Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in store for our stars this month

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ARIES 21 Mar - 20 Apr

1. You will be amazed at how much can happen at the eleventh hour with your book, website, multimedia project – or other outlet for your voice and ideas. By June 25th you should be thrilled at the unconditional support of a person or organisation which is heaven-sent. Aim for the biggest and best.

2. You are quite right to have high hopes for your house, family, household, flat, hometown, flatmate or home land. Destiny will deliver many times over by 2014. However, you must read the fine print and allow for changes and delays from the 10th. Life will straighten up beautifully from August.

3. Everyone needs an escape from the real world and as you are dealing with the most intense cycle in 240 years at work or university, you deserve an outlet. A part of your world, of yourself, which nobody else can touch or see becomes your most precious secret in June. Put up a ‘Keep Out’ sign.

4. From the 27th a relationship which could bring the next generation closer to you, becomes a priority for July. In other cases it’s your children, godchildren or young relatives who are at the core of a balancing act that will dominate the next few weeks. August brings a decision in all cases.

5. How to deal with Saturn in your financial, charity, business and property sector? Well, the welcome change in atmosphere and outlook with your house or flat situation will help. A gritty, can-do, ruthlessly realistic approach is your best bet, though. This won’t last forever. Hang in there.

TAURUS 21 Apr - 21 May

1. You’ve learned how to make your group project, tribe or friendship work for you, after 2012. The trick is to keep the sense of total escapism and glorious unreality, without getting lost. Some of the people are confused and confusing. If you can reign all that in, you’ll keep the escape watertight.

2. Despite the intensity of the late May eclipse in your money, property, charity and business zone, you are in a stunning position to gain or save, for the first three weeks of June. By the time you read this, the figures or facts should be in front of you. Don’t pass up this chance. It’s golden.

3. Take your time before you plunge into a new project, idea, course or technology purchase. Your way with words and images is blessed in 2013-2014 and you will see amazing progress after August. There will be a slow or shaky start, though. Allow for delays, u-turns or changes to come.

4. Your mission, position and ambition is far more important at the moment. Key asteroids like Juno and Diana are presenting you with choices which are poles apart. Tune into female mentors and wise women if you can’t decide. Freedom or commitment? Perhaps there is a middle way. Look!

5. Accept what you have been shown, in such a stark way, about your former, current or potential partner. If you invested more emotional energy into a dispute, conflict or feud, then it is your opponent who is your teacher. The reality check you had to have, is behind you. Now for real world tactics.

GEMINI 22 May - 21 Jun

1. Everything will come together rapidly for you in the first three weeks of June, so take a deep breath and plunge in. Immortalise yourself online or in print as you wish. Crystallise a look, an image or even your own brand. It’s an excellent time for a makeover, photograph, website or ‘me’ launch.

2. Once your ruler Mercury changes signs you will soon see why June-December 2013 will be so much better for you, in terms of the money, charity, business or property. Take your time before you sign or accept signatures, though. The chance of changes increases until early August.

3. With Saturn in your workload, university and charity zone you are still adjusting to a heavy reality check which you could not avoid, earlier this year. Fortunately there is an alternative. It’s a portal into another professional realm. Don’t spend too long there. But do enjoy yourself.

4. An amazing amount of energy is being released in the zone of your horoscope which rules your social life, friendships and group involvements. You experienced brick walls some time ago, yet stuck to your determination to do it your way – and to be free. Now, it’s paying off.

5. As soon as you can, calculate the price you put on power and control. This will be an increasingly important issue after Jupiter changes signs at the end of the month. You cannot avoid questions about who holds the reins at the moment – or how they are held. Read all paperwork very carefully.

CANCER 22 Jun - 23 Jul

1. There are certain things about yourself or your life that you can hug to yourself with some satisfaction. You were so right to invest all that time and energy in the one thing that even your best friend could not know about. June is the month when everything will pay off, all at once.

2. What begins in a small and subtle way, in the closing days of June, is the starting point for your relaunch, which will accelerate after August. Read the fine print on any agreement which will cost you time or money if it is changed or delayed. Within two months, though, it’s your renaissance.

3. There’s a Sixties feel about your life from this point forward, with plenty of surrealism, fantasy, magic and head trips in store. The source is across Europe, the USA or further afield. A travel itinerary which functions as a total escape could be in place by 2014 – or will you just travel in the mind?

4. Your former, current or potential partner is your teacher near the 1st, 7th, 11th, 15th and particularly the Full Moon on the 23rd. You are learning about the amount of power that can be generated by two people, and the necessity of compromising in order to share it – and avoid control issues.

5. There are always basic realities surrounding the outcomes of parenting decisions. Whatever path you set out on, some time ago, has sent you in a fated and unavoidable direction. Did you say yes or no to motherhood? Did you even have a choice? Total, practical realism works best for you now.

