Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals 5 things you need to know about your April horoscope

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Aries (March 21 - April 21)

The choices you are making about the current financial, business, property or charity situation must take reality into account. Wishful thinking is wasted time. There are undeniable practicalities to be factored in; count every single one.

You will welcome great news as a parent, godparent or aunt after July. Alternatively your role with a younger generation will bring extremely good outcomes. The situation is set up now, so follow the signs.

If you have not already made a concerted effort to sit down with your dark secret or unseen role, so you can face what you are really working with – do so in April. You have been sliding all over the place for months, but it’s time to rein this in.

You’re well aware that a relaunch, rebirth or renaissance has seldom been this easy and tempting. At the same time there are no guarantees. Will this stop you? It’s unlikely. You long to shake something or someone off, and about time too.

What you achieve with or through your group (the one involving a dear friend) has timeless qualities. The potent little asteroid Psyche reminds you that something could take flight forever this year, thanks to April’s conversations.

Taurus (April 22 - May 21)

If you try to avoid or ignore what is staring you in the face regarding your former, current or potential partner, you could make a wrong turn. This also applies to enemies, opponents or rivals. Calculations of pros and cons are required.

Sometimes the future announces itself months ahead. What is bubbling under now will ultimately make the most wonderful difference to your family, household, flat, hometown, or homeland, with results after July.

You have lost your way, quite happily, with your social media involvements, old friendships and groups. If you keep meandering like this, reality may bite rather sharply so try to return to planet earth before it’s too late.

What happened at the end of March excited you, challenged you and now looks certain to change your world. What you have been covering up, or doing without any recognition is all the raw material you need for an experiment.

The project, plan and perhaps the position that absorbs you from this point forward has enduring qualities. This is not just another career, university or charity phase. With Psyche on your Midheaven, it’s time to think about eternity.

Gemini (May 22 - June 22)

Life would be much easier if you could look the other way where your daily workload or your body is concerned. If you blithely ignore what is in front of you, you may make mistakes. You don’t need to be a pessimist, just a realist.

You should be thrilled with your project or idea by Christmas and it will either snowball successfully into 2015 or spawn an offshoot. You were born to be heard or read and April will provide you with part of the jigsaw puzzle, starting in July.

Skid to a halt if you must and get yourself firmly back on a no-nonsense path with some aspect of your career, university life or volunteer role. You have been off track for months and you know it. Only you can take control of this.

March ended in a most enticing, confronting and exciting way, presenting you with social media, group project or social life options that have never come your way before. You know very well you are tempted. Still, do your homework.

The asteroid Psyche is now moving through your sector of foreign and regional journeys, internet ventures, publishing, academia and education. You began pursuing something in March which could last forever – seriously – by Christmas.

Cancer (June 23 - July 23)

If you want to unlock the story which now surrounds fertility, parenthood choices, children, godchildren or young relatives, go back 30 years (if you are old enough) or at least into your parents’ history with you and any siblings.

After July, 2014 will become the most significant year for over a decade in financial, property, charity or business terms. Destiny is already dropping large hints and all you really have to do to have an abundant summer is tune in.

You are now several weeks past your initial self-imposed deadline with a trip, move, book, website or course. The idea back in February or March was to live in the real world and stop ignoring or forgetting it. Now, at last, in April, you can.

You are always looking for new ways to be fully in control of your relationship with a former, current or potential partner. Enemies too. What crossed your radar in the final week of March is a definite option, but only you can take it.

If you follow through on a career, university or charity choice with huge implications, you will not regret it. If you take notes on all the possible outcomes you will soon see just how much freedom is on offer. Worth a risk.

Leo (July 24 - August 23)

Go back around 30 years into your own (or your family) history to find the seeds of the challenge facing you now. What appears to be about your house, hometown, homeland, apartment or relatives is actually about laying the past to rest.

You will relaunch yourself in the most spectacular way in July and August thanks partly to the moves you are making now, in terms of your name, face, shape, brand or image. Even if you have a three-month deadline to hit, just start.

The only real rule with a new financial, business, charity or property story is that you should try to ground it in reality. Don’t be fooled by what has happened to you since October 2013. Look around to see how others are handling budgets.

As March ended, you began experimenting wildly with a new pin on the map: a tempting internet option; an academic challenge; a publishing adventure. April is the testing ground but you must canvas opinion widely and research all options.

You are now in a position to create something of lasting value and importance with your former, current or potential partner – or through them. Quite what this is depends on discussions or news dating from March, but it will be permanent.

Virgo (August 24 - September 23)

While you were intrigued by particular internet, media, publishing or other communication options in March, you were also given a sharp reminder of what is frankly unavoidable and here to stay. Don’t be too blind to what’s really there.

Only you hold the reins, in terms of feeling more empowered about your children, godchildren or young relatives. This also applies to youth projects or relationships which may bring children in. Self discipline is the magic key.

You will soon play with a tantalising idea which would make a radical difference to everything you own, earn or owe. It would certainly liberate you from people, organisations or situations which you are frankly fed up with.

What you create this year, in terms of your relationship with your body, will last for years. It may even outlast you. There are discoveries to be made in terms of alternative health, fitness, food, medical care and more. Step by step, Virgo.

