Astrologist Jessica Adams shares what five things you need to know for your starsign this September

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VIRGO 24 Aug - 23 Sept

1. Around Thursday 26th September you will see why it was so important to pair off with a person who views your internet, media or publishing involvement as their own.

2. Your ruler Mercury will be off balance in October and November so finalise computer or phone purchases (or repairs) by Monday 30th September at the latest.

3. Other people (or large organisations) have a vested interest in your personal brand, image, look, reputation or profile. This is about you, though. So stake your claim.

4. Keep devoting time and energy to your friend, or the group. A typical thunderbolt from Jupiter towards the end of September will help one matter skyrocket.

5. After Friday 20th September you can commit to a recent change involving the world of babies or children. This applies to your personal or professional life.

LIBRA 24 Sept - 23 Oct

1. Near Thursday 26th September you will see how right you were to trust the other person over a financial, property, charity or business issue that will not go away.

2. Your money, house, company, flat or good cause could be held up after Monday 30th September so try to push through the really crucial signatures or discussions.

3. By 3rd November your role behind the scenes, or your secret project, will play a completely different part in your life, partly as a result of a crossroads now.

4. A recent career, university or charity plus factor can be taken further. You don’t have to be pushy, just professional. Use this rather modest gain to take your CV higher.

5. The experiments are over. Your instincts tell you that your new approach to the family, house, flatmates, home town or flat is just right. Only minor tweaking is needed.

SCORPIO 24 Oct - 22 Nov

1. It’s been extremely tricky just being ‘you’ this year, as image or appearance issues have swallowed up so much time and energy. Now, at least, there is someone to help you.

2. If it involves your name, face, style, profile or reputation, then try to get your final result before October. If you must proceed after that date check the fine print.

3. Your social life, group project or old friendship will be utterly changed by 3rd November, thanks partly to tough compromises you are willing to make now.

4. Continue to invest your time and energy in a plan which has no instant rewards, but incredible long-term promise for you as a traveller, writer, student or teacher.

5. It has taken years but you now know what to do in terms of the media, the internet, your voice or written projects. An experiment in August worked. Now take it further.

SAGITTARIUS 23 Nov - 21 Dec

1. Accept that a dark secret, invisible role or hush-hush project no longer has to be your own unique burden and reach out to someone near Thursday 26th September.

2. Your house or flat will be your sanctuary within two years if you can correct the muddled situation of the last six weeks and try to restructure for the future.

3. By 3rd November your career, charity or student role will be quite different. You must stake a claim to your fair share of the controls in the reshuffle to come.

4. One financial, business or charity opportunity you missed several weeks ago remains. If you are lucky, the person concerned may remind you. Otherwise, think back and use it.

5. This is the most important month of the year for tailoring your CV and reshaping your ambitions. A person or organisation regarded as a dazzling leader is worth copying.

CAPRICORN 22 Dec - 20 Jan

1. Friends or groups are no longer your own solitary burden. A woman who understands, or a man who sympathises, will soon meet you halfway and make a huge difference.

2. Travel, European contacts, American connections or Australasian ties can be micro-managed now, in a way which secures the future. You have a role model to imitate.

3. By 3rd November you will be in a brand new set-up online, in the world of education, or publishing. There are power and control issues to negotiate but you will succeed.

4. Keep pouring your energy into a former, current or potential partner. The big finish could be so enormous it may seem impossible. It is not. It will just take time.

5. An experimental approach you took to your style, shape, reputation, image or profile in August could become a rewarding and permanent way of life in September if you try.

AQUARIUS 21 Jan - 19 Feb

1. A person who sees your own career, university or charity concerns as his/her issue too, makes a wonderful difference to your feelings. Bond as much as you can.

2. To avoid delays, changes or reversals, try to finalise paperwork or handshake agreements affecting your job, academic life or volunteer role by the 30th.

3. You will successfully reorganise your finances by November, settling debts, claiming your own share of power back and putting an end to the confusion of 2013.

4. This is the most important month of the year, in terms of saving or making money (and cash in kind). An approach that you know is outrageous, will work if you research it.

5. Every time you put more effort into your fitness and food, you gain – even if the effects are not immediately obvious, you will be so glad you did this, by 2014.

