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A Healthy Curiosity

Award-winning journalist Peta Bee investigates the latest health and fitness trends and news

healthy-lifestyle-2.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

6 surprising reasons to stick to a healthy lifestyle

April 3rd 2018 / Peta Bee

Ready to fall off the health wagon? Peta Bee has six unexpected reasons why you shouldn't >>>

bacon.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

Is bacon really going to give you cancer?

March 5th 2018 / Peta Bee

Processed meat has been classed as a Group 1 carcinogen - but are bacon sandwiches really going to give you cancer? Peta Bee reports >>>


5 ways to support your digestion this festive season

December 11th 2017 / Peta Bee

Give your digestive system a helping hand this Christmas and avoid the festive discomfort with Peta Bee's expert guide >>>

gtg-alternative-cows-milk-main.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

9 of the best alternatives to cow's milk

September 27th 2017 / Peta Bee

Want to make the switch from cow's milk, but unsure where to start? As researchers warn other milks may not have everything we need, Peta Bee weighs up the pros and cons of the most popular alternative milks on the market >>>

cholesterol.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

Has cholesterol had an unfair rap?

September 6th 2017 / Peta Bee

For years cholesterol has been a dietary pariah and foods containing it - such as eggs and shellfish - have been on nutrition’s naughty step. But the tide has turned. Peta Bee investigates the latest thinking on cholesterol, food, fat and heart disease >>>


How to eat your way to better abs

July 10th 2017 / Peta Bee

Are abs really made in the kitchen? Peta Bee investigates whether a flatter stomach is all about what you eat >>>

the-truth-about-salt.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

Is natural salt good for you?

June 30th 2017 / Peta Bee

Should you swap your usual table salt for Himalayan or rock varieties? Peta Bee finds out if there's ever a healthy way to consume sodium chloride >>>

gtg-peta-bee-book-main.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

The Ice Diet: Can you lose weight by keeping cool?

April 28th 2017 / Peta Bee

A colder lifestyle may be the hottest way to lose weight and even treat Type 2 diabetes >>>

gtg-zika-main.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: Zika virus - what you need to know

October 3rd 2016 / Peta Bee

It's the virus that's made world news and threatened the Olympics in Rio, but how much should you worry about Zika? Peta Bee investigates >>>

vaping.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: Is vaping a healthy way to give up smoking?

October 1st 2016 / Peta Bee

Vaping is now the most popular way to give up smoking in the UK, but is also becoming a trend in its own right. So just how 'healthy' is it? >>>

ip-mainimg.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: intestinal parasites, the holiday souvenir you don't want to bring back

July 20th 2016 / Peta Bee

A healthy glow, a chilled out attitude and maybe even a sombrero - all perfectly fine to bring back from abroad. But watch out for those gruesome gut stowaways, says Peta Bee >>>

online-doctor.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: the online doctor will see you now

May 20th 2016 / Peta Bee

With GP waiting times now up to 13 days, is a digital doctor a safe alternative to a face-to-face appointment? >>>

the-pill.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: The pill - side effects, safety and stories from real women

April 20th 2016 / Peta Bee

Is the Pill all it's cracked up to be? Peta Bee reports on why the contraceptive is still a topic of debate >>>


A Healthy Curiosity: How body image had a makeover

March 22nd 2016 / Peta Bee

Between Barbie and #ThisGirlCan, a desirable body image is no longer about being skinny and is instead about strength and tone. Peta Bee reports >>>


A Healthy Curiosity: Fat measures - BMI vs. body fat

March 8th 2016 / Peta Bee

Confused about how to find out if you're a healthy level of leanness? Peta Bee sorts body fat from BMI >>>

is-vegan-the-new-healthy.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: Is vegan the new healthy?

February 23rd 2016 / Peta Bee

A vegan diet is no longer just for the eco-chic; it's had a glamorous makeover and is now favoured by A-list celebrities for better health and an even better body. Peta Bee reports >>>

how-to-be-a-modern-vegetarian.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: How vegetarianism went mainstream

January 17th 2016 / Peta Bee

Being vegetarian used to be associated with nut loaf-eating, sandal-wearing earth mothers; now one in eight follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Peta Bee reports >>>


A Healthy Curiosity: Are you too stressed to sleep?

November 4th 2015 / Peta Bee

It's National Stress Awareness Day today, and if you feel too exhausted to function, you're not the only one. Peta Bee explores why we're all so very tired and shares expert tips on how to have a better night's sleep >>>

feminine-hygeine.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: Has the feminine hygiene market gone too far?

October 19th 2015 / Peta Bee

Intimate cleansing has never been so popular - but do we really need to do a Gwyneth? Peta Bee looks into the ever growing market >>>

egg-freezing.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: Should you have your eggs counted?

September 22nd 2015 / Peta Bee

More and more women are opting to have their egg count checked and their eggs frozen. So should we all be doing it? Peta Bee reports >>>

sports-drinks.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: Are sports drinks bad for you?

August 11th 2015 / Peta Bee

Peta Bee investigates whether those drinks we load up on pre- and post-workout are really what our bodies need >>>


Why you need more vitamin D

August 5th 2015 / Peta Bee

As the government calls for more people to take vitamin D Peta Bee investigates why we all need a little more of this sunny supplement in our diet >>>

diet-cola.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

Why is diet cola bad for you?

August 5th 2015 / Peta Bee

Peta Bee can't get enough of the fizzy stuff but why do nutritionists think cola is the Devil? >>>


A Healthy Curiosity: The rise of the hardcore holiday

July 14th 2015 / Peta Bee

Peta Bee finds out why more and more people are swapping tanning for training when they take a break and rounds up her top 5 hardcore holidays >>>

vitamin-injections.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: Would you try vitamin injections?

June 16th 2015 / Peta Bee

Cara and Rihanna are fans but are vitamin injections any good for you? Peta Bee gets the lowdown... >>>

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