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Read the latest from our award-winning columnists, including Sarah Vine, Imogen Edwards-Jones, Christa D'Souza and more, on topics ranging from anti-ageing to sensitive skin to motherhood and beyond


5 ways to support your digestion this festive season

December 11th 2017 / Peta Bee

Give your digestive system a helping hand this Christmas and avoid the festive discomfort with Peta Bee's expert guide >>>

Ruby Hammer and Trish McEvoy.jpgMakeup

The MUA's guide to solving 6 common beauty problems

December 10th 2017 / Susannah Taylor

Watch makeup artists Trish McEvoy and Ruby Hammer on the sofa with Editor-at-Large Susannah Taylor talking spots, under eye bags and hiding fatigue >>>

elle-8.jpgElle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson: what I drink to stay healthy in the festive season

December 10th 2017 / Elle Macpherson

She loves a good espresso, hates a dehydration headache and at parties you'll find her with a virgin Mojito in her hand. Our columnist lets us in on her drinking habits >>>

boost-your-immunity-through-food.jpgEat, Play, Heal

How to boost your immunity through food

December 5th 2017 / Rosemary Ferguson

Nutritional therapist and former model Rosemary Ferguson on how to dose up your diet for a better, stronger immune system >>>


Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: soothing oils for thirsty skin

December 1st 2017 / Sarah Vine

GTG's co-founder falls in love with two new face oils, discovers a haircare range that's as good as skincare and finally perfects winged eyeliner after raiding her daughter's makeup >>>

glitter.jpgThe Makeup Maniac

The best glitter makeup for grown-ups

November 29th 2017 / Anna Hunter

Set off a few fireworks in your makeup bag for winter, because shimmery Twilight vampire chic has never been so cool… >>>

hangover-makeup-1.jpgThe Makeup Maniac

8 ways to fake looking awake

November 29th 2017 / Anna Hunter

The ultimate hangover beauty solutions, in easily digestible list form. The following also work well for fatigue, illness and general busy-ness… >>>


Amelia Freer's recipe: Green chicken

November 21st 2017 / Amelia Freer

A nutritious and delicious, easy chicken recipe from Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer that's as tasty as it is filling >>>

damaged-hair.jpgWho, What, Hair

The best products for dry and brittle hair

November 21st 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Our ever-growing love of heat styling tools and colour treatments has meant dry mid-lengths and split ends are more common than ever. Here’s your SOS guide to nurturing brittle hair back to health >>>

makeup-shortcuts.jpgThe Makeup Maniac

20 expert makeup shortcuts for flawless application

November 16th 2017 / Anna Hunter

They don’t call it makeup artistry for nothing - makeup application is a skill to master, there’s no doubt about it. Here are some quick tricks to take you from amateur to pro >>>

step-up-club-2.jpgBrand You

The Step Up Club: 5 work hacks to help you love your job

November 15th 2017 / Alice Olins / Phanella Mayall Fine

Finding your career sweet spot doesn't have to mean looking for a new job, say the Step Up Club's Phanella Mayall Fine and Alice Olins. Here's how to love the one you're with >>>

doing-it-all-5.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: 10 reasons why mums are allowed to be grumpy

November 14th 2017 / Emma Bartley

You may have noticed that women with small children are a little less gracious and understanding than usual. "OF COURSE WE BLOODY WELL ARE, YOU MUPPETS!" says Emma Bartley. Here’s why >>>

elle-22.jpgElle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson: the fat burning detox tonic that sees me through party season

November 12th 2017 / Elle Macpherson

She lets Get The Gloss in on the recipe, plus what she's buying for her girlfriends this year and how she keeps body and mind in balance over the festive period >>>

skin-ap.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The 99p app that everyone with sensitive skin needs

November 9th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Be sure you're shopping for the right skincare for sensitive skin with this online pocket ingredients dictionary >>>

makeup-for-hooded-eyes.jpgThe Makeup Maniac

The best makeup tricks and techniques for hooded eyes

November 6th 2017 / Anna Hunter

Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively and Nicole Kidman - if you were born with hooded eyes you’re in good company. Here’s how to make the most of them with makeup >>>

sallow-skin.jpgThe Makeup Maniac

Makeup solutions for sallow skin

November 2nd 2017 / Anna Hunter

You’re searching for it, we’re solving it. Here’s how to tailor makeup to olive and warm skintones that tend towards sallowness >>>

hair-frizz.jpgWho, What, Hair

The best quick fixes for frizzy hair

October 31st 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Which de-frizzing products actually deliver? From smoothing serums to conditioning oils and travel-sized hot tools, here’s the best of the bunch >>>


Sarah Vine: 8 things that help me sleep well

October 29th 2017 / Sarah Vine

From face oil to the right pillowcase via Botox, these are the tricks that GTG’s Co-founder - and former insomniac - has up her sleeve... >>>

sleep-more.jpgBrand You

Brand You: work hard, sleep well (yes you can do both)

October 28th 2017 / Alice Olins / Phanella Mayall Fine

Poor sleep is a guaranteed performance killer - and work stress the ultimate sleep disrupter. This month, our career columnists Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine reveal their five-point plan for staying well rested and resilient >>>

revlon-hairdryer.jpgWho, What, Hair

Could this new volumising blowdry brush cut down your styling time?

October 17th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Designed to deliver volume and shine in one fell swoop, the new Revlon One-step Hair Dryer and and Volumiser sounds like the perfect time-saver for the time-short >>>

anti-acne-makeup.jpgThe Makeup Maniac

The best makeup for acne-prone skin

October 16th 2017 / Anna Hunter

Don’t let breakouts break your spirit; the right makeup can smooth over skin and self-esteem, not to mention stop spots spreading >>>

Sense and Sensitivity: How not to waste money on beautySense and Sensitivity

How not to waste money on beauty for sensitive skin

October 13th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Women waste £148m on products they can't use. Here's how to make sure your cash is well-spent if you suffer with sensitive skin >>>

elle-20.jpgElle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson: the gut-friendly diet that transformed my life

October 11th 2017 / Elle Macpherson

Hard to imagine it, but Elle Macpherson spent years feeling tired, bloated and plagued by sugar cravings. But a new way of eating gave her energy, balance and glowing skin. She explains how >>>


Sarah Vine: the tyranny of insomnia and how I learned to sleep again

October 8th 2017 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine remembers the panic she felt when her insomnia tipped into frightening episodes of sleep paralysis. The solutions she eventually found were surprising >>>

hair-styling.jpgWho, What, Hair

The hair styling mistakes the pros want you to know

October 4th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

From too much product to too much heat, here are the expert hair tips guaranteed to keep your hair looking great >>>

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