Jessica Adams tells you all you need to know about your sign for November

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ARIES 21 Mar - 20 Apr

At last someone else sees your success as her business or his responsibility too. You two are very different people but you will bond incredibly well. It makes a difference.

Your job, course or volunteer position will involve all the intrigue, passion and old-fashioned enjoyment of The Archers this month. You will be the director and producer.

As November ends, it appears that the universe has saved the best until last, thanks to an amazing turning point with your property, home, family, household or home town.

You are protected by your house, apartment or relatives this year, so the financial wheels keep turning. Despite this, wait until you have all the facts before a decision.

You will make the right decision about your trip, book, website, course or foreign connection by Christmas thanks to what you discover so easily in the final week.

TAURUS 21 Apr - 21 May

Sheer willpower gives you the most control you have had in months and suddenly your web profile, course, book, trip or foreign connection begins working powerfully for you.

What you develop across the UK, Europe, US or further afield is a work in progress and there will be two more changes in January and December 2014 which give you the reins.

In the final week, Jupiter rewards your faith in your internet plans and real-world communication goals as you realise what you have achieved could become even bigger.

Your former, current or potential partner – and perhaps an enemy – calls for a decision, but as the situation is not resolved you may want to play your cards later in the month.

You could pay a financial expert to go through your money, property, business or charity position with you – or just use what you see, so clearly, in the closing days of the month.

GEMINI 22 May - 21 Jun

Between now and July you can build up your most powerful financial, business, charity or property position in years. Someone who can help is drawing closer to you now.

Read the financial and business sections of the papers with special attention and keep an eye on interest rates, bank offers, exchange rates and property prices; your luck is in.

What happens at the very end of the month will enable you to save or make money, but better still, create a growing reward that will pay off in 12 years when Jupiter returns.

Use sneaky astrological timing to suspend judgement on a matter affecting your workload and lifestyle as the jigsaw is not complete until the end of November.

By Christmas you will have made a crucial decision about your former, current or potential partner – perhaps an enemy too. The wheels turn from the final week.

CANCER 22 Jun - 23 Jul

Your relationship with a former, current or potential partner finally puts you in the driver’s seat after a long year in which you were often stuck in the side-car of life.

If you have a rival, opponent or enemy for any reason you will be quietly smug about the new power you acquire in November as a result of enforced changes back in October.

As December draws closer you will be thrilled by another mini relaunch as your brand, logo, name, style or shape works harder for you. Expect good news near the 28th.

Why pass final judgement on matters involving the children, godchildren, young relatives – or a relationship with parenting potential – too soon?  Life is clearer later in November.

Someone who understands the issue you have with your body, health or lifestyle will hold up a mirror to you as December comes closer. Expect a useful choice by Christmas.

LEO 24 Jul - 23 Aug

The person who takes an interest in your food, drink, exercise, alternative health program or medical care now, will make a fantastic difference to your body.

Your daily workload will bring you more pleasure than your time off this month, thanks to a project you love or people you adore working with. You’ll actually enjoy the 9 to 5.

Near 28th November your hush-hush project or invisible role behind the scenes will reward all the effort you have put into keeping secrets or staying in the shadows.

You won’t have the full story on your home, property, family, household or home town until the last facts come in after the 10th. From the 27th you can make a crucial decision.

After the 22nd the spotlight turns on a relationship that may lead to motherhood, your children, godchildren or young relatives. A project for the young may also feature highly.

VIRGO 24 Aug - 23 Sept

It has taken lateral thinking and an enforced change, but from November 1st you will have more control with the next generation, or a close relationship, than you dreamed.

The children, godchildren, young relatives or junior faces on a special project will take your life in a compelling new direction. You’re powerful now so handle it with care.

The closing days of November justify your high hopes for a group project involving one or more friends. This tribal plan or shared quest is about ‘us’ not ‘me’ but it works.

Preserve your sanity and watch from a distance as the wheels spin backwards and forwards with the web, media, publishing, phones, computers and the rest. Decide later.

You will make an informed choice about your house, family, flat, household or home town by Christmas, thanks partly to the response you receive at the end of November.

