Nutritional therapist Amelia Freer on 'good chocolate' plus other top tips for January

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"If you need for chocolate to feature in your life, make it dark and organic - and even better, take 2 squares and suck them so that your brain can get the "hit" without the sugar damaging your teeth," says Amelia Freer , nutritional therapist.

“Exercise creates free radicals and extra cortisol in the body. In order to counteract this and prevent age acceleration in the body, you need to supplement your diet with a good mixed daily antioxidant,” advises nutritionist Lowri Turner .

"The most effective way to healthy hair and to a healthy scalp is to shampoo your hair every day. It's been proven time and time again. You shower and wash your face everyday and the same should go for your hair too, as it goes to the same places. By massaging the scalp (in conjunction with using the correct shampoo and conditioner), it allows you to exercise your scalp too. Besides, hair always looks its shiniest when it's clean." Philip Kingsley , trichologist.

“The most important starting point for skincare is a good cleanser – if you get this right, young skin is more likely to behave. Cleansing is integral to achieving a clear complexion by getting rid of daily grime and impurities to keep your skin looking its radiant best. Follow cleansing with toning - often ignored, an alcohol-free skin tonic is helpful for preparing your skin for your moisturiser. Finally, all skin types need to be moisturised, to balance the oil levels and offer a protective barrier from the elements. Moisturising is fundamental to your beauty regime and here it is definitely ‘quality’ not 'quantity’ that matters. Follow these simple steps every day for healthy, beautiful skin,”  suggests skincare expert Liz Earle.

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