Study reveals that facial hair is out, as we reach ‘peak beard’ levels

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Just like the mullets and sideburns of years gone by, has the beard followed the fate of other passing trends and finally run its course? According to a new study from the University of NSW, it looks like facial hair is out and clean-shaven skin is in.

In a phenomenon dubbed, ‘peak beard,’ the study reveals that as beards become more popular, they have actually got less attractive. Assessing the preferences of 1,453 bisexual or heterosexual women on 213 heterosexual men, the more pictures of men with beards that participants were shown, the lower their rating and appeal became.

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Proof that this summer it won’t just be women who’ll be honing their hair removal skills , it looks like the guys might be giving us a run for our money in the shaving stakes.

However, there is a ray of hope for the facial fuzz fanatics among us, as the trend also rang true with non-bearded men  - when participants were confronted by a succession of hairless wonders, they found them progressively less attractive.

Much like the stubble that returns a few hours after shaving, this beard-loving Get The Gloss writer has her fingers crossed that this trend will be back with a vengence very soon.