It is high time you returned to boring old common-sense where your partner is concerned. This also applies to former or potential partners and enemies too. You have been content to lose your way, quite consciously, but enough is enough.

Libra (September 24 - October 23)

You cannot afford to live in a fantasy land of idealism and high hopes where your money, house, business, charity or apartment is concerned. Some fairly heavy, clanging reminders from late March should help keep you on track.

April is a crossroads in terms of your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to any enemies, rivals or opponents. There is nothing as genuinely thrilling as uncompromising independence and it’s on offer this month.

The asteroid Psyche is represented by a butterfly in astrology and mythology, and if you see butterflies (real or represented) in April, tune in to what you are being told about the world of children or the young. A forever story is unfolding.

You appear to have slid happily off the rails where your daily workload or relationship with your body is concerned. It’s all been one long escape, but now you must snap your fingers like the Little Britain hypnotist. Back in the room!

Did you know that July to December 2014 will bring you incredible rewards in connection with a group project involving an old friend? The clues and signs are there in April and all you really have to do is keep nodding and smiling.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

You have been blithely ignoring the bleeding obvious where your image, role, title or appearance is concerned. This is quite understandable, but if you are to make headway, you must be a realist and accept what is never going to change.

What took place at the end of March has enervated you as much as it has confronted you. Radical change is on offer in terms of your daily workload or relationship with your body. If more research would comfort you, pursue it.

The seeds that were sown last month in terms of your house, family, flat, household, homeland or home town will take hold in April and by August something remarkable could be blossoming. It’s perennial and it’s special.

The world of babies, children or younger people – and all the roles or relationships which take you there – suggests a moment of truth. Perhaps it’s time you returned to the real world, so welcome this chance to be practical.

You always seem to be two steps forward, one step back when you tackle the internet, media, publishing or other platforms for your words, images and ideas. What happened in late March showed you a different step altogether. Tempted?

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)

Perhaps you should be radical, even revolutionary. If you know in your heart you are right where children, godchildren or young relatives are concerned, perhaps you should act. This also applies to the young in general. Freedom calls.

Don’t turn the other way when confronted with the basic realities of your situation. There are some unavoidable facts about your dark secret or invisible role which others know very well and you were reminded of this in late March.

You have to come back to earth again, after several weeks when your feet did not touch the ground in terms of your house, family, household, hometown, flat or homeland. You have been very generous with yourself, but decisions call.

You will be extremely happy with the ambitious move, wide-ranging journey, inspiring web venture, book or academic pathways which open up this summer. Much depends on how enthusiastic you are, even now, about the smallest clues.

This year is very much about discovering what it would take to control your money, house, flat, business or charity and then putting it in motion. That last part is the key to everything. Continual good intentions are still not enough.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)

It takes tremendous willpower to mastermind and mould your own image, role, title or appearance. This is now sinking in, as months of vague hopes and fond imaginings have taken you nowhere. Nothing else but willpower empowers you.

It would be far nicer to ignore the facts which are staring you in the face about a group project, old friendship or social media question. It would also waste your time as you have to take a deep breath and accept some unavoidable realities.

It is time to be a free spirit and do your own thing, liberating yourself from everything and everybody. This will impact your family, household, property, hometown or homeland but it’s also timely.

The heady combination of Jupiter and Psyche in your finance, property, business and charity zones in the second half of this year will utterly transform the way you earn, own or owe what you value most. Follow the signs in April.

If you are prepared to accept the things you cannot change about your chosen group or network, then you could take huge advantage of exciting (nay, thrilling) potential opening up in terms of your people and your place. List pros and cons.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)

You have been drifting into an unusual and risky phase with your money, house, business, flat or charity lately. It has been, to quote Spike Milligan, ‘a transport of delight’ but it is time to get back on dry land, to plot and plan.

Sometimes, opportunities just stare you in the face. It would be cowardly of you to run away from new challenges and potential rewards online, or with another forum for your voice, words or ideas. Face the crossroads.

You would much rather ignore what you saw or heard at the end of March, in terms of your career, industry, business or other chosen field. You cannot pretend that particular situations are not there, though. Do factor them in.

What you nurture and develop this year, in terms of your title, image or look, has staying power. It is rather like a Gainsborough portrait or a write-up in The Times; it will last forever. All the more reason to craft the ‘me’ issues carefully.

After July you will be offered the biggest and best with your former, current or potential partner. The smallest seeds are being planted in April with this person, or a close connection. This also applies to solutions for heartache. Do nurture.

Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

You appear to have spent the last three months living a not-quite-real existence in terms of your chosen brand, name, image or look. Now you must return to terra firma or face the consequences, as you are all too aware.

Amazing options for you in daily workload terms (or with your body) await from July, with stunning success possible by Christmas. Much depends on your willingness to plot and plan in April and have things underway by summer.

Others are saying very little about your plans in terms of publishing, the internet, travel, relocation or education. Perhaps they fear their advice would fall on deaf ears, but prove them wrong - be the first to examine all the downsides.

This is the most exciting and challenging month of the year in terms of your money, flat, house, charity, business or possessions. Something utterly new, unique to you, is waiting to be created. One step at a time. But keep moving.

What happened at the end of March showed you how differently you might operate with an old friend or group project. Everything looks promising on paper, of course, but the only way anything will change is through your steely will.