Astrologer Jessica Adams shares your June horoscope for 2014 and predicts what lies ahead

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ARIES (March 21st - April 21st)

A sympathetic person draws closer from June 23rd, making a difference to your internet, publishing or media life – yet wait until July 13th for the final story.

The second week of June allows you to pull off something audacious. A top-secret matter is involved, or a role you play without any credit or recognition.

Unless you want a feud to drag on until July 26th, don’t give in to impulse with your former, current or potential partner near June 25th – or people you loathe!

Take your time when making choices about travel, relocation, the internet, education and foreign concerns near the 13th or 2015-2016 could be hard work.

You must wait until July 14th-16th to have the full, final and finished story about your house, flat, household, family, home town or homeland, but you’ll be happy.

TAURUS (April 22nd - May 21st)

Between June 6th-17th your internet, media or publishing life is in a state of flux, and it will not be until one month later that the gaps in the story are filled in.

Take your time when making a choice about your money, business, house, apartment, charity or possessions near June 13th as it dictates outcomes in 2015.

Mars, the red planet, could make you see red about work, university or voluntary roles near June 25th, but a cool, calm strategy works best then.

You keep getting away with the most jaw-dropping decisions involving your old friends, group projects, team spirit or social media. By June 15th you’re at it again.

Your finances, property, lifestyle or security becomes someone else’s business in the final week of June, but wait until mid-July to get the final facts or figures.

GEMINI (May 22nd - June 22nd)

Your children, godchildren or young relatives turn up the heat near the 25th so try to keep your cool. This also applies to serious relationships or youth projects.

Take a deep breath near Friday 13th as the solution you knit together about a former, current or potential partner (or enemy) will have a domino effect in 2015.

Treat the money, property, business or charity discussion in the second week of June as a dress rehearsal. The full ‘script’ won’t be available until July 14th-16th.

You have already pulled off some amazing things in your career or other role since last year. You will stun and amaze the doubters with one more by the 15th.

From the last week of June, your name, brand, profile or image becomes a two-way street, yet factor in delays, mistakes or reversals until the middle of July.

CANCER (June 23rd - July 23rd)

Who or what are you covering up, even from your best friends? Perhaps you are modestly operating behind the scenes instead – yet in all cases, expect a u-turn.

Jaws will be on the floor after you pull off something outrageous in the second week of June. The internet, travel, publishing or education is involved.

Do not be drawn into a battle royal involving your family, household, flat, house, home town or homeland in the final week as it could drag on for weeks.

The future of your daily workload and relationship with your body is decided partly by the domino effects of decisions you make near Friday 13th. Be careful.

You should reach the middle of the year feeling very happy about improvements to the way you look or appear, yet June 6th-17th is complicated.

LEO (July 24th - August 23rd)

The discussion or plan concerning your dark secret or invisible role should be treated as a first draft from June 6th-17th as it won’t be final until July 14th-16th.

The world of children, or a relationship which brings it closer, invites a decision near Friday 13th, but ask questions as you will live with the outcome in 2015, 2016.

Slow down and cool down with all internet, media, publishing or communication-related matters near the 25th unless you enjoy an argey-bargey.

The week of June 9th-15th allows you to experiment with your money, house, flat, business, possessions or charity and get away with the so-called impossible.

Your team effort or group project becomes a two-way street after the 23rd but it will not be until the middle of July that all delays or reversals are ironed out.

VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd)

A wonderful new bridge will be built with your boss, lecturer, employee, colleague or client in the final week, yet factor in delays or changes to July 15th.

You don’t care what ‘they’ say about the approach you want to take with your former, current or potential partner. Or your enemy! You’ll get away with it too.

You will hit a dramatic crossroads over your business, money, house, apartment, charity or possessions near the 25th. Reduce the friction and speed; strategise.

The shape of your house, flat, family, household, home town and homeland in 2015 and 2016 partly begins with a choice made near the 13th. Make it carefully.

