Jessica Adams reveals the five things you need to know about your starsign this August.

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LEO 24 Jul - 23 Aug

1. Your secret project or role behind the scenes takes off from Sunday 4th August. You were quite right to lie low, or keep your plan classified. It will be huge by Christmas.

2. You will enjoy fifteen minutes of five-star fame from June 2014 partly as a result of the changes you plan for your appearance, profile, name, image or reputation this month.

3. Expect a strong new focus on your money, property, business or charity after Friday 23rd August. By September a crucial signature or meeting will start a new chapter for you.

4. The Full Moon on Wednesday 21st August helps you learn from the choices you have made about your former, current or future partner this year and helps you in 2014.

5. The third week of August encourages you to take your most radical and exciting approach yet to a foreign culture, demanding subject or grand internet adventure.

VIRGO 24 Aug - 23 Sept

1. False starts, changes and muddled thinking has held up what should be an amazing group goal or brilliant friendship. Good news – you will be back on track from the 4th.

2. In the second half of 2014 you will gain from a special role you play behind the scenes, or a top secret project. The situation will be set up now in tantalising stages.

3. Suddenly, the focus is you. The way you look and appear. The impact of your name, face or style. Do all you can to support the man who understands, or the woman who cares.

4. The Jupiter-Pluto clash on Thursday 8th August reminds you that you must take control of issues involving the next generation. If you don’t, then life ends up controlling you!

5. Your lifestyle, daily routine and workload is a crucial part of who you are. The Full Moon on Wednesday 21st August helps you put those tricky 2013 choices in perspective at last.

LIBRA 24 Sept - 23 Oct

1. Did you pass up a relationship with a free spirit which would have given you genuine space and independence? This person could be with you by 2014 if you make amends.

2. If your relationship with a former, current or potential partner baffles you, it may be your attachment to old 20th century ways of dating, mating and relating. Experiment!

3. If your enemy, rival or opponent still pushes more emotional buttons than love, ask yourself if any attitude of yours is still keeping you trapped. Remember, you’re free.

4. The most stunning opportunities for success and professional solutions in years, finally become real after the 4th. Put recent delays or complications behind you and push.

5. You will be part of the most remarkable group project in the second half of 2014 involving one or more true friends. The situation is set up now. Build it carefully.

SCORPIO 24 Oct - 22 Nov

1. You will beat your own best achievements in the second half of 2014 if you are prepared to deal with difficult people or organisations now. Incredible success is built in stages.

2. A friendship you had underrated or a group goal you had misjudged suddenly becomes important in August. By October it’s part of a new era in your life. It’s worth your energy.

3. You must be wondering when your book, website, course, trip, move or foreign connection will start delivering. Wonder no more. Progress begins from 4th August.

4. What happens near the Jupiter-Pluto clash on Thursday 8th August reminds you to keep your own desire for total control out of important projects and plans. It doesn’t help!

5. Your final, ultimate choices about your family, house, home town, apartment or household may not be made until early 2014. Keep sifting, sorting, plotting and planning.

SAGITTARIUS 23 Nov - 21 Dec

1. Take as long as you like putting together the new financial, business, property or charity jigsaw near Thursday 8th August. Try to price power and control as accurately as you can.

2. You will travel or export far more ambitiously across the UK, Europe, the USA or Australasia in the second half of 2014. Set up the situation now, dodging people politics.

3. You may have written off particular people, plans or projects in 2013 online, on paper and in person – some of those choices may come back to you in early 2014.

4. The delays or changes which affected your attempt to save, make or repay money are now history. From 4th August the discussion, news or paperwork will roll at last.

5. The world of babies, children and younger people reminds you that some people can’t tolerate feeling crowded, trapped or blocked. Try to correct what happened in July.

CAPRICORN 22 Dec - 20 Jan

1. It’s been years since you were in this position. At last you can properly address your lifestyle, encompassing every aspect of work and wellbeing – 2014 could be amazing.

2. The delays or changes affecting life with your former, current or potential partner can be forgotten from 4th August and a signature or agreement will be in the bag soon.

3. If you have an enemy, opponent or rival then you will be pleased to hear that communication will now be straightforward with them or a third party.

4. The magic word with your family, property or household is tolerance. Try to give other people as much space as possible. There is plenty of room for every kind of bear.

