in many ways, you are about to become the person you were always meant to be. In astrology you are defined by your sense of place and belonging, both to your own part of the world, and your own front door – but also to the people you call family. There are some competing issues here about freedom and security, but there is also tremendous passion around you, and that can sometimes show you who and what matters most. In three months’ time, what falls into patterns on the ground now will become a veritable snowball.


If you have Gemini horoscope factors in your personal birth chart, then you are about to embark on the project of the decade, with sure signs now and a remarkable new beginning in October. No matter what your personal horoscope looks like, there are some really welcome signs if you are interested in the internet, or intrigued by the possibilities offered by writing, languages, public speaking, multimedia, design, poetry, songwriting, singing or similar. Diana, Juno and Cupido are making waves in the Third House of your horoscope now, which describes how you connect and communicate with the world. They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This is not impossible. It is more likely, however, that the right medium or vehicle will present itself this week, or the person or organisation who can connect you to the same. Be hopeful and raise your sights. What you achieve in the final quarter of this year could be a milestone, and there will be more in 2017, or you will develop this idea, concept, plan, course or project further to great effect. I suspect is it the people and the personalities which will most impress you at this stage. Later on, it will be your own way with words or images.


You have already seen just how important freedom and independence are, when dealing with financial or business questions. Perhaps this year has been about property or charity, instead – sometimes in this cycle, the issue is not so much the bank, tax or companies – it can be about a home. If you are a regular reader, then you will know that this cycle you are in (Uranus in your Second House of money) requires that you put a price on autonomy. Space has a price. I am sure you found this out in April. Now, the picture is changing again, and very much in your favour. From September 10th you are in a wonderful new cycle which will resolve your issues and show you how to make or save a fortune. By 2017 you will be in a very strong position indeed. That future situation is set up in small stages this week, as the most colourful, unforgettable people, organisations or situations come your way. The asteroid Diana is at large. Diana is an old symbol for freedom, uncompromising independence, space and wildness. In this sense she is not a million miles removed from Uranus, the planet we associate with the revolution that brings independence, and you already know him very well, in the context of your money. (He has been affecting your life since 2011). In order to get the most from the solutions and opportunities which lie ahead in September, do your utmost to look at all these issues about freedom, this week. Once again you must put a price tag on independence, either for yourself or the other person or organisation involved.


In order to become a new person, you must either go back to the woman (or man) you used to be – thus, coming back to yourself – or you must start afresh. This will be obvious to you from September 10th, and by the New Moon in Libra on October 1st you will be well and truly relaunched, either as the person we used to know, or as a radically altered version of the old human being. There is more to your world than this, though. Your exterior will serve your interior in a wonderful way. Your online popularity, new photograph, new look, new wardrobe – and so on – can only help to put rocket power underneath other things that matter very much. The relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner by 2017 is a case in point. All this might seem very long-term and rather far into the future, but it does matter this week. Why? Because Cupido (who is the son of your ruler Venus) is in Libra, together with Juno and Diana. This is like the first wave in a long procession. It is like the first intriguing float in a carnival. That carnival will very much concern your name, face, image, persona and brand and it will commence with much noise, colour and cheering in three month’s time. This is not narcissism, this is necessary. Do the necessary.


The greatest advantages and good luck you will experience in 2017 will come from hiding behind a screen, so to speak. Your biggest achievements and long-term pluses will come from operating without any credit or recognition whatsoever, allowing other people to take up the space on the internet, or in the real world (even). It is rather like being the editor on an award-winning film. Everyone sees the stars, nobody even sees your name on the credits. Sometimes, on the cycle which is to come (it begins in earnest on September 10th this year) the benefits come from withdrawing, and spending far more time alone. This may involve developing a new relationship with your own soul. Sometimes it is about dreams, psychology, psychic work or meditation. This very much depends on your personal horoscope, but this side of life may also draw you in and reward you, three months from now. Last but not least, Scorpio, you can often see tremendous benefits just from operating in secret. From guarding classified or confidential matters with your life and doing your best work behind a locked door or an internet firewall. This is also a possibility. This week, wheels are turning. Soon, you will know which of these different journeys is waiting for you.


