The five things you need to know about your horoscope in October, by astrologer Jessica Adams

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1. The way you feel about former, current or potential partners (perhaps enemies too) is a core focus in your horoscope near the 19th. Is your approach so far still working or not?

2. Cross that line. It could make such a difference to the way you handle your workload or body. So often, it’s the mavericks who get it utterly right in this world. Join them?

3. Mercury is messing the world up in October and November. The chain reaction pings your money, business, possessions and property zone. Read the fine print. Have Plan B.

4. The New Moon in your sign on Saturday 5th helps you relaunch some aspect of your image. It may be your look, name, brand or title but this is a supercharged weekend.

5. How are you read or heard in the world? It’s time to use what the universe is giving you and write, speak, sing, use the media or publish in a way that’s guaranteed to last.


1. The eclipse on Saturday 19th allows you to look at your progress in terms of the body or your workload. You know you’ve come a really long way, but are changes required?

2. Your money, charity, property, business or possessions holds a special promise that what emerges by November lasts forever. Make this eternal statement true to you.

3. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio in October and November. Matters affecting your image will go backwards and forwards so factor that into your diary planning.

4. See what you can get away with in terms of babies, children or teenagers (as a parent, or through six degrees of separation). Daring exploration sometimes changes the map.

5. The New Moon on Saturday 5th marks a new beginning with your invisible role behind the scenes; your dark secret; your confidential project. Deep breath and move forward.


1. You launch a new chapter with a group project, social media or old friendship near Saturday 5th October. It will be tested a fortnight later so you can fine-tune it.

2. Your journey with children, or the next generation as a whole, has been liberating and electrifying this year. Now, your decisions will be tested at the eclipse near the 19th.

3. Your image contains the seeds of something special and enduring. The second week of October marks the change; by November your name or look has staying power.

4. Your dark secret, invisible role behind the scenes – or classified project – will move forwards, backwards, then forwards until November. Factor that into your planning.

5. Break your own rules. What century do they belong to, anyway? This punk rock move of yours could utterly change the house, family, flat, household, home town or country.


1. Psyche in Sagittarius tells you that your dark secret, Miss Invisible role or classified project is more important than you thought; by November this is written in lasting ink.

2. A significant career, non-profit or university beginning takes place near the 5th October and will be lined up against pros and cons about two weeks later for a final decision.

3. You need to review the course you’ve taken with your house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland. It’s been wonderfully independent but are changes required?

4. Mercury is Retrograde Shadow from 1st October in your zone of old friendships, group projects and social media. Factor in reversals and delays when planning to November.

5. The media, internet, publishing and other vessels for your ‘voice’ offer you choices which your old self might have found jaw-dropping. Just drop your jaw and proceed.


1. What you pull together with an old friend, social media or tribe of people will last beyond October. Some fascinating people will be involved. Make it special.

2. The birth of a new travel, publishing, internet or education phase near the 5th October is long overdue but the initial push will need to be reviewed about a fortnight later.

3. Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods. While in your career, university and non-profit zone this month he starts backtracking and changing one story. Accommodate that.

4. Just because ‘they’ imply that something is outrageous, or unacceptable does not mean a financial, property, charity or business choice is unthinkable, if it’s legal.

5. You’ve blazed the most exciting and highly individual trail with the internet, media, publishing or other voice-led plans. Now you can judge current pros and cons.


1. What begins for you near Saturday 5th October in financial, property, charity or business terms really will feel like a birth. Just remember, this is also in its infancy.

2. Your current direction with the money, house, flat, good cause or company will be tested by the penumbral lunar eclipse on Saturday 19th October at 00.37am.

3. Amazing new possibilities for your career or other calling reveal themselves very suddenly in the second week of October; this achievement could last forever.

4. See what you can get away with, in terms of your image. Your body or wardrobe. Your brand. If you get away with this then it will alter everything. And why on earth not?

5. Read the fine print and have Plan B in October and November. Mercury is Shadow Retrograde from the 1st. Travel, publishing, the internet, education will be affected.