LEO 24 Jul - 23 Aug

1. You will achieve more with your friend (or that crucial group) in three weeks, than you did in three months. If you are involved with more than one tribe, great things may happen simultaneously, perhaps linked to one friendship which overlaps them like all like a wonderful Venn Diagram.

2. The choices you face with your former, current or potential partner are contradictory but irresistible. It may not be until the Full Moon in August that you finally know where you stand. Can one person give you both freedom and security? Perhaps. If not, though, you’ll face a crossroads!

3. The next 12 months finds you deliberately concealing a precious secret from people who are close to you. This is your buried treasure and it will pay off by 2014. There will be a small, tentative beginning in the final week of June, with a delayed start – yet by August it’s part of your life.

4. You will be offered an alternative to the usual financial, business, charity or property story this month. It has nothing to do with the ordinary world of money earned or owed. It has everything to do with your willingness to play with reality, in terms of your possessions, home, money or assets.

5. You know perfectly well you can’t avoid the realities of your family situation, a close relative, the house, the flat, your home town or homeland. By this stage of the year, though, you must be longing for alternatives. From June, these increase. Research it as much as you can.

VIRGO 24 Aug - 23 Sept

1. Jupiter’s change of sign at the end of June gives your horoscope a completely different spin. It enables you to treat a former, current or potential partner for what he/she is – a mesmerising way to avoid the real world! You wouldn’t spend too long in the sea. Put a time limit on this.

2. The more hard work and genuine goodwill you poured into your chosen field, business or industry in 2012, the bigger the rewards now. This also applies to your efforts back in 2000-2001 which are now returning to you in an indirect, but very welcome way – as all good karma should.

3. You will make some fantastic new friends between the end of June 2013 and June 2014. Some faces will appear now, others will emerge next year. One or more groups, which use social media so enthusiastically, will sweep you up and help you achieve some of your wishes, from August.

4. You were out on a limb with your attitude towards money, property, charity, business or even basic values, in 2011 and 2012. As a result, the dinosaurs rejected you, or failed to meet you halfway. Now you are vindicated. Don’t be surprised if what was so hard becomes so easy.

5. Timing is everything in astrology. The hard-to-answer questions about the internet, media, publishing, education or other words-heavy areas of your life won’t go away. Jupiter’s change of sign at the end of the month will definitely lift the atmosphere, though, and give you alternatives.

LIBRA 24 Sept - 23 Oct

1. The sheer range of choices you have, connected to the next generation, is enough to keep you happily occupied. Children, younger relatives or godchildren? Work or charity commitments? A relationship which might bring that generation your way? All you have to do is enquire and compare.

2. You are now seeing a tidal wave of good karma and it will make a lasting difference to your travel plans, emigration hopes, book project, internet ambitions, academic aspirations or foreign connections. You have no idea just how many branch lines on your Tube of Destiny are about to join up.

3. By 2014 you will have won an award, landed an incredible new job, excelled your previous professional best, won a promotion or secured another outstanding achievement. Start small and slowly, as it may not be until August that one issue is straightforward. From that point on, accelerate.

4. Nobody can wave a magic wand and make Saturn go away from your money, charity, business and property zone. You already had one rather tedious and difficult reality check. However, you are now being given a break, and a chance to take a deep breath and see what is possible.

5. The more you fake being a Cancerian, the more powerful you become. So what does that entail? First of all, a strong sense of family or clan. And equally as important, a huge commitment to a particular house, flat, home town or homeland. This, more than anything else, gives you control.

SCORPIO 24 Oct - 22 Nov

1. You already know the momentum is great with the money, charity, business, property or possessions. You have no idea just how much can happen in three short weeks, though. Even as you read this, wheels are in motion. Get on board the express and make everything happen – now!

2. Once Jupiter and Mercury change signs you will begin to see how utterly different the remainder of 2013 will be. A trip, move, book, course or foreign connection will help you to go further than you have for 12 years. This cycle begins in the smallest, slowest way; from August it’s official.

3. Jupiter’s change of sign to Cancer helps you enormously with unavoidable and difficult issues about the way you look and appear. What is now ancient history about your name, face, reputation, style, brand or image must be taken as a useful lesson. Now, for a different strategy…

4. You know you’re on the right track when people and organisations who are completely out of touch, reject what you are trying to do with your daily workload, or basic approach to health and wellbeing. You’ve had quite enough of this trend in your life, though. Now it’s time to meet fans.

5. There is something shimmering, sparkling and rather unreal about your great escape from the real world. It involves your children, godchildren or young relatives. It may also involve a work or charity commitment with younger people, or a relationship that leads you to them. Limit the escape!

