Find out how to make sure your smoothie is extra good for you, plus other health and beauty tips from the experts

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Quick-dry nail tips

“Never blow on nails to dry them as this creates air bubbles in the polish. Instead daub cuticle oil on the nail when it’s touch-dry to create a barrier,” says Butter London Global Colour Ambassador,  Katie Jane Hughes .

How to experiment with bright makeup

"Glam up neutral day makeup with a shot of colour for summer. An electric blue, neon pink or vibrant orange looks slick and foxy against a complexion with beige, brown and caramel tones. Wear as a liner or a dash of colour around the eyeline for a playful, fun and wearable look," says makeup artist Lee Pycroft .

Braids before bed for perfect festival hair

"For easy festival-fabulous hair à la Kate Moss, loosely plait your hair and wear the braids overnight. In the morning, flip your hair upside down and run your fingers through the ends to separate the waves. Finish with a hairspray such as Sassoon Professional Motion Hold. Apply a serum such as Sassoon Professional Diamond Polish to smooth flyaways and complete your understated look," says Sassoon UK Creative Director, Bruce Masefield .

Natural skin is in

“Try to keep your skin as ‘raw’ as you possibly can – I think makeup always looks best when your skin appears as close to its natural state as possible. There are so many lovely products out there that enhance what you already have, that you don’t need to cover everything up anymore. Sheer, radiant coverage just seems so much more modern.

"My number one application tip would be to just dab product on, a little at a time – you don’t need to cover your face like a mask, and it’s always easier to add than to remove,” says Max Factor makeup artist, Mel Arter .

How to solve insomnia

"A change of season can lead to a change in sleep patterns and magnesium is your best friend when it comes to good sleep. Add 2 cups of Epsom salts to your bath at night and soak for 15 minutes before bed for the most relaxing and refreshing sleep. If you haven't got a bath use magnesium oil: have a hot shower, dry off, spray the oil into your hands and onto your body, leave for 10 minutes and shower off," says Nutritional Therapist, Petronella Ravenshear .

Smoothie power

“Eat some seasonal fruits in the morning, combined with your breakfast or add to smoothies, but avoid juicing them. I believe that fruit bound to its flesh and skin provides abundant antioxidants without releasing their sugars too rapidly, whereas juicing separates the two.

“If you add fruit to a pulverised smoothie, where the whole fruit is intact, you gain the best benefits without raising the blood sugar levels too rapidly. While everyone is looking to reduce their sugar overload, fruit was put on the planet to be eaten in its best organic form - give up your fizzy drinks and chocolate bars, but don't give up 1 or 2 portions of fruit every day.” Vicki Edgson , Nutritional Therapist.

Hot flushes

"For those suffering with rosacea, use good sun protection daily as both UVA and UVB rays weaken the skin, allowing the rosacea to become stronger. Also, try to avoid the aggressors that set your rosacea off e.g spicy food, alcohol and caffeine, as the more you get 'the flush' the longer it will stay and it can make it become more permanent in the long run," says facialist, Debbie Thomas .