Astrologer Jessica Adams gives you the lowdown on your horoscope for March 2014

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Aries (March 21-April 21)

It has been a very long time since you felt the need to address the way you relate to your former, current or potential partner. Enemies, too. A major shift in your horoscope suggests a fresh start, though. Like learning to play guitar again.

You have your career, university or charity mojo back after a truly ridiculous 12 months when someone or something seemed to constantly overwhelm or control you. Now you run your life, and you can crank up the control in March.

In January and February your curiosity was aroused by an old friendship, new social life chapter or major group commitment. Nothing has happened since then but while you were looking the other way, the story was changing – as you’ll see.

The total muddle which surrounds your secret life, confidential project, invisible role or uncredited work will continue until the closing days of March, so don’t be fooled into thinking anything is final until at least the 21st.

It’s just a matter of time, and you have been steadily building things up in terms of your image, look, profile or appearance for months. You must make a decision soon and you should be in a wonderful position to do this by the close of March.

You did not imagine the momentum with your house, apartment, family, household, home town or homeland last year. Recently you have been given encouragement. From March 6th you will be given luck, and that’s all you need.

Taurus (April 22nd-May 21)

Is there a cosmic reason for the confusion and delay surrounding your old friendship, group commitment or social network? You will be relieved to know that the first three weeks of March will buy you time to decide, despite chaos.

You are quite right to want to tackle your daily routine, working day and body in a new way. Your horoscope is moving dramatically in favour of a radically different approach and you could do more in weeks than you did in months.

Now that you can trust what has happened with your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or academic agenda, do more than you have so far. You know there is room for improvement and if power and control come slowly, it’s comfortable.

You made some blithe assumptions about your career, charity role or student life in late January and February, fed by an informant who wasn’t giving you the full story. One person may also change his/her mind. Ask questions in March.

You are virtually ready to go, in terms of what you do behind the scenes, or the crucial secret you are concealing. The only issue is time, space and energy yet the final week of March will jet-propel you in the right direction for April.

Gemini (May 22-June 22)

The exasperating situation with your career, university life or charity role will not be out of your path until the final nine days of March, so allow for a state of flux until then. You’ve made one judgement call already, but it may be reversed.

You can do so much more than just maintain your new direction with your money, house, flat, business, possessions or charity. The potential is extraordinary so don’t sell yourself short. Keep up the momentum of February and do even more.

It’s been a very long time since you took a deep breath and changed the way you handle the world of children, younger people or relationships which bring the next generation in. You are seriously overdue for a new approach in March.

You made up some stories for yourself in February, based on tantalising possibilities linked to travel, foreign connections, the internet, publishing or academia. Then you were proven wrong. This isn’t over, though. Stay tuned.

You are quite right to pursue something utterly new, different, exciting and challenging with your old friend, group commitment or social media. You haven’t spent all this time building your energy for nothing. By April it’s game on.

Cancer (June 23-July 23)

Nothing has happened since November except a few vaguely encouraging signs. Nevertheless you have not given up hope and are still pursuing a major push forward in terms of your image, appearance or brand. March helps you accelerate.

You can’t just stick to the same old formula with your house, family, apartment, household, home town or homeland. It’s much more interesting to take the best of an old approach and rework it. Be brave enough to throw it away as well.

Congratulations on having turned everything around with your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to your enemy or opponent. Of course you were helped, but much of this is down to your willpower. Now for the next step.

You gave up on two interesting financial, property, business or charity options in February (perhaps involving possessions too). What you hear or read in the first two weeks of March could rewrite that particular story, though. Happy ending!

Don’t even try to be patient with the foreign, travel, publishing, internet or academic saga. People have been utter chumps or the system is obviously flawed. From March 21st you’re in the clear. Until then please have a back-up.

Leo (July 24-August 23)

Between March 18th and 21st the financial, property, business or charity story you thought was complete will change. Around five days later you are in the ideal position to make a decision. You won’t have all the information until then.

You will spend the first two weeks of March filling in the information gaps with your former, current or potential lover. The story will be complete from March 17th and you two can build or mend bridges in a wonderful way until April 5th.

From March 6th your secret project or behind-the-scenes plan will suddenly move forward despite being in a state of limbo since 8th November. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily the most wonderful results come together.

From March 20th you will have your annual progress report on your travel, publishing, foreign, internet and academic agenda from the last 12 months. You will make a fresh start near March 30th and call or join a revolution near April 2nd.

The business of being heard and read becomes far more important to you this month as the North Node moves through your communication zone for the first time in years. Writing style, voice, technology or multimedia are ripe for renewal.

Virgo (August 24-September 23)

Why make such an important decision about your former, current or potential lover when people are out of contact, the story keeps changing, or you may be missing vital facts? Keep talking or listening, but don’t decide until after the 21st.

If you have a professional rival, old enemy or new foe, use astrology to your advantage and don’t be fooled by the Full Moon near 16th March as that is no time to pass judgement, sign papers or reach agreement. Wait until the 21st.

You were given certain information about your working life or your body in January and February and assumed discussion was closed. Nothing could be further from the truth. By the middle of March the picture could easily alter.

This is the most important financial, property, charity and business cycle for months and a great deal will happen very quickly, from the weekend of March 29th into the first week of April. You have to do this your way. Nobody else’s.

