The five things you need to know about your horoscope in July, by Jessica Adams

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CANCER 22 Jun - 23 Jul

1. It’s all about you when Jupiter is in Cancer but the discussion, organisation or paperwork will take a convoluted path until early August. From that point on? Stunning rewards.

2. You are being taught to handle money, charity, business, property or possessions in a completely different way. One basic message – freedom is priceless in every way.

3. The third week of July reveals an odyssey like no other which will transport you into a different space as a traveller, publisher, writer, internet user, teacher or student.

4. If you find that issues involving babies, children or younger people take your energy down, it’s because you don’t know enough. Compare notes, do some quiet research.

5. Your career or other role in life could take an intriguing new direction if you allow recent arrivals to introduce you to new, alternative, liberating ways of being successful.

LEO 24 Jul - 23 Aug

1. Your secret plan or private journey has fantastic potential. Don’t assume the story will stay the same, though, and do factor in changes, reversals or delays until 4th August.

2. You don’t always have to package love and sex in a traditional way – or even relate to former or potential partners along conventional lines. Genuine freedom is on offer.

3. The Neptune trines near July 18th usher you into another world where the money, charity, business or property rules are utterly different. It’s an escape from reality.

4. Build more time and space into your life where decisions about your house, flat, family, household, home town or home country are concerned. You simply don’t know enough.

5. Your appearance and reputation (the Leo packaging) becomes far more important in July and as you are out of practice, you may need to give this far more special attention.

VIRGO 24 Aug - 23 Sept

1. You are quite right to believe in the team, or the tribe. It will not be until early August that you have the final story, though, so treat July as a promising dress rehearsal.

2. An incredible professional, charity or academic opportunity you set up between April and June now has its own momentum, but do switch on your people-handling skills.

3. If you want maximum freedom and space in your daily life, either because of the work you do, or the lifestyle you pursue, turn to that fiercely independent, inspiring woman.

4. Your former, current or potential partner? Your opponent? Either way, you’re being offered a parallel universe of possibility near the 18th which is quite irresistible.

5. The one thing you do behind the scenes, or below the surface, also offers the most complications. Listen to your dreams. They could help unlock the situation for you.

LIBRA 24 Sept - 23 Oct

1. The choices you make about the world of babies and children (or the relationships which take you there) could give you much more independence, spontaneity and space.

2. Allow conversations about your career, charity role or university life to go backwards and forwards, but hold your vision of something bigger and better – it’s coming.

3. Cruising and drifting are wonderful alternatives to the harshness of the real world and an important new project, plan or role will allow you to sail into a different universe.

4. There are no instant remedies for ongoing issues about money, charity, business, possessions or your property – yet the more research you do, the easier it becomes.

5. Your friend, or the group, offers people politics, deep bonding, impressive leadership and a little gender-based game-playing. You won’t be bored. It’s a great challenge for you.

SCORPIO 24 Oct - 22 Nov

1. The image or reputation issues are already easier, but you still have so much to gain from examining how other people have crossed the bridge that’s in front of you now.

2. Your career, charity role or academic life depends on the inspiration of leadership, the closeness of a trustworthy bond – and someone’s ability to take a forced compromise.

3. Everyone needs a break from the real world and you are no exception. Plans involving babies, children or younger people help you take both feet off the ground in July.

4. You are quite right to trust a regional or international connection but the journey will be complicated until early August. From that point forward, though, you’re on your way.

5. You are being offered a way to build freedom and space into your family life, your household, or your current property commitments. More room to move, at last?

SAGITTARIUS 23 Nov - 21 Dec

1. Carrying so much by yourself makes the issue seem heavier than it is. What you covered up, or hid, can be put in context if you write it down then rip it up – try it.

2. The trip, book, website, course or foreign connection which is at the top of your agenda in the second half of July depends entirely on your people-handling talents.

3. None of the normal rules of mundane real life apply. That’s why your house, flat, family, household or home town is such a sensational departure point. Enjoy the escape.

4. The most powerful financial cycle in nearly 250 years is off to an uncertain start, but if you factor in delays or reversals, you will be in a stronger position from early August.

5. Two women will heavily influence a project that revolves around words, the internet or your ideas. One is an academic or student of life. The other is a genuinely free spirit.