1. You can use the eclipse on Saturday 19th October to examine how far you’ve come with image issues since Uranus moved into Aries. What needs to change in the months ahead?

2. The money, property, business or charity aspects of your life require attention to the fine print and Plan B, as from 21st October what was in motion will start to reverse.

3. Amazing things are possible from Monday 7th October with travel, foreign connections, the internet, publishing, academia and education. Write a forever chapter in your life.

4. Chiron was found in the same year as punk rock. Release your inner punk with a dark secret, confidential project or Miss Invisible role and see what you can get away with.

5. Your former, current or potential partner? Your enemy, rival or opponent? Either way the New Moon spells the birth of something or someone new, close to 5th October.


1. What is under discussion with (or about) your partner could reverse or be held up  within three weeks. This also applies to a former or potential partner; even an enemy.

2. Some remarkable people and organisations will make a welcome difference to your financial, property or business situation after the first week. There is a happy ending.

3. Your social media, group commitment or old friendship tempts you to try something which would have seemed like total heresy a few years ago. Sure. But why not try it?

4. You can expect the birth of something new, in terms of your workload or body, close to the New Moon in Libra on Saturday 6th October. It’s a moment whose time has come.

5.  Your role behind the scenes (Invisible Taurus), your dark secret (you’ll never tell) or our classified project (hush hush) needs a different angle around the 19th of October.


1. If you knew you could get away with something in career (or other vocation) terms, would you make the attempt? Toss this outrageous idea around now. Start in December.

2. Your ruler Mercury moves forwards, backwards, forwards until the end of November in the horoscope zone ruling work and your body. Make allowances for a zig-zag pathway.

3. Your group project, old friendship or social life requires a mini-review at the penumbral lunar eclipse on Saturday 19th October. Social functions that day/night? Handle gingerly.

4. A soul-satisfying conclusion to an important chapter with your former, current or potential partner is waiting for you. Strangely this also applies to any enemies too.

5. Perhaps this prediction (above) is linked to the fresh start that’s made with your son, daughter, godchild or young relative near the 6th October or even a pregnancy plan.


1. The world of babies, children and younger people in general is in a state of flux throughout the next two months. Read the fine print. Accommodate u-turns, changes.

2. Perhaps jaws will be on the floor, but so what? Sometimes you have to do the unthinkable. Especially as a traveller, internet user, publisher, teacher or student.

3. Your career or other role in life has consisted of one experiment after another. Some you’ve chosen, some have been chosen for you. Review your progress near the 19th.

4. Your daily workload or your body is at the heart of timely questions, new plans and genuinely hopeful solutions in October. What you create now could last forever.

5. You are ruled by the Moon and also the Fourth House – which rules your home or clan. Thus, the New Moon on Saturday 5th October is important. It will bring a new beginning.


1. You will know where you stand with the house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland issue by November but allow for reversals and changes along the way.

2. Your children, godchildren, young relatives or next-generation project brings amazing experiences from Monday 7th October with special results which will last forever.

3. If you know what you’re doing, see what what you can get away with in terms of the money, charity, business, debts or assets this month. An outrageous move may succeed.

4. The New Moon on Saturday 5th October brings a new beginning with the media, publishing, the internet, your phone or another medium for your message.

5. The Lunar Eclipse on Saturday 19th October helps you think harder about what you’re trying to achieve as a student, writer, teacher, publisher or traveller. What works now?


1. You could move the goalposts, and maybe the whole game, if you give in to temptation where your former, current or potential partner is concerned. Maybe an enemy too.

2. October and November send your communication HQ into a state of flux. Take special care with the media, computers, the internet and the Royal Mail for obvious reasons.

3. Something very special and timeless will emerge from your plans for your home town, house, family, homeland, household or apartment. Keep one eye on posterity this time.

4. The New Moon in Libra is one part of the financial, property, charity or business story this month. It’s a fresh start. However, it will need to stand up to inspection later.

5. Around Saturday 19th October you’ll experience a lunar eclipse in the chart zone ruling your money, good cause, possessions, company and home. Weigh up the pros and cons.