SAGITTARIUS 23 Nov - 21 Dec

1. How wonderful to have the universe on your side as you continue a radical path you took one or two years ago, involving younger people, the next generation, your own children – or close relationships. You did it your way, like Frank Sinatra or Sid Vicious. Now you’re justified. And supported. Yes!

2. You’re fully aware of the speed at which things need to happen with your former, current or potential partner. It’s like balancing a set of scales with a time limit, but the end results could sustain you in a spectacular way for months – even years. Is there an enemy or rival? He/she does you favours.

3. You have an incredible array of choices with your life on the internet, behind a microphone, with media, publishing, education or other fully connected zones in your world. The only issue is deciding if you’d rather be utterly independent or if you’d prefer the security of a commitment.

4. You are about to begin the most important charity, financial, business and property cycle for years, and yet it happens in the smallest and most subtle way. Be savvy and wait until August to sign, promise or accept commitments. If you must go ahead allow for changes and delays.

5. Jupiter’s change of sign to Cancer, at the end of the month, enables you to take an escape from reality seriously. It involves your house, flat, family, home town or homeland. As long as you keep pinching yourself and reminding yourself it’s not real, you can enjoy this little journey…

CAPRICORN 22 Dec - 20 Jan

1. If you are single and do not wish to be, opportunities to date, mate and relate one or two intriguing people will begin in a small way, this month. Mercury can be very subtle and it may not be until the second half of this year, or first half of next year, that you see how a relationship began.

2. If your marriage or partnership is in difficulty then Jupiter the problem-solver will elevate the mood, deliver hope and broaden your outlook from the final week of June. Allow time to pass, though, as it will not be until August that you finally see what is possible. Repairs or an amicable split.

3. Happy Capricorns in relationships or marriages will add considerably to their life as a couple by 2014, with small clues and hints emerging in June. It may be a baby, new home, ambitious trip, shared business or other milestone, but you two will hit some amazing new heights from August.

4. You are on top of the potential with your daily workload, lifestyle, health or wellbeing. However, the sheer scale of what you have to pull off this month may overwhelm you. Don’t be daunted; everything is possible and you should never be afraid of asking other people or the universe to help.

5. You have seldom had choices like this with your money, property, charity, possessions or business interests. A cluster of asteroids in your money and materialism sectors shows you that you have to set some priorities – certainly no later than July. By the end of the year, a second choice waits.

AQUARIUS 21 Jan - 19 Feb

1. Do as much as you can to create future happiness for yourself in the first three weeks of June, as you are only about to leave a very special legacy to the generation after yours, you are also overdue for some karmic rewards. If you had a baby in 2000 or 2001 then good karma comes back.

2. Of course none of it is real, in the strict sense of the word! This isn’t how you normally make or save money, or deal with property, possessions, charity or business. Nevertheless, this little journey is tempting and June is the month to take it. Just come back to terra firma once the trip is over.

3. The choices you make about your brand, name, appearance, reputation and image tell you so much about your real priorities in life. Do you basically want to be a free spirit, utterly independent of ties and commitments? Or do you long for the kind of prestige, security and comfort others have?

4. You were too far ahead of some people and organisations in 2011 and 2012 and as a result, your approach to the internet, publishing, media, phones, television, film, education or other voice-contact sports was rejected. You will have the last laugh, in a ba-ha-ha way, by the end of this month.

5. Nothing can erase the memory of what you went through in the last six months or so, in terms of work. Or did it involve university life or a charity? Reality has a dull thud sometimes. Things are looking up, though! There are a number of choices now. None of them are easy. All of them are valid.

PISCES 20 Feb - 20 Mar

1. You’re already in the thick of it, if you’ve been following your horoscope and watching for signs – but do persist with your plans for the biggest and best home life, property situation, family set-up or household scenario. You will be astonished at how far you can travel in just three short weeks.

2. Those born 20 years or more after you will play a much larger, more fulfilling role in your future by 2014. The cycle starts in a shaky, uncertain way but by August you will have no doubts about the next generation or a relationship which ushers it in. A mothering role of some kind rewards you.

3. The lesson about your money, business, charity, property or possessions since 2011 has been to do your own thing regardless. Any person, bank, organisation or department which did not appreciate nor understand you is quite irrelevant. Be yourself and you will be amazed at what you attract.

4. There is a big secret around you, or a special interest which involves you being alone, and hiding yourself away. In all cases, don’t underestimate the importance of what is submerged about yourself or your life. This is where all the choice and discovery comes from. Try to set a priority by July.

5. Think back around 12 years and you will start to see the connecting threads in your future. Decisions you made to have children (or not) or persist with relationships (or not) are now returning to you. By Christmas you will begin to see just how destiny works and why you benefit from it.