CAPRICORN 22 Dec - 20 Jan

1. If you want to see just how much bigger and better life could be, persist with your goals as your current, former or potential partner is the key – even if July offers a shaky start.

2. You are now in the kind of cycle when even your enemies and opponents can be strangely beneficial. These people may be against you but ironically, they will help you.

3. You have some interesting financial, charity, business or property choices to make – or is this about your precious possessions? Calculate the cost of independence. Add it up.

4. A tempting aspect of the internet, media, public speaking or publishing will allow you to plunge into quite a different universe – just remember to come up for air afterwards.

5. Being part of a group – or dealing with group psychology – is still a challenge. It will help you to read widely around the subject, or compare notes with trusted friends.

AQUARIUS 21 Jan - 19 Feb

1. The asteroids Diana and Minerva in Aquarius, your own sign, allow you to experiment with your look or profile in a new way – one which allows you a lot more freedom.

2. You are now weeks away from a welcome reconstruction of your working life or daily routine. Make allowances for reversals or delays until 4th August, though.

3. A holiday from reality is the best way to describe the turning point with your money, business interests, charity or property that emerges in the third week of July.

4. Remind yourself that one particular career, university or charity issue has an end point. Just because this is challenging now, does not mean it will always be that way.

5. You are in the right time and place to take full advantage of a better way to eat, exercise or look after your health. After an uncertain start, you’ll soon be on your way.

PISCES 20 Feb - 20 Mar

1. Neptune in Pisces, your own sign, allows you to play with reality and use your own name, appearance or packaging to experiment with alternatives and escape routes.

2. Babies, children or teenagers will touch your life from one to six degrees of separation, but the nature of your involvement matters less than the opportunity, which is vast.

3. Mercury is retrograde in July so make allowances for refunds, rescheduling and retractions. Some of these are blips; others are more serious. Read the fine print.

4. Try to put things in context. You appear to be over-emphasising just how weighty one issue is, yet it will not affect travel, publishing, education or foreign ties after 2013.

5. The insights and breakthroughs you need come from dreams and deep meditation in July. Female dream characters and symbols have messages for you. What are they?

ARIES 21 Mar - 20 Apr

1. Wait until Mercury is moving forward properly (from 4th August) to assume the property, family, home town, homeland or household issue is final – but what a happy ending!

2. Two female friends, perhaps involved in a group, offer you incredible inspiration. One is wise and may hold impressive qualifications. The other is single, child-free and wild.

3. Nobody knows what you explore and experiment with, behind the scenes or below the surface. You need this escape route, though, and if you contain it, then you control it.

4. The toughest financial cycle in 29 years becomes easier if you can make or save money with your property. Nevertheless, it’s time for one of those super strategies now.

5. The world of babies and children (at a distance, or carrying your DNA) becomes far more important as July goes on. People need to share, though. That’s the basic message.

TAURUS 21 Apr - 21 May

1. Your words will hit their targets in a bigger and better way within weeks, so try to be philosophical about a complicated situation on the way. Do read the fine print though.

2. This is one of the most important months of the year for professional, academic or philanthropic decision-making. A brilliant individual with the right answers helps you.

3. A loose, flowing, unstructured situation with social media, friends or a particular group is just what you need. As long as it doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your life, of course.

4. Whenever you can, spare time for some quick research on the way others are coping with the same issues confronting you with former, current or potential partners now.

5. The choices you make about the family or household in July will set your course for some months to come. This is a game of musical chairs and everyone must share.

GEMINI 22 May - 21 Jun

1. Your ruling planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards and forwards, and so will a financial, charity or property issue. Read the fine print but trust in a satisfying outcome.

2. You are setting a totally different course as a traveller, writer, internet user, student, teacher or publisher. Two women help you reset the compass points this month.

3. The way you eat, exercise, drink and look after your health and wellbeing matters far more in this Saturn cycle and seeking a range of expertise is time well spent.

4. What is success? You may well define it by the distance you can put between yourself and the mundane real world. A special project, plan or position will help you get there.

5. A project which is all about communication becomes a lesson in people politics in the second half of July, yet if you want to be heard or read as you wish, you’ll play along.