You have spent four months wondering when things would move forward with your old friend or group project. While you were kept waiting other wheels were turning and the outcome will be bigger and better as a result, from 6th March.

Libra (September 24-August 23)

February was messy and muddled, and your working life or health is still affected as you read this. Give yourself the luxury of changing your mind once or twice more by the final week of March, as you just don’t have the full story yet.

Some years ago you dived into the world of image, branding, style and other items on your ‘me’ agenda. This cycle is now returning and you will be tackling the way you look and appear in an intriguing new way with results by April.

You wrote off one person (or situation) affecting you as a parent, aunt or godparent. Perhaps a relationship headed for pregnancy, step-parenthood or adoption was involved too – or a youth project. March will change your mind.

You have been longing for the right timing with your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps with an enemy or opponent too. You can go full-tilt into the new situation from the final week of March with major changes in April.

The keys to so many doors in your life rest with the family, house, apartment, home town, homeland or household. You have more power and control than ever before, so don’t let go. You can take this further and open even more doors.

Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

Even you have been surprised by the mess surrounding your son, daughter, godchild or young relative. Perhaps a youth project or serious sexual relationship has also been mired in muddle. Keep wading through and asking questions.

You were not misinformed about the house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland in February. You were just handed an incomplete story and the first two weeks of March will fill in the gaps, leading to quite dramatic new decisions.

The prospect of handling your daily workload or relationship with your body in an exciting new way is always in the background, but the timing has been wrong. From late March through late April it will be absolutely right. Vive la révolution!

The answer to everything you want is on the internet, on your computer, inside a journal or resting with your voice. At last you feel in control of the way you are heard and read. Take this all the way and many other aspects of life will deliver.

Mars and the North Node seldom pass through Libra in your horoscope. This sign rules your dark secrets, invisible role, uncredited work and confidential projects. You will experiment, explore and come up with a brand new approach.

Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)

You are yet to accomplish your most daring, exciting and radical move within the world of children, or a relationship which could take you there. Lack of time and space has contributed, but from the final week of March you are ready.

Don’t make up your mind about final outcomes with the flat, house, home town, homeland, family or household until Mercury is safely out of his shadow from March 21st. The story is still changing or subject to delay – maybe even reversal.

You drew conclusions about your project or plan last month, and may have assumed there is nothing more to add. This will change in March as you realise the story was far from final, no matter if the issues rest online or elsewhere.

You will take a brand new approach to an old friend, your social life and a group commitment this month as you realise you need your second wind, or perhaps just a new wave to carry you forward. This is long overdue and very rewarding.

You should have been making or saving money (or cash in kind) in a dramatic way since November but instead you have been stuck with other people’s delays or a lack of communication. You will be delighted to see progress from 6th March.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

Every few years you invent a new way to run your career or pursue success. The cycle is returning with Mars and the North Node at the top of your horoscope. Use what worked so well from the past and mix it with the cutting edge in 2014.

The internet, your phone, the media, publishing, your voice or other communication concerns continue to be muddled, delayed or changeable until 21st March. You may prefer to fast-forward big decisions until you know far more.

Since November nothing and nobody has delivered in your love life. Encouraging noises have not been enough, yet once Jupiter moves direct in your opposite sign of Cancer in the first week, your opposite number in life will finally add up.

A toxic former lover, a jealous female rival or some other piece of human flotsam and jetsam has taken you nowhere for four months, but you will be amazed at how quickly and easily you progress now with a big result by July.

You made up your mind about the money, business, house, possessions, charity or apartment last month but the story was never going to be fixed for long. What you read or hear in March will change it all – to your advantage after July.

Aquarius (January 21-February 19)

Compared to your rudderless 2013, your new, improved 2014 is full of promise. At last you can control what you cover up, or what you do without recognition. What has happened since January has given you power. Now look for more of it.

You are exasperated by your chaotic bank, uncommunicative accountant, computer problem, missing payment or other classic Mercury Retrograde scenario. All will be fixed from March 21st. Until then have Plan B ready.

Despite lots of enthusiastic talk and some genuinely major progress since July, your high hopes for work, lifestyle and your relationship with your body have stalled for months. Everything will change in your favour from March 6th.

Something is in the air and you suddenly have a reason to handle your foreign, travel, internet, publishing or academic agenda very differently. You are crashing through a barrier, but to do this successfully you must adopt a new approach.

After months of no action at all with image, brand, appearance or reputation issues, there was a lot going on your radar in late January or early February. It came to nothing, but the story is far from over. A key conversation is coming.

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

So much of what you want to achieve in your life rests on the steady progress you are making with your old friend, social life and group commitment. Don’t let this one go. You are on track for the first time in years so just keep powering on.

Even you have been surprised at the total lack of common sense, organisation or clear thinking which is affecting your image, brand, appearance or reputation. Try not to make a big choice before March 21st as things are still in utter flux.

It has been years since you seriously sat down and thought about the way you earn, own or spend money. This brings in questions about tax, property or business, but more tellingly, it points to an April choice about independence.

In January and February quite a lot began to move and shake behind the scenes, in secret, with your invisible role, or uncredited work. Just as rapidly, you assumed your leads were false. Not so, as you will see by mid March.

You set so much in motion with the world of children, younger people (or relationships which bring them closer) that you must be disappointed by the lack of results since November. March will change all that. By July you’re ecstatic.