PISCES 20 Feb - 20 Mar

1. You are no longer alone as a traveller, internet user, publisher, teacher, student or writer, as you will see – to your total advantage - near Thursday 26th September.

2. Expedite answers and information involving your former, current or potential partner by Monday 30th September at the latest. This also applies to any enemies or opponents.

3. By 3rd November your love life, professional partnership or deepest conflict will enter a new phase. To make it work, devote September to negotiation and compromise.

4. You will never waste your time if you devote it to the world of babies, children or young people. You could get so much more involved. Say yes. The world opens up.

5. From Friday 20th September you can firmly say you have a new social life, a new group project or a new friendship to look forward to. The experiments are over.

ARIES 21 Mar - 20 Apr

1. By the final week of September, someone else will have met you halfway over the money, business, charity, house, possessions or flat. Time to chase away negativity.

2. From Monday 30th September any unsigned paperwork or half-finished negotiations about your finances or property could linger, or change. Try to speed things up.

3. For the next two months you will be accepting a different level of power at work, university or with your part-time role. There may be a reshuffle or other crossroads.

4. For every 10% of effort you put into your family, household, home town, flat, house or homeland, you will receive treble the rewards, as you will see by June 2014.

5. A new approach to your career or other ambitions that was tried so tentatively in August will become a wonderful new part of your life if you persist with it.

TAURUS 21 Apr - 21 May

1. It’s time to get your former, current or potential partner on board (or a third person who can help). This has been a tough year. You two have a lot of catching-up.

2. Discussions or paperwork involving this crucial man or woman in your life could get stuck, change, or even come to nothing, in October and November. Speed things up.

3. Your children, godchildren or grandchildren are at the heart of a major shift by November. This also applies to a professional or charity involvement with the young.

4. It may feel rather uncertain, but keep the faith with a project which uses your voice or way with words. It may be digital or traditional but there are big advantages waiting.

5. If you have an enemy, rival or opponent then use an offer of co-operation from them, or the help of a third party, to balance the scales. Try to finalise this before October.

GEMINI 22 May - 21 Jun

1. The support you need from a health, medical, diet, healing or fitness professional (or enthusiastic amateur) will be there from the 11th and make an enormous difference.

2. Your ruler Mercury will be retrograde shadow from 1st October in your work, university and charity zone. Try to finalise crucial meetings or paperwork before that date.

3. Your family or household will soon be rearranged, following arrivals and departures, or the insistence of one person that a fairer arrangement is reached. It’s final by November.

4. Money makes money at the moment, and everything you save or gain should be put back, wholly or partly, into a plan which you know could deliver big results.

5. If you want a special part of your career, university life or charity work to function as a sanctuary from the real world, you will need to organise it that way. It’s worth it.

CANCER 22 Jun - 23 Jul

1. A project which relies on your voice or written talents also needs your skills as a psychologist. Someone, somewhere must be taken more seriously in a new set-up.

2. You can make more of your new role or look, acquired since June, if you are prepared to invest even more time and energy. Furthering your profile will work wonders.

3. You will escape from reality via Europe, the USA, Australasia or even more exotic locations by 2015, thanks to holidays, a second home – or work. Start the plan now.

4. You tried a new approach with a former, current or potential partner in late August and it worked. This also applies to an enemy. What next? More of the same, but refine it.

5. If you struck chaos as a traveller, student, internet user, publisher, writer or teacher in August, make sure it never accumulates like that again, with a new September strategy.

LEO 24 Jul - 23 Aug

1. Cultivate the person who shares the property, family, household or home town issue with you. You will both be pleased you persisted near Thursday 26th September.

2. Try to get any discussion or paperwork about the house, flat, relatives, flatmates, home town or homeland out of the way by Monday 30th September at the latest.

3. Make it easy to divide up the money, property, business, charity or possessions by forgetting you are Queen Leo and focussing on what is fair – you will save time.

4. You don’t rate your role behind the scenes or your confidential project, but if you put time and energy into this, you will have one reward after another by June 2014.

5. After Pluto turns direct on Friday 20th September a recent diet, fitness, sleep, workload or lifestyle experiment can become a permanent part of your routine.