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An App a Day

We test out the latest smartphone products to see if they can really help you to lose weight/hail a cab/predict the future


An App a Day: Cook and Count Carbs

February 7th 2014 / Katie Robertson

If you're on a low-carb diet and struggle to keep track of what's in your food, this app is just the thing writes Katie Robertson >>>


An App a Day: Nike Training Club

January 31st 2014 / Katie Robertson

Need a personal trainer? Get one for free with Nike's new app, says Katie Robertson >>>


An App a Day: Snap ColourPop

January 2nd 2014 / Katie Robertson

In the second app from Snap Fashion, you can now pick a colour and find fashion to match. Katie Robertson explains >>>


An App a Day: Nutracheck

October 15th 2013 / Katie Robertson

Count the calories as you go and even scan your food to check its content with this new healthy eating app, writes Katie Robertson >>>


An App a Day: The Love Book

August 20th 2013 / Eilidh Robertson

A brilliant new app featuring famous voices and well loved poems is a surefire way to bring a bit of romance into your life, writes Eilidh Robertson >>>


An App a Day: HAPIfork

August 5th 2013 / Judy Johnson

Judy Johnson learns more about the electronic, Bluetooth-enabled fork that's designed to help you think before you chew >>>


An App a Day: Cruise Control

July 31st 2013 / Eilidh Robertson

Improve your running skills using your favourite party playlist and your iPhone with this clever app >>>


An App a Day: Jawbone Band and Jawbone UP

July 17th 2013 / Isabel Finn

Isabel Finn discovers the wristband and app that will change (and monitor) your life >>>


An App a Day: OPI

July 1st 2013 / Ellie Robertson

If you're so spoilt for choice when it comes to nail colours that you find yourself struggling to decide which one to wear, the OPI nail app is for you, writes Eilidh Robertson >>>


An App a Day: Nutriprompt

April 3rd 2013 / Anna Hunter

Planning a pregnancy? Anna Hunter has just the app to get you in tip-top health before you even have a twinkle in your eye >>>


An App a Day: Primal Paleo

March 14th 2013 / Anna Hunter

Get back to your roots and learn the Paleo diet with this handy new app writes Anna Hunter >>>


An App a Day: Pocket Yoga

February 28th 2013 / Anna Hunter

Strike a pose and become a yogic genius with just one app. Anna Hunter discovers Pocket Yoga >>>


An App a Day: Vine

February 1st 2013 / Judy Johnson

A social network within a social network? Judy Johnson introduces Twitter's latest video project that's already on a roll >>>


An App a Day: Get Running

January 24th 2013 / Judy Johnson

Does the very thought of going running make you need to sit down? Judy Johnson has found just the thing to help you take the first step... >>>


An App a Day:

January 17th 2013

A music app with playlists that'll motivate you to get on your feet? is the bee's knees, writes Anna Hunter >>>


An App a Day: MyFitnessPal

January 2nd 2013 / Judy Johnson

Keep track of your calories on the go and this app could just help you lose weight, writes Judy Johnson >>>


An App a Day: First Aid

December 21st 2012 / Judy Johnson

It may not be glamorous but having basic first aid skills in the palm of your hand is priceless, writes Judy Johnson >>>


An app a day: Muzy

December 11th 2012 / Judy Johnson

Getting creative with your photos has never been easier thanks to Muzy, the fun and fuss-free app >>>


An App a Day: Period Tracker

April 28th 2012 / Sarah Vine

Clumsy? Grumpy? Wiped out? You'll probably still need your phone to tell you why, says Sarah Vine >>>

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