As Skyfall fever grips the nation, Ahmed Zambarakji looks into 007's grooming routine. If we can't go out with Daniel Craig, at least we can Bondify our men

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Among the plethora of predictable and somewhat questionable 50th anniversary Bond-branded products that ended up on my desk in the run up to the launch of Skyfall was a bottle of “dangerously sophisticated” 007 fragrance pour homme (£32 for 75ml available nationwide). Needless to say, the fragrance itself is more Beano than Bond - an adolescent attempt at smelling refined. And for the record, Ian Fleming actually references Eucris by Trumper as the agent’s scent of choice in Diamonds are Forever - get him an authentic and unusual gift with the crown-topped bottle, £40 for 100ml from

Indeed, it takes a lot more than a truckload of silly merchandise to emulate Britain’s foremost secret agent.

Should you be in the business of Bond-ifying your man, leave the branded miscellany to the teenagers/ hardcore fans and look to some of Britain’s older institutions for inspiration. Men’s collective championing of Bond means your guy is more likely to get grooming if a product/place /practice has 007’s seal of approval.

George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Sean Connery

In spite of 21st-century Bond’s penchant for big, trendy brands, Fleming’s original character always went for classics. Think established, low-key labels: Dunhill, Pinaud (the Elixir Shampoo is featured in On Her Majesty's Secret Service) and, of course, the aforementioned Geo F Trumper, a faintly Dickensian barbershop-cum-grooming emporium nestled away in Mayfair, where Sir can get a shaving masterclass on site.

The suiting would be sourced from Savile Row, but,for those who would choose Daniel Craig over Sean Connery, Bond-approved threads have also come from the likes of Armani, Brioni and Tom Ford. Mr Ford most recently made a two-piece dinner suit and cufflinks bearing Bond’s family coat of arms for Skyfall.

Most importantly, a Bond-like grooming routine would have little to do with vanity and everything to do with self-confidence.  Perfectly manicured hands instantly establish the alpha male with a single handshake (nails filed to perfection by Bastian Gonzalez; ), while hair that greys at the temples can create an air of maturity (yellow hues are to be neutralised by way of Philip Kingsley’s trio of Pure Silver products, £51 from ). A regimented skincare routine doesn’t attempt to hide fine lines so much as fight fatigue (see Lab Series’s Instant Skin Booster; £38 for 50ml from , also out this month).

And if all of the above fails, find solace gazing at Daniel Craig in Skyfall, out on October 26.

Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig