How the celebrity make-up artist uses eyeliner to create the widest-eyed look imaginable, plus more brilliant October advice from our experts

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Build a routine
“A hardworking cleanse, tone and moisturise routine is the cornerstone to achieving healthy, beautiful skin. Without fail you should carry out these three simple steps twice a day, every day. Keep your skincare routine simple – that way it’s easy to include in life and doesn’t become a chore," says skincare mogul Liz Earle ( ).

A hip look

"Try leaving a more triangular shape instead of the traditional strip next time you have a Brazilian. The triangular shape is far more flattering on your hips. The smaller you want your hips to appear the larger the triangle you should leave!" says Carleigh Rayner, Training Manager at Strip Wax Boutique.

Blow hot and cold
“I love the GHD Air hairdryer, because it’s a professional hairdryer but very compact. It dries hair quickly and also has a great ‘cold’ setting that kicks in as soon as you press the button,” says stylist Peter Lux (£99, )

Magic E

“Never leave the house without a Vitamin E cuticle oil pen…Whether your nails are freshly painted or you’re au natural, I can promise you that your nails will look ten times better with a lick of oil to nourish those cuticles.” 
- Thea Green, founder of nails inc.

The cellulite crash
"If you yo-yo diet you are more likely to suffer from cellulite. The stretching of the connective tissue in your skin stretches and weakens it. It is much better to slowly decrease your weight 1-2lbs a week” says James Osborn, head of personal training at

Open up
“Use a flesh-toned eyeliner on the inner rim of the eyes to make eyes appear wider, fresher and to neutralise any redness. Pale eyeliner inside the eye creates a more open-eye effect,” says make-up artist Jemma Kidd.

I-Perfector, £18,

Go to work on a scrambled egg

Eating a protein at breakfast such as scrambled eggs and smoked salmon will keep you feeling fuller for much longer than a carbohydrate meal such as porridge. If you add spinach or any leafy green vegetable it will also help suppress your appetite,” says Steve Mellor Head of Personal Training and Nutrition at

Spot rescue

“Exfoliators with grains in them actually increase breakouts by stimulating oil production. Try ones with fruit enzymes such as papaya and grape. They get right into the pores without causing more oil to be produced,” says Fiona Brackenbury, head of education and training for Décleor

Keep it fresh

"It’s important to really examine your face and tailor your make-up to the particular day and occasion.Take an extra 30 seconds in the morning to assess your face and see what make-up you really need so you don’t fall into a make-up routine," says Ruby Hammer, make-up artist