5. What happens near the Jupiter-Pluto clash on Thursday 8th August urges you to take back control of your image, brand, profile or appearance. It’s your property, isn’t it?

AQUARIUS 21 Jan - 19 Feb

1. In the second half of 2014 you will solve any problems with a former, current or potential partner. You will also go to the next (love) level. The work begins now.

2. Wonderful options for an improved lifestyle, daily workload and level of wellbeing are now ready to roll. Ignore what just happened in June-July. That was a dress-rehearsal.

3. When should you actually face those nagging issues about your role behind the scenes, or the big secret you are keeping? Take it all on, if you’re brave enough, near the 8th.

4. You’ve had so many choices this year about the image you want to present or the role you want to play. You’ve ditched two. Keep your mind open, though, until early 2014.

5. The most important financial, property, charity or business discussions of the year begin this month and gather speed in September and October. Relationship building works.

PISCES 20 Feb - 20 Mar

1. A brand new story with your former, current or potential partner begins now. Build a closer relationship, ahead of a crucial discussion or signature in the last week of August.

2. If you have an enemy, rival or opponent then do all you can to seek support from a third person this month – or make the most of a useful chance to build a bridge with him/her.

3. The world of babies, children or younger people in general offers you more from life. Forget the changes or delays since June. From 4th August you can count on new plans.

4. What happens near Thursday 8th August reminds you that your friendship or group involvement can only be powerful, when all the players agree to share the power.

5. It’s been a long time since you’ve had the luxury of focussing on your lifestyle and your daily workload. Events near 6th August show you how fantastic the future could be.

ARIES 21 Mar - 20 Apr

1. You have been neglecting genuinely powerful clients, colleagues, classmates, staff, employers or lecturers this year. Events near the 8th show you how to make amends.

2. Babies, children and younger people in general will reward you in unforgettable ways in the second half of 2014 partly thanks to the hard work you are putting in this month.

3. At last you can put any delays or changes behind you and start a new phase with your family, household, home town, apartment or house. The only way is up. You were right.

4. You were presented with so many choices about your social life, group projects or friendships this year that not all of them could last. One could still be revived, though.

5. Your lifestyle as a whole, incorporating your work and daily routine, becomes someone else’s concern this month. Build this relationship as it will help you in September.

TAURUS 21 Apr - 21 May

1. You will move to a bigger or better home, or neighbourhood in the second half of 2014. Alternatively you will renovate and redecorate. Hard planning now pays off later.

2. If you are still confused about a group project or friendship, look at the specific ways in which you have confused others. Trends near Friday 2nd August help you clarify it all.

3. A brand new episode involving the world of children, babies or younger people starts in August and extends to October. What’s needed now? Dual thinking. One-on-one skills.

4. Your choices on a career, university or charity level this year have been diverse, to put it mildly. What happens near the 13th helps you ditch some forever, and rethink others.

5. The clandestine project or role behind the scenes which gathered speed in 2012 or 2013 must now be reviewed. Were you right or wrong? Is this working for you or not?

GEMINI 22 May - 21 Jun

1. The Jupiter-Pluto clash on Thursday 8th August is a milestone for your future financial, property, charity or business planning. Time to put a price-tag on what money can’t buy.

2. August-October is the most important phase of the year for family, household, home town or property planning. Someone wants to pair up with you. It will pay off long-term.

3. In the second half of 2014 your book, website or other words-heavy project will be a remarkable success, thanks partly to your willingness to play people politics now.

4. You still have so many choices as a traveller, internet user, writer, student, teacher or publisher. Other nationalities or regions are involved. Two doors are still open for you.

5. One of your friends is fiercely independent so bear that in mind when reconstructing your social life now. This person needs space, not the game-playing of July 2013.

CANCER 22 Jun - 23 Jul

1. If you succumbed to game-playing or power-tripping with a former, current or potential partner, then it’s not too late to correct the situation. Do your best near Thursday 8th.

2. The more you experiment with your career (or other role) the more genuinely thrilling life becomes. Sometimes new frontiers are worth more than any amount of security.

3. You can now settle into an enjoyable new role or image-booster as any delays are over. This also applies to your plans for public relations, the media or the internet.

4. It’s official. You will be able to eradicate money, property, business or charity problems in the second half of 2014 and increase your net worth – but only if you strategise now.

5. A very special project which relies on your way with words, images and ideas is ready to begin – or be restarted. The relationship you build in August is crucial to your success.