If you are one of those Sagittarians who have personal horoscope factors in Aquarius, then this week begins the most important cycle in 12 years, for your group involvements, your friendships and your sense of community. By 2017 you will bless your commitment to these people. Even if you don’t have Aquarian factors in your chart, this week will set you on the right path with the most important circle of people in your world, who will come to matter quite as much as family or partners (perhaps more) by next year. Together you will move mountains. Within this circle you will come to know what a very deep friendship can achieve and the kind of brotherhood and sisterhood you experience will change your life. Sagittarius, on 10th September Jupiter, your ruling planet, will move into your Eleventh House of community and friends, after over a decade away. By next year Jupiter will form a stunning sextile pattern to your own Sun in Sagittarius, enabling you to shine as a result of the camaraderie, alliances and support within your tribe. This week you will begin to encounter the first faces and names that matter. Maybe you already know them, but for the first time you are really seeing then in full technicolour. If you are single and free, then the presence of Juno, Cupido and Diana in Libra, the sign of relationship, suggests that you are about to see chemistry you never knew could exist between mere friends.


That wonderful scene from The Sound of Music when Julie Andrews encourages us to climb every mountain, is pure Capricorn. Ancient astrologers could have associated the most prominent constellation of the European winter with anything at all. They chose a mountain goat, because this creature symbolises ambition and achievement. Without that, The Sound of Music would not have become a classic and Miss Andrews would not have become a superstar. Who is the modern Capricorn? Probably a YouTube sensation. Or Kate Moss or Kate Middleton. All this is worth thinking about at the moment, because this week you are going to meet people or organisations – perhaps projects or positions – which show you the mountain top again. Three months from now you will be given the ropes, the boots and the tent. By 2017 you will be at the top of the mountain, if you accept every single opportunity and helping hand that fate gives you. We have Diana, Cupid and Juno all in your Tenth House of achievement and aspiration this week. They are showing you the loss of freedom and gain of security that comes with a promise. They are also showing you the exhilaration of doing what you want, when you want, without anyone or anything holding you back. Decisions, decisions. But whatever you decide it will lead you in the right direction – to the top.


You don’t see Diana, Cupido and Juno in the same zone of your chart very often. It is even more rare to see them ahead of Jupiter (the father of Diana and husband of Juno) who moves into this same horoscope zone on September 10th. If you get the feeling that something out of the ordinary is happening this week, you are absolutely right. Your instincts will tell you to embrace exploration. Follow your instincts. You can explore on whatever level you are ready for. Geographical? Intellectual? Spiritual? Academic? Digital? The people, organisations and situations which come so close now are designed to show you what you could learn, and also what you could pass onto others. It is very likely that those from completely different cultures, belief systems or nationalities will have their parts to play. It’s an eye-opener. It should be more than that, though, because you stand to have an outstanding 12 months, commencing in September, with some of the biggest rewards next year. Say yes to everything and anything which shifts your mindset or moves you across the map. Even one mile will do it if teaches you something or allows you to show others what you know.


For the last six years you have been going through a long, slow revolution which has utterly changed the way you see money, business, taxation, banks, debt, mortgages, investments, leases, possessions and the rest. It is so long ago now that you may even have lost sight of just what momentous decisions you were making – and now another one is just three months away. By October 1st and the New Moon in Libra, you will be in the most fantastic position in years, able to resolve problems or snap up enormous advantages and benefits, which will either help you to save or make money. The story this week is one patch on this quilt. Actually, it is three patches. You have a lot of choice here, but what you create and pull together will play its part in your long-term financial future. The central choice revolves around the advantages and disadvantages of serious commitment. When you say yes to something or someone, your freedom and independence must be given up. If you say no, you gain all the space in the world, and all the autonomy, but the security and guarantees disappear. You have some thinking to do, Pisces, but it will lead you in the right direction, as you will see, from September 10th and well into 2017.

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