LIBRA 24 Sept - 23 Oct

You will have control of your home life, family politics, shared household or community relationships for the first time in month. Hold the reins like Lady Mary and smile.

There is something very special about your house or apartment which you can develop this month. Alternatively, the property deal you deserve will float under your nose.

The most amazing opportunity for success or a spectacular problem-solving exercise will change the way you work near the 28th so pursue this; it will keep growing until July.

The financial, property, business or charity decision you have to make has been impossible since October. Changes and delays will continue so do read the fine print.

In the final week all eyes and ears will turn in the direction of your name on the internet as you launch, or relaunch a plan that showcases your way with words.

SCORPIO 24 Oct - 22 Nov

The ball is back in your court so fake your best Billie Jean-King pose and hit one communication, internet, publishing or media issue straight over the net and win.

You will be wonderfully inspired by one of the people so closely involved with your project or plan (above) and the chemistry will ensure that the end results are special.

The last week of November reminds you why you were so right to invest time in a trip, book, course, website or foreign connection. This could be bigger than you dreamed.

Image, name, appearance, brand or reputation issues require good timing. Allow the situation to go backwards and forwards then be ready for a final decision by December.

The feedback and reaction you need to make the best financial, property, charity or business decision will come your way in the final week. It’s a useful moment of truth.

SAGITTARIUS 23 Nov - 21 Dec

You will continue to make or save money (or cash in kind) in the most remarkable way in years, if you stay utterly focussed on the new path to control you found in October.

Someone will make it very clear that he or she also has an interest in your financial, business, charity or property goals and two heads will frequently be better than one.

You may not realise it now but what you achieve with your house, flat, company, project or banking initiative could be the gift that goes on giving, twelve years from now.

Timing is everything. Don’t race to a conclusion about your dark secret, confidential project or invisible role behind the scenes. Look at it again later in November.

You will make an overdue change to your style, shape, face or image by Christmas partly as a result of the photo, video, feedback, reaction or online reflection you see now.

CAPRICORN 22 Dec - 20 Jan

After months of not feeling fully in control of your appearance or image, you will be amazed to find that October’s experiment becomes November’s successful way of life.

The way you look and appear is of intense interest to a man who is on  your side or a woman who understands what you are trying to achieve. This is a great two-way street.

In the final days of November the turning point with your great rival, enemy or opponent will find you secretly blessing their presence in your life; if only people really knew.

The road ahead with your former, current or potential partner looks wonderful and you should not only aim for a deeper commitment, but also a further reward in 12 years.

Use astrology to help you with your friend or group. Nothing will come together for weeks and you may prefer to suspend judgement until the full story is known.

A spotlight will turn on your dark secret, hush-hush plan or role behind the scenes. This has been dormant or hidden for a long time but a useful decision emerges as a result.

AQUARIUS 21 Jan - 19 Feb

At last you can be the boss of your own life, thanks to October’s developments. The secret, classified project or invisible woman role is now firmly under your control.

What you cover up, do beneath the surface or operate from the wings, will give you increasing power and there are two more turning points in January and December 2014.

Your overall career or success in life is testing your coping ability but your day-to-day lifestyle and regular routine is rewarding on an epic level as you will see near the 28th.

The most welcome turning point with a fitness guru, food expert, health professional or lifestyle go-to source will reveal just how one or two details improve your whole life.

Your job, voluntary role or student life has taken you all over the place since October but the final pieces of the jigsaw will be in place by the end of November for a decision.

Your friend, team, tribe or other group will be at the centre of your plans in November and the spotlight that turns on one face in the closing days helps a crucial choice.

PISCES 20 Feb - 20 Mar

It has taken months, even years, to get to this point but at last your social life, team project, group commitment or old friendship is under your control. It’s empowering.

You will make or maintain some very special friends in your world this month and come to see sides of these people you did not know existed; one is a lifetime keeper.

Your faith in the young is rewarded in the final week thanks to a stunning turning point with your child, godchild, young relative, youth project or a pregnant-with potential love.

You will make one of the year’s best informed decisions about your mission, position or ambition by Christmas partly as a result of the feedback you receive in the last week.

Give up on instant results with your book, website, course, trip or foreign connection as the story is far from filled in and you may be better off with a wait and see policy.