The dancer's body workout

Note: Always warm up before exercising – stretch your shoulders, neck, arms and legs.
Nathalie’s favorite stretch to start is the yoga move the ‘downward facing dog’ which targets the whole posterior chain.

Exercise 1 (tones thighs and calves)

Hold on to the back of a chair with legs wide apart and toes pointing outwards. Bend you knees until thighs are parallel to the floor. Straighten legs and lift high up on to your toes before returning to start position.
Repeat 20 times

Exercise 2: a full leg toner
Hold on to the back of a chair and beginning in first position, balance on one leg and bring the toe of the other foot up to your knee. Lift your leg to hip height at the front, side and the back, and bring your big toe back to your knee each time.
Repeat the exercise 5 times then turn and repeat with the other leg

Exercise 3: shapes thighs, raises the heart rate and improves fitness
Start in first position, and place your hand on your hips. Bend your knees and jump out to second position. Ensure you bend your knees when you land every time, and always bring feet back to first position.
Repeat 20 times

Exercise 4: bottom, thigh and calf sculptor
Hold on to the back of a chair and extend your leg to the front and keeping it straight, rotate round to the side and the back, keeping toes pointed at all times.
Repeat 10 times then move on to the other leg

Exercise 5: a core workout and leg buffer
Stand in first position and place arms out to the sides keeping elbows slightly bent. Lift legs straight up, one after the other towards your hands. Keep the speed up while remaining in control. Ensure your body stays straight and centred at all times to work the core.
Repeat 20 times

Exercise 6: sculpts biceps, triceps and shoulders
Lift your arms out to the sides, and keeping your elbows bent, rotate towards the ceiling and then towards the floor in one floating movement
Repeat for 40 seconds

Always warm up before exercising. Remember to stretch your shoulders, neck, arms and legs. Nathalie’s favourite start-up stretch is the yoga move the downward dog as it targets the whole posterior chain.

Filmed at Pineapple Studios, with thanks
Film by Ben Vine
Directed by Susannah Taylor
Nathalie wears clothing from the new Bodyism range. Leggings from £75 and vest, £55,
The track used in this video is Canon in D By Johann Pachelbel. Click  here  to buy on iTunes.

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