Kristen Stewart is living proof that just because you've got it, you shouldn't always flaunt it writes Judy Johnson

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At the risk of sounding old, we thought Kristen Stewart could have worn a little more when she hit the red carpet at the On The Road screening last Thursday.

Strutting along in neon orange Louboutin heels, the Twilight star looked like a beach Barbie gone wrong in an embellished see-through dress which revealed a teal bralet and micro shorts underneath.

We don't know where to start - even super slim Kristen can’t pull off what looks like unflattering beach wear in freezing cold December. This look is misguided from start to finish and proves that just because you've got it, you shouldn't necessarily flaunt it.

The 22-year-old actress teamed the questionable ‘dress’ with her waves casually tied back in a ponytail, her signature winged and defined eyes and a nude pout (she gets a GTG tick for grooming), but  snapped with her co-star Kirsten Dunst, Stewart seemed unsurprisingly uncomfortable in her stiff summery outfit while demure Dunst wore a far more seasonal navy coat dress with black stockings.

We're not sure what Kristen was thinking when she donned this revealing fashion disaster but someone should tell her stylist good shoes do not make up for a terrible frock…