What does the next month have in store for you? Astrologist Jessica Adams reveals your stars for February 2014

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Aries (March 21-April 21)

You were so sure you knew the full story with your group, the team or your social media network. The second half of February will reverse, alter or stall what you thought was final, back in January, so prepare to rework details.

Friendship is more complicated now, either because your friend is not communicating properly, or because anything from computer issues to the post is at fault. If an agreement or plan is crucial have Plan B or postpone to late March.

Maintain the faith with your biggest and best aspirations for the house, family, apartment, household, home town or homeland. You are not dreaming too big so don’t let others who think small cramp your style, as success comes from March.

You appear to be keeping a significant secret or perhaps it was revealed last year. Much as you long to clarify this and wrap it up, do allow for this episode to be reshaped, perhaps twice, before you find out where you stand next month.

A role you are playing with no kudos or glory could be your focus now. If so, allow for unreliable people, internet flaws, cancelled arrangements or unexpected changes to affect what is in motion and make space in your plans.

Taurus (April 22-May 21)

Your career, leading role in life or academic path is in a state of flux in February and March, with most of the sources you trusted in January either changing, being delayed or even being scrapped, within weeks. Read the fine print. Have a Plan B.

Your chosen field, industry or business is at the heart of internet misinformation, flawed gossip or media misreporting throughout February and March so be aware that Mercury is retrograde and check before final judgement.

You had such faith in your project or plan last year, and felt confident that you could deliver what was required in terms of the words, images, idea or medium. Now you are not so sure, but do not give up. Persist, as from March this succeeds.

You are part of a formal circle or network of people, or perhaps a more casual cluster of friends. A decision is pending, but when to make it? You might prefer to wait until the end of March as the indecision, changes or delays are inevitable.

Be particularly wary of people who have a reputation for being unreliable, vague or even flexible with the truth, as a friend who falls into this category, or a key person in your team, could trigger a trivial incident with larger implications.

Gemini (May 22-June 22)

Your ruler Mercury has been retrograde shadow since January, but as a regular Get The Gloss reader you are now fully prepared, with Plan B and full back-up for your web, travel, foreign, academic or publishing agenda. Good thing too.

If you skipped your horoscope in January there is still time to manage the delays, changes or reversals that occur on Mercury Retrograde. Update your travel insurance, use your USB stick to protect data, read the fine print.

You are absolutely right to want something more in terms of your 2014 house, apartment, bank account, company or charity. Perhaps your precious possessions too. Please do not allow fleeting doubts or obstacles to stand in your way.

Your career, student role or other vocation in life is now at the heart of mixed messages, unavoidable delays, unreliable sources or uncertain answers. Cover yourself fully and be aware that March 18-21 may alter February’s plans.

The Sun-Neptune conjunction near February 23rd will reveal just how confused and confusing one professional project or position has become. This also applies to academia or charity work. See if you can postpone a decision until late March.

Cancer (June 23-July 23)

The new talking points, questions and possibilities surrounding your money, company, charity, house, apartment, possessions or business from January, will now be significantly altered, delayed or undone. Fortunately you were warned!

If you missed your January Mercury Retrograde alert, there is still time to cover yourself for the usual complications delivered to you thanks to the internet, post, phone or verbal agreements. Have a back-up and read the tiniest fine print.

Why isn’t your relaunch easier and more straightforward? The answer lies in Jupiter, which is in a state of limbo. Do not give up on your new image, publicity push, rebranding or renaissance, though. From March through July it succeeds.

Be extremely cautious about your plan to travel, launch online, pursue publishing, or chase landmark decisions in academia or education. You can double that message if a foreign connection is involved. Have Plan B ready and waiting.

If you have the luxury of timing your trip, move, course, website or book at any point this year you may prefer to wait until Mercury is finally out of shadow, which occurs in the second half of March. Then, at last, final really means final.

Leo (July 24-August 23)

Talking points about, or with, your partner dating from January 23rd will change or be scrapped from February 14th. This also applies to a former lover or potential date. What you heard or read was unreliable.

You are quite right to have faith in the plan where somebody else’s name or face is upfront, while yours is hidden modestly behind the scenes. This could be huge, so ignore the trivia and from March-July you will win.

One in three Leo women are guarding an extremely sensitive project which contains large chunks of classified information. It all takes off from March 7th so don’t worry if February is all question marks and no answers.

Your money, house, business, charity, possessions and apartment is at the the heart of unreliable or changeable discussions and paperwork from February 1-13; there will be a rewrite of the situation near March 18th-21st.

If you have an enemy, rival or opponent then prepare for the story from January to change not once but twice, between here and the first half of March. Can your final judgement call wait until the second half of March?

Virgo (August 24-September 23)

Your daily workload, no matter if it involves your career, voluntary efforts or student commitments, is now subject to change and delay. This buys you time to think, but if you are signing or accepting signatures read the tiniest of fine print.

Your former, current or potential partner gives you a first draft ready for rewrite, not a final episode. Bear that in mind as what is written from February 1 through 13 could be changed, delayed or reversed in the second half of March.

From March 7th your admirable faith in a group project, old friendship or team commitment will pay off, with increasing rewards by July. This is why you must stick doggedly to your biggest dreams. In fact, they are not too big at all.

From January 23rd you saw discussions opening up, or questions being raised, which you know could change a lot in terms of your fitness, health, food, medical care or healing agenda. From February 14th you may have to revise and review.