Your group project, team goal or old friendship will make you very happy by the second week of July, yet allow for delays or reversals with plans by mid June.

LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd)

Your name, image, appearance or reputation is at the heart of heated emotion and low tolerance in the third week of June, yet patient tactics will work better.

Greater success and the disappearance of one career or academic issue will make July a satisfying month, despite the u-turns or delays June 6th-17th.

Your foreign, travel, publishing or academic agenda involves a person who meets you halfway from the final week, but wait until mid-July for the final outcome.

Your approach to work, academia or volunteering is Siouxsie Sioux-meets-Vivienne Westwood but it works brilliantly for you from June 9th to 15th.

Your involvement with the internet, publishing and/or the media in 2015 and 2016 will be influenced by decisions made near the 13th. Try to be a total realist.

SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd)

From June 6th-17th you will experience changes, reversals or delays with your foreign, travel, publishing, internet or academic agenda, yet you stand to gain.

The future of your finances, property interests or business invites a decision near Friday 13th, but do weigh up potential future burdens carefully for 2015.

What you deliberately cover up and hide – or do without any acknowledgement – could be inflammatory near the 25th unless you steer away from a conflict.

Jaws have already been on the floor once as what you’ve pulled off, in terms of your children, godchildren or younger people.  June 9th-15th takes you further.

Your cashflow, company, good cause or property brings someone else on board from the 23rd but you must factor in alterations or a waiting game when you plan.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st)

You will feel happily satisfied with the financial, property, charity or business outcome in late July, yet allow for complications in the second week of June.

In 2015 and 2016 your image, reputation or profile will be a very demanding part of your life so make decisions about yourself near the 13th with great care.

Play your friendship (or even your frenemy-ship) and any group projects very carefully in the third week of June when fireworks could become forest fires.

How much further can you go with the house, flat, household, family, home town or homeland? The second week of June challenges you to stun onlookers.

The unfolding story with your former, current or potential partner from the final week is encouraging, as you two draw closer, yet prepare for delay, change.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th)

Two heads are definitely better than one when it comes to your daily workload, or your body, in the final week. Factor in reversals or waiting games, though.

There is nothing preventing you from bending big rules where the media, publishing, the internet, public speaking or your writing is concerned, by the 15th.

Mars, the Roman God of War, circles your career, university and charity sector near the 25th. Think like Winston Churchill as you play this mental chess game.

Pay special attention to what you are doing or saying near the Full Moon on Friday 13th. If it’s secret, dodgy or uncredited then be a realist about outcomes.

The state of play with your former, current or potential partner leaves you beaming by July – and that goes for enemies too. Along the way? Complications.

AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th)

Your children, godchildren or young relatives? A relationship that may end in parenthood? A youth project? Allow for a chain of changes, delays, reversals.

People will believe an elephant can fly, when they see what you are about to pull off with your money, property, business, possessions or charity by the 15th.

The final ten days could lure you into an Eastenders-style drama with appropriate yodelling. Your trip, website, course or book is too precious though.

Be mindful of who and what you take on board, in mid-June. You are famous for your gifts as a friend or team player, yet you must be pragmatic about outcomes.

The waiting game, reversal or mistake that dominates your plans for work, university or charity is actually part of your ultimate success, obvious in July.

PISCES (February 20th - March 20th)

You will not have the full, final and finished story about your house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland until the middle of July. Flexibility!

What on earth are you going to get away with now, in terms of your brand, name, appearance or profile? By the 15th you’ve even amazed yourself, Pisces.

You knew it was coming, and near the 25th, you simply must put a pound, dollar or euro value on your peace of mind, integrity or freedom. Be strategic not angry.

Near Friday 13th a career, university or charity matters leaves you in two minds. Choose your path very carefully as it will have an impact on you in 2015-2016.

Your children, godchild, young relative, youth project or future possible parenthood spells summer happiness and even the delays or glitches help.