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Diet and Nutrition Features

Read the latest features on diet, nutrition and food on Get The Gloss. With advice from top nutritionists as well as healthy eating meal plans and recipes, we're here to help.


IV drips: Adele and Chrissy Teigen are plugging in to hack their energy levels, skin and immunity. But is IV therapy worth it?

June 20th 2022 / Amber Voller

We asked doctors for the truth behind the IV drip boom. From drop-in bars in shopping centres to bespoke infusions, there are IVs promising to treat everything from hangovers to colds and flu >>>


Best foods for perimenopause and menopause: what to eat in your 40s and beyond

June 20th 2022 / Jackie Lynch

Feel like you've been hijacked by