Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in store for our stars with her monthly horoscope for July

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1. Your internet, media, publishing or computer situation will take at least two weeks to sort itself out so in the meantime try to adopt a wait and see policy.

2. Several times this month you will be shown the truth about your career or other role; unless you control it, then he, she, they or ‘it’ goes on controlling you.

3. Pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting or youth related jobs change life in a fantastic way for many Aries women – or your children may hit the heights.

4. Time it right and pace yourself properly with a financial, property, business or charity issue which comes from nowhere in the final week of July, Aries.

5. Use everything you learned about people politics in your working life since 2008 to help you with complex issues near the 22nd and 28th.


1. Your (bigger and better) new home is coming, thanks to renovations or a move which will be under way after you see the New Moon shining on the 26th.

2. Any issues with, or for, family members or flatmates will be sorted out to your satisfaction with very little effort or time, from the 16th and following.

3. You’re a regular Get The Gloss horoscope reader so you’ve known for the financial, property or business obstacle course since May; it ends by the 13th.

4. The Full Moon on the 12th sets the theme for the month – how do you wrestle back control over your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or academic agenda?

5. Make your life with a former, current or potential partner easier between now and Christmas by responding slowly and carefully to new issues in late July.


1. You will need a super strategy to deal with a daily workload issue which springs up suddenly after the 26th. You could be living with this until Christmas.

2. The reality of your money, house, business, flat or possessions is simple. You either take over the steering wheel or something/someone will steer you!

3. You will be pleased to hear that an issue affecting your profile, name, title or appearance since May will be resolved once and for all by the middle of July.

4. The most fantastic internet, media or publishing project in years will emerge this month in waves, with the final tidal wave of possibility at the end of July.

5. Your weekend breaks and short-haul holidays will be easier, cheaper and more abundant by 2015 with all the changes you require in place in the second half.


1. What have you been deliberately covering up for so long? What have you been doing without any recognition? It’s been a too-hard area, but issues end soon.

2. You are ruled by the Moon so the Full Moon mid-month is a real watershed in terms of your former, current or potential partner. Even your enemy.

3. You will make or save a small fortune by 2015, thanks to developments with your money, business, possessions or property which ring true in late July.

4. Hang onto your equilibrium where your son, daughter, godchild or young relative is concerned. This also applies to youth projects or parenthood-potential lovers.

5. You must now reinvent the chemistry with your former, current or potential partner (or your enemy) as the final ten days asks you to use post-2008 lessons.

LEO 24 Jul - 23 Aug

1. Make allowances for old friendships, social media and group commitments as nothing will work normally, quickly or easily until at least July 13th, Leo.

2. The Full Buck Moon on the 12th asks you to look at your relationship with your body, above everything else and find a creative way to manage wellbeing issues.

3. Your relaunch begins after the 16th when Jupiter enters Leo for the first time in 12 years and by the New Moon on the 26th you are on your way to great things.

4. Be very careful about what you start with your house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland after the 26th as there are realities you have to consider.

5. Power and control issues will surface in connection with your daily workload on several occasions this month and a new arrangement will need to be locked in.


1. A completely new arrangement with (or for) your children, godchildren, youth project or young relatives is coming. All the players need to accept other rules.

2. The final week is not the time to rush headlong into burning issues affecting your internet, media or publishing life. A considered strategy is a better idea.

3. Your career or other role in life has been complicated by delays, u-turns or communication issues for many weeks, yet from the 13th you’re in the clear.

4. By the end of July you will have been tempted to take on board a large secret or devote yourself to a project where you are behind the scenes. By 2015 it’s big.

5. If your relationship revolves around parenting or step-parenthood questions there are deeper questions about control which must be answered in July.


1. The chemistry you have created with your family members or flatmates will be put to the test this month and it may be necessary to change the ingredients.

2. Your house or flat is a vehicle for deeper issues about empowerment, control and willpower so look beyond the four walls and roof, into your own soul.

3. The most fantastic new developments involving old friends, social media and a group commitment will roll from mid-July with a peak moment as August nears.

4. The obstacles with your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or academic agenda have been constant since May, yet from the 13th life is smooth sailing again.

5. Be aware of new heat or tension behind a financial, property, charity or business issue in the closing days of July and try to strategise rather than just improvise.


1. This has been an ongoing issue for six years now, but unless you command the internet, the internet (or some aspect of it) commands you. Evidence this month!

2. If you have been dealing with a career, academic or voluntary burden but not seen a way out, the exit that is offered after mid July is a delightful surprise.

3. If you are ambitious then the most extraordinary doors in 12 years will open by the third week and by the final week you will see they take you to 2015 as well.

4. The financial, property, business or charity obstacle course since May has held you up or changed your plans, yet the complications end for good in mid July.

5. The final week brings image, profile, appearance or reputation issues, but the smart money is on a long-term plan that will see you through to Christmas.


1. Your most ambitious trip or move in years becomes wonderfully simple after your ruler Jupiter changes signs in mid July with a natural high as August nears.

2. You will be teaching or studying, either formally or casually, by September as the most irresistible workshop, offer, course or resource is close by now.

3. After the 13th the flawed communication, changes or delays affecting your relationship with a former, current or potential partner will disappear forever.

4. Be very careful with a new issue tied to a dark secret you are covering up or an invisible role you play behind the scenes. It will appear in the last days of July.

5. Put a price tag on peace of mind, but also on empowerment, then do your sums differently, as there is more to this financial or property issue than first appears.


1. If you want to save or make money (or cash in kind) then pursue all the opportunities and solutions which begin snowballing after the middle of July.

2. An annoying chain of delays, changes or u-turns has affected your daily workload since May, yet by the second week of the month life is back to normal.

3. In the closing days of the month, resist the temptation to push too hard and fast, where a friendship or group commitment is concerned. Plot and plan this.

4. You are in a completely new position where your image or profile is concerned, or your personal appearance, and this will help you make definite changes.

5. One of the most relentless career cycles in years draws to a close this month and as it has tested your stamina you completely deserve the break to come.


1. The story which has been developing with your children, godchildren, youth project or young relatives is ending. The rewrites, edits and deletions are over.

2. Any issues with your former, current or potential partner will fade with very little effort from the middle of July in a new cycle which is profoundly healing.

3. If you are single and want someone new in your life, conditions rapidly improve in the final fortnight and you should definitely wish on the late July New Moon.

4. Be very careful with your response to an overheated situation affecting your career, voluntary role or university life in the closing days of the month.

5. What you cover up from other people or do without any credit provokes changes three times this month. It had to happen. You need to regain control.


1. The old system you rely on for social media, group commitments or old friendships is no longer working and July is the month to address that.

2. Amazing new roles, projects or professional possibilities which enhance your lifestyle will begin to emerge in the second half of the month – just say yes.

3. You will be relieved to hear that life will be far more straightforward in terms of your house, flat, family, home town, household or homeland from the 15th.

4. On no account whip up an instant response to a late July flare-up involving your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or educational agenda. Think it through.

5. Tune in to the health, medical or fitness options which emerge from nowhere, in the second half of the month. One of these could utterly turn your life around.