Be extremely cautious about any person who is jealous of your success, or pitted against you in a marriage or relationship situation. Do not let anything or anyone slide under your radar. If facts or faces are foggy, please check.

Libra (September 24-October 23)

What you assume is a straightforward new story involving your daily routine, working life and even your housework, is anything but. Fortunately you read your January horoscope so you realised February was not the time for a major change.

Even if you missed your Mercury Retrograde alert last month, you can still save yourself time, energy and money by treating the new work, university or charity arrangement as a rough first attempt, and cut yourself and others more slack.

You appear to have left the real world far behind with some aspect of your diet, fitness program, medical care or alternative health treatment. You may have no idea just how far the situation has gone until a wake-up call near the 23rd.

Allow things with your son, daughter, godchild or young relative to work itself out over the course of time, as it may not be until the second half of March that anything is completely fixed and known. Youth projects also count here.

You are set for the most stunning success from March 7th with an upward trajectory taking you through to July 16th. One of the reasons for your fulfilled ambitions will be your staying power. Don’t let lesser beings put you off now.

Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

The end of January obstructed that very pure vision you have, involving the internet, foreign ties, publishing, religion or academia. Refuse to be put off your path as you will be amazed at how the universe supports you from March 7th.

If you read your GTG horoscope in January then you will know that February and March would alter or delay what was in motion with your house, flat, family, household or home town. Missed your warning? Try to have Plan B by March.

It has been so easy to lose your way with matters involving your son, daughter, godchild or young relative. This also applies to the pursuit of pregnancy, step-motherhood or youth projects. Clarity comes now. Can you decide, late March?

If you do not have the luxury of delaying ultimate decisions about the world of children, serious relationships or young people until the second half of March, at least cover yourself by reading any fine print and allowing for u-turns or delays.

The property industry is notorious for its voluminous paperwork, as is the home mortgage industry. You urgently need to read this more carefully, but also read between the lines. Online forums may help. Be very savvy about builders too.

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)

If a Scorpio or another Sagittarian is involved in your plans for the family, house, flat or household then be prepared for your original ideas to be reworked later. Whatever signs are involved in current arrangements, life is subject to change.

When Mercury is retrograde in the slippery sign of Pisces, be particularly wary of people who are very good with words, or reliant on their mobile phones – yet in terms of your house or flat, a very poor bet. Common sense checks will help.

If you read your GTG horoscope in January you will have deliberately avoided February and March as deadlines for key projects and plans revolving around the internet, media or publishing. Missed your forecast? Try to have Plan B now.

The golden rule with Mercury Retrograde is to avoid buying new computers or phones at this time. This also goes for new contracts involving internet service providers or web designers, printers and publishers. Read the fine print at least.

From 7th March the potential will be translated into delivery, as your patient efforts involving your money or business will start to pay off, with a peak moment of reward by July. If property is involved, it may take a little longer.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

The postman and the courier both rely on good weather to make the right connections. Industrial action can scupper the best-laid plans. And computers can seriously impact our lives when things go wrong. Bear all this in mind in February.

Be very careful with members of the media or the internet gossip community who are the very picture of Mercury in Pisces Retrograde. Confused and confusing people, good with words, but awfully slippery, should be avoided.

You will be substantially better off after July, and by August 2015 will have made or saved more money, or seen amazing benefits from a loan, discount or favour which makes a big difference to your lifestyle and security in general.

The road to this new cycle is paved with passing delays, u-turns and changes, despite the ultimately rewarding outcome. Have Plan B and read the fine print at all times if recent or forthcoming decisions involve large sums or high stakes.

People are thinking too small about your former, current or potential partner. And also about any enemies you might have. Your original vision was correct; hang onto this, as what unfolds from March will deliver it or offer a better substitute.

Aquarius (January 21-February 19)

You may not have been aware of just how confused or confusing a financial, property, business or charity situation had become, but what is revealed near the 23rd will help you. Ideally, plan the final judgement call for the end of March.

If you must press ahead with important decisions about the house, company, flat, precious possessions or money then allow for the strong possibility of a delay, reversal or change in March, when Mercury backtracks in your horoscope.

You are aiming very high indeed in terms of the relationship you have with your body and the investment of time and energy you are making in a particular diet, fitness regime, doctor or alternative health practitioner. Great! Think big. Try.

Your image, profile, name, face, title and shape is far more important than usual as questions which were posed in January continue. As very little will be clear-cut or final until mid-March you may want to have back-up plans; double check.

Your highest ambitions are still affected by Saturn’s relentless cycle but you are quite right to ask for more, in terms of your daily workload and the way this incorporates a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. From March 7th it’s possible.

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

Keep a careful eye on your name, reputation, public profile and image for weeks as Mercury, the planet which rules the internet, as well as printing and publishing, is caught in a strange loop. Double-check and cover yourself fully.

You may need to step back from your mirror reflection, photographs, film footage or autobiographical information online and peer through the mist. What is revealed near the 23rd is useful. Late March is the ideal time for a final choice.

Mercury is also sliding around in the sign of Aquarius which rules dark secrets you are covering up (even from your best friend or partner) and any project where you are operating behind the scenes. This story will change, stall or reverse.

You have been very patient with your investment of hope, time, energy and faith in terms of a son, daughter, pregnancy, youth project, adoption, godchild or young relative. Life will offer you what you are ready for and deserve, from March 7th.

With Chiron, Salacia and Neptune all in your sign, you can be forgiven for recent self-absorption. You have a major decision to make about the way you look and appear. You may prefer to wait until after March 22nd when the story is clearer.