Jessica Adams predicts what the stars have in store and what to watch out for this February

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1. Bonding with a hopelessly romantic female friend is a great idea. She will help revamp your social life by next autumn.

2. What are you covering up? If you must pursue it now, allow for changes and delays by April and have a back-up.

3. Your voice, in person, on paper and online is a real asset near the 7th, 9th, 10th, 25th. By June, you’ll have scored a hit.

4. The balance of power in your career changed in January. You have more control now so come up with a new strategy.

5. Radical and revolutionary new options to package, profile and present yourself will set you free close to Wednesday 6th.


1. Wrap up plans with your friend (or that group) in the first seven days. After that, allow for communication issues!

2. Your money, property, charity or business questions will be answered and new opportunities pour in, near the 7th.

3. Your career will be hugely improved when you pick up clues, contacts and connections on the weekend of the 9th.

4. You need a strategy with your former, current or potential partner. Or with an enemy! Try a boring-but-sensible plan.

5. Sex choices, conception or big parenting decisions will be much easier if you avoid the full moon, February 25th.


1. You have three chances for a relaunch or amazing new look on the week of the 4th. When in doubt, follow Kylie’s lead.

2. A special part of the UK (or the world) is calling you on the weekend of the 9th. You are meant to pursue it. It’s life-changing.

3. Finalise career priorities by the 8th. If you have to proceed later, read the fine print and allow for SNAFU scenarios.

4. An old or new friend is your passport to freedom. By April there will be an incredible declaration of independence.

5. Find people who have experienced the same sleep, diet or exercise issues as you. Then cross-reference the experts.


1. Sign off travel, education and publishing priorities by the 8th. After this date, check terms and conditions; have safety nets.

2. From around the 7th you have four months to capitalise on what you cover up. Your secret life or inner self is solid gold.

3. You can reshape your finances, lifestyle and security from the new moon on the 10th. A woman who is in love with love, helps.

4. Who is leading a revolution in your chosen field or career? That is the one person to read, hear or follow if you want freedom.

5. An older professional can help you with parenting, adoption, pregnancy or sex issues. One in three Cancerians have them now.

LEO 24 JUL – 23 AUG

1. Finalise the most important financial, property, charity or business arrangements by the 8th. After that, read the fine print; have a Plan B.

2. Close to the 7th a friend or group in your world offers you one of the biggest and best opportunities of 2013.

3. Want relationships with both freedom and security? Wish on the new moon, Sunday 10th February at 7.20am.

4. Surf the new waves in education, publishing and travel now coming towards you. Innovate, experiment, enjoy.

5. Seek expertise and experience to help with your home, family, household, home town or homeland situation.


1. Avoid finalising anything major with your former, current or potential partner after the 8th. From that point allow for changes.

2. Watch for lightning (in the sky, on TV or as a symbol) near the 7th. It’s a brilliant success omen. Something is about to grow!

3. You have four months to reshape your ambition, mission and position, and women or female organisations help you.

4. There are issues about the way you connect and communicate . Your 2012 solution needs rethinking or replacing.

5. What or who would set you free, when it comes to your money, home, charity, possessions or business? The 6th is key.


1. You were so right to chase a solution or opportunity across the map, or the world. This is the gift that goes on giving, so use it.

2. Finish with key workload, sleep, food, drink, exercise or medical issues by the 8th. After then, read the fine print.

3. The next generation is special in 2013. What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Wish on the new moon on the 10th.

4. For the best balance with a former, current or potential partner, say yes to freedom, experimentation, independence.

5. Family financial history or your own banking, business or property past from the 80s and 90s affects the present. Examine it!


1. By sharing or gratefully receiving, you begin a four-month winning streak with the money, property, charity or business.

2. Finalise questions involving your children, young relatives, godchildren (or the next generation en masse) by the 8th.

3. By Christmas you will be in a new home – or have improved your living space, household or family situation. Start now!

4. To skip stress around your workload, sleep, diet and exercise accept that there is no daily routine. Just daily experiments.

5. Old photos or videos of yourself unlock deep truths about present image issues. Take a look.


1. Focus hard on your former, current or potential partner. When you see lightning (in the sky or as a symbol) ask Jupiter for answers.

2. Avoid home, family, household, home town or homeland choices from the 8th. If you must proceed allow for change, delays.

3. Your voice – on a microphone, on paper or on the internet – is your key to so much in 2013. Pursue every lead now.

4. Your choices involving the next generation will set you free in 2013. Independence comes by your birthday. Start now.

5. The secrets you keep seem heavier than they really are because they are not shared. Write it down. Burn it, scatter the ashes.


1. This is your best chance in 12 years to fix workload, sleep, exercise, diet and medical issues. Use what happens near the 7th.

2. Don’t buy a computer, phone or fax after the 8th without reading the terms and conditions. Be wary with media and hackers now.

3. Sunday 10th brings a new financial, business and property path. For fun, estimate the value of freedom in pounds. It’s useful later.

4. Your family, household, home, home town or homeland will give you the space you deserve if you choose to be radical.

5. Remember the friends you had, or the groups you were in, in your childhood? What did you learn? It matters now.


1. Those who will succeed you, decades from now, are crucial to your happiness. This  generation is a blessing, as you’ll see.

2. Get all major money, property or business issues over by the 8th. From that point, allow for complications or delays.

3. You will have the most liberating new look, brand and image by Halloween. Big cosmic clues near Sunday 10th.

4. For an easy life, forget what was gospel about communication five years ago. Embrace the shock of the new.

5. Career issues will be simpler once you unlearn what you absorbed from the late 80s or early 90s, via work or school.


1. The town you grew up in and the country you call home holds benefits not possible for 12 years. Return to the past.

2. After the 8th there will be a state of flux affecting your image, appearance, name or profile. Sort things out now.

3. You will shortly have a secret place or sacred space to hibernate in. The universe will give you hints near the 10th.

4. An easier financial, property, charity or business situation results from your willingness to be radical. Even revolutionary.

5. Intense trips or relocations from your earlier life still affect you now. Analyse the past to move on.

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