Nail technician and GTG expert Marian Newman on keeping nails on fine form, plus other top tips for February

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Marian Newman, nail technician and session manicurist says good nails are all about protection.

“The most damaging thing to nails is water. Obviously you must wash your hands, but as nails are ten times more porous than skin it encourages peeling. The cells soak up the water and expand and contract, so moisture is lost.

"My tip would be to always wear polish to form a barrier and protect the nail. Even if you don’t wear colour, wear a clear polish and seal the edge of the nail. Reapply every couple of days and it will make such a difference! It’s a myth that we need to let nails breathe.”

“Invest in a good hairbrush to stimulate your scalp, smooth the cuticle and prepare your hair before you style it. Brush it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The worst thing that people can do is go to bed without brushing their hair, especially if they’ve backcombed it - they’ll just wake up with it matted and knotted. Try to avoid cheap plastic brushes and choose good quality brands instead, such as Tangle Teezer, Kent, GHD and Moroccanoil," says hair stylist Errol Douglas.

"I can’t recommend double cleansing enough. First remove make-up with a cleanser and then use a cleansing foam to really purify and brighten the skin. One product might remove make-up, but it’s unlikely to treat the skin. If you double cleanse in the evening, the skin will be in much better condition with fewer blemishes," advises Rebecca Cantrell, National Training Director for Shiseido.