Jessie J has put a price tag on her barnet and shaved it off for charity - and it's paid off in more ways than one, writes Judy Johnson

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Jessie J is well known if not for her crystal clear singing voice then for her forever-changing barnet, and now more than ever we're watching what she does next. On Friday night the songstress shaved her head for Comic Relief - a brave act for any woman but one which this time raised over half a million pounds for charity.

The Voice coach has sported many hairstyles since she shot to fame, from her signature bob and statement fringe to a rainbow of colours including red, blues and purples - sometimes all at once.

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Though some are more flattering than others - GTG loves her curly bob - the star isn't one to shy away from trying, or even setting a new trend and the shaved head-look is no exception.

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While we're not sure anyone will be rushing to the salon to copy Jessie's hair-less ways, we've got to admit she looks pretty amazing; very few girls could wave goodbye to their locks and still look as chic as she does and with those killer cheekbones and perfect pout she looks as beautiful as ever.

Her new look is not a first in the world of showbiz; Demi Moore, Natalie Portman and the (less successful) Britney Spears have all gone for the clean-shaven bald look in recent years and we're sure she won't be the last. But what a great cause it was for her to support - and unlike the Jessie J hit Price Tag, it really is all about the money, money, money when there's charity involved.