Jessica Adams tells you the five things you need to know about your starsign for May

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TAURUS 21 Apr - 21 May

1. The reality of marriage, de facto relationships, separation, divorce or single life is not negotiable. However it does have an end point. Do what you must and do what you can. This too shall pass. In the meantime, you are not alone. Others have gone through this before you. Compare notes.

2. Pursue a tentative discussion about a financial, property, charity or business option which could change everything. Right person (or organisation), right time, right place. What can you agree on? Where can you meet in the middle? The improvements could be rapid between now and June.

3. You’re at the very early stages of an internet, communication or information shift which will bring enormous satisfaction and great rewards by 2014. Say yes to everything and everybody. Try it all. In the second half of this year, what seemed like a vague promise will be a wonderful reality.

4. Women are the deciding factor in a new professional, charity, voluntary or business direction. You may admire their choices and lifestyles – or completely disagree – yet it all shapes a new plan. Some are commitment phobic, some are dependent on partners. All of them teach you something.

5. It’s hard to register so much radical change and upheaval on the inside, but the greatest u-turns and reversals are now affecting what is hidden or below the surface. If your normal, public life is out of balance it may be because you are not devoting enough time and energy to this classified material.

GEMINI 22 May - 21 Jun

1. What a learning experience you have been forced to accept with work, daily life, your health or your lifestyle. Welcome to the real world! This has made you think of radical options that would not have crossed your mind before. One is correct. It will set you free in quite another area of your life.

2. You are heading towards a career or university niche (or a chunk of volunteer life) which you can submerge yourself in, for the rest of the year. There is something not quite real or everyday about what you have in mind. At the moment it’s just a longed-for buffer zone. But it could manifest too.

3. You have choices as a traveller, student, teacher, writer or publisher. The choices could not be more different, yet even if you feel polarised, at least you are learning something about who and what is most important to you. This helps your overall direction. There may be a distant or foreign connection.

4. You just won’t have the same social life, friendships or social media any more and that’s a good thing. As you saw in April, the people, organisations or situations which held you back from doing what you want, when you want, are no longer an issue. Fate is on your side so just say yes.

5. You are quite right to invest time and energy in a situation which you believe would help you make so much more of your brand, image or look. This is an ongoing story in your life, yet you only have two months to tie up loose ends and sign off on a plan which has been promising so much for so long.

CANCER 22 Jun - 23 Jul

1. Your children, godchildren or young relatives? The next generation’s connection to you through work or charity work? Relationships that may bring younger people closer? Whichever applies to you, consider this a work in progress. You need to find a point of view which makes you feel secure.

2. You are quite right to trust a situation which would provide a release (and some relief) from a world which is all too hard-edged and real. You could easily be taken away into an alternative reality as a writer, traveller, teacher, student or publisher within weeks. Ground this and make it part of life.

3. You are developing an entirely new relationship with your chosen career, field or profession. This has been threatening for years, but it took April to turn you in a different direction. Nothing is the same and everything has changed, which will ultimately leave you without ties that bind or ridiculous constraints.

4. Perhaps you will reject every choice as it is too much hard work or effort – but you undeniably have choices with the money, house, flat, business, possessions or charity. By examining your options you will soon find out if you are on the side of freedom or commitment. Both offer you pros and cons.

5. Keep the faith with something or someone so hidden in your life. The submerged world continues to support and encourage you, and make no mistake – the end result could be bigger and better than you thought. You have a few short weeks to follow up possibilities swirling around you from April.

LEO 24 Jul - 23 Aug

1. The house, tenants, letting agency, family, apartment or flatmates obviously challenge you. Or this is about your home turf? In all cases the deeper issue is asking yourself where you belong and to whom. Once you sort this out, for the long-term, a new direction will be easier to live with.

2. You will have a bubble to inhabit sooner than you realise and it will allow you to escape the financial reality that other people have to live with. Bubbles are great as long as you realise they have a function, time, place and purpose. Don’t ever assume your escapist bolt-hole to substitute for reality!

3. The choices you face with a former, current or potential partner are revealing. Never assume this is about the personality of the man or woman in question. It is actually about you, and how you feel about marriage and motherhood. Or, alternatively, single life and freedom. What do you need?

4. What happened to you in April has forced you to accept a basic truth about 2013 and 2014. You just can’t stick to the past, in terms of the way you travel, deal with foreigners, publish, write, study or teach. There is a reason why you have been shown such radical new choices. You need to be free.

5. The group project will pay off so persist, even if others are too tired or lazy to fully participate. This applies to at least one tribal goal, perhaps more. Stick with the people who see it your way and are prepared to pull their weight. This will reward you in many different ways before the end of June.

VIRGO 24 Aug - 23 Sept

1. April really turned so much on its head and you must still be reeling from the change – at least in terms of the money, possessions, charity, house, business or flat. So what was the point? Really, it’s to loosen you up so that you can make decisions that give you much more room to move in future.

2. You must be feeling deeply unsatisfied with the way one internet, communication, media or publishing matter ‘delivered’ in the end. You obviously have a hard choice to make, but trust in the future. This situation is temporary and the universe will come good in the end. Learn what you must.

3. Have faith in a relationship with a former, current or potential partner which could provide you with the way out you need. Shut out the real world with this person – you know the potential is there, as it has been so often in 2012. By the second half of 2013, the moves you make now could pay off.

4. Try to avoid making an enemy, opponent or rival your ‘holiday’ from reality. That may sound strange. How can a conflict let you off the hook or provide any kind of release? You’d be surprised at the rewards you get from engaging, though. So be fully conscious of what you are co-creating here.

5. Your daily workload presents extreme choices in May. Who or what are you prepared to ‘wed’ yourself to, or commit yourself, in exchange for security? That option is there. So too is the option which would liberate you from all ties and promises, though. And that’s also just as valid.

LIBRA 24 Sept - 23 Oct

1. You simply could not go on with the same old way of relating to a former, current or potential partner. The universe has stepped in with some drastic steps, in order to force you to get out of your 2011 or 2012 mindset and try new options. When these work, quickly and easily, you realise it’s meant to be.

2. Enemies, opponents, rivals? Libran women often have them because they can’t abide injustice or unfairness and will fight to correct it. As a result you end up with difficult people. The good news is, you can now pursue choices which break all the boring restrictions and time-wasting detritus.

3. Your sign is at the heart of financial, property, charity and business reality checks which can only happen once in your lifetime. No wonder it feels so utterly challenging. It may take months, but figure out your own value system. Put a different price on everything. Do new sums. Then it adds up.

4. Avoid lumbering yourself with heavy new commitments or complicated entanglements involving the money, house, company, flat or good cause in your life. This also applies to possessions or anything else which counts as cash in kind. You’re already dealing with enough. Don’t get in any deeper.

5. Back the person, place or organisation which you believe is the gift which goes on giving. There is more, so much more, to gain. Europe, Australasia or the US may be involved. Education, publishing, the internet or travel certainly will be. Reach out and embrace what is there. Play your part fully.

SCORPIO 24 Oct - 22 Nov

1. You have been protected from some basic realities for years, while other people struggled with issues about reputation, or image, or appearance. Now the magic protection has lifted, you must make hard-nosed decisions about how you look and appear to the world. It takes time to get it right. But you will.

2. April was full of the most tumultuous planetary aspects, all affecting your daily routine, workload, health or normal life. So much for comfort zones and predictability. The ground has been broken up around you, to allow something new to grow. What develops, from this point, sets you free from silly obstacles.

3. You may feel you are in some kind of Never Never Land every time you allow yourself to see pictures in your head about the children, godchildren or young relatives. Or is this about a professional or charity involvement with younger people? Or a promising relationship? Never Never Land can become real, though.

4. The house, flat, family, household, letting agency, tenant or home turf questions are crucial. Not in themselves, so much, but in terms of how they educate you about your own priorities. Unless you know yourself so much better you won’t make the right decision. So – will it be freedom or commitment now?

5. A fortunate blast from the past in April revealed how right you were to have faith in a promising situation with money, property, business, charity or precious possessions. Don’t lose this thread. Jupiter will only be in this zone of your chart until June and you have earned some karmic rewards. Use them in May.

SAGITTARIUS 23 Nov - 21 Dec

1. You had certain plans locked in, back in February-March, about the way you assumed life would go with the next generation (or a close relationship). So much for that! May is clean-up time. Now that you’ve made some fierce decisions, how will you put them into practice? Make a list, cross off the priorities, make it so.

2. The gritty reality about your life behind the scenes, or below the surface, is having a pointed effect on the way you are planning for the future. This also applies to any aspect of your world which is hidden. Keep this in perspective, despite your emotional response. It’s one Lego block in your village, not all of it.

3. Being forced to accept the realities of what was hidden or below the surface, has shown you alternatives you would never have considered last year. One of them could easily lead to an escape route, in terms of the house, family, flat, household or home turf. This is not a mirage. It could become real if you try.

4. The choices you have in terms of the internet, writing, public speaking or your voice (online or offline) are just a reflection of your state of mind. You seem unsure about the value of space and freedom – as opposed to the value of solid commitments. That’s why particular people, projects or organisations reflect it.

5. Follow up the advantages you were given in April. The people or situation which frustrated you so much is melting away and you will shortly be free to do what you want, as you wish, when you wish – at least in terms of the next generation. Don’t just leave it there, though. Follow up on all potential new options.

CAPRICORN 22 Dec - 20 Jan

1. You frankly had no idea about particular friends or groups, or even the realities of tribal or team psychology and behaviour. Now you know better and you probably wish you didn’t. This is par for the course, though, when Saturn is in Scorpio and this cycle will not last. While it does, stick to a stern strategy.

2. You are making hard choices about your social life, social media, friends or group involvements as a result of what hit you in April. The bonus is the sudden realisation that if you choose one path, in particular, you will suddenly have an amazing escape route elsewhere. The way you are heard or read is the key.

3. Some ridiculous situations or people which blocked your radical ideas about the house, flat, family, household or home turf are being moved out of the way even as you read this. It may take some time but eventually anything or anybody which obstructed you will no longer be an issue. The rest of 2013 and 2014 is intriguing.

4. You have choices with your money, business, house, possessions, flat or charity. Perhaps for the first time in a long time, there are options. Of course, pursuing one of them, as opposed to the other, will involve more time and energy. It really is up to you, though. If something or someone feels right, then it’s the right time.

5. Pursue your right to a bigger and better lifestyle, daily workload and sense of wellbeing. Every person or organisation which is hovering now means only the best for you and that is long overdue. You are being supported by huge banks of energy and goodwill and you must pursue what is there, as far as you can.

AQUARIUS 21 Jan - 19 Feb

1. You signed up for a particular situation with your chosen field, industry or business some time ago. You didn’t see the clause that hit you in April, and you must now be wondering how on earth you are going to deal with the realities of your situation. Compare notes. Read widely. You are not the only one.

2. If you are prepared to make some extreme or tight choices, you will be vindicated by one obvious reward – an escape route with the money, house, business, possessions, charity or flat. It may be living off interest. It may be borrowing, free of charge. However the options manifest do give it thought.

3. People who want to liberate you, consciously or indirectly, are backing you to the hilt as you realise the old obstacles with publishing, the internet, media or your voice have gone. At the very least they are crumbling and you will be amazed at how all the work you put in, through 2012, is about to pay off.

4. There have been two or three obvious options, in terms of your image or look, since April. Your hot pursuit of these choices, or disinterested rejection, is an education in itself. You will know yourself so much better by the end of May, as you need to test yourself, to see where your priorities are these days.

5. Those born 20 years or more after you remain your best and biggest bet. Fortunately you were able to move ahead in leaps and bounds recently. Keep pursuing the obvious options, as this is a cycle which will not come again. Children, godchildren or young relatives? Or the next generation, per se?

PISCES 20 Feb - 20 Mar

1. Other people have known about the basic (hard) realities of travel, international relations, publishing, foreign connections, the internet or academia for years. Now you have woken up to the issues and there is no way around them – at least not immediately. Keep crafting your strategic response. It is worth your time.

2. You are very close to a breakthrough with the family, household, flat or house – or perhaps this involves your home town or homeland. Encouraging signs and positive energy from the right people at the right time is helping. This could be big, but you must match every enthusiastic nod with a lot of your own energy.

3. If you are prepared to make a tough, epic choice about travel, foreigners, publishing, the web or education – you gain a side-advantage. Immediately, you can escape into a bubble of lovely non-reality which hovers over your name, face, image or brand. This is a trip comparable to a Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour.

4. You seem quite late to the party, in terms of the radical moves you should have made (back in 2012) about your money, business, charity, house, possessions or flat. Recent developments urge you to play catch-up. Keep pushing this as there are people or organisations who are excited by your vision. Ignore the dinosaurs.

5. Remember that every cycle in astrology has a use-by date and even though 2013 and 2014 will challenge you, in terms of your ability to travel, export or deal with foreign cultures – it will not last. You may experience specific issues with regional UK connections, Europeans, the US or further afield. Watch and learn.

ARIES 21 Mar - 20 Apr

1. The financial, business or charity situation is challenging, but trust the small clues and signs you have been given about your house, family or flat in the second half of 2013. Right up until June 2014 you stand to gain. Minimise the politics now. This will pass. The future looks so much better.

2. New friends come into your life in May and old friends reappear. They are all women or men with a highly developed female side. They are also very good news. One is a graduate, or wise old owl. Another is single, childless and fiercely independent. Another is married, comfortable and secure.

3. Connection, communication, travel and networking are major themes as spring takes hold. You will be plugged into the universe just as you wish – locally or globally. Expect greater reach and impact. The medium and the message will meet perfectly in the middle if you have a major plan in mind.

4. You cannot change the second or third party connection to your charity, business, bank account, house or possessions. However, you are in complete control of your response to it. Reshape this. By creating your own best response and attitude you can increase your comfort zone in stages.

5. A brilliant, rare chance to protect the future – in terms of your brand, image, look or reputation – won’t last forever. This is about you, you, you. It is also about common-sense measures. The asteroid Hygeia in Aries, your own sign, will present you with solid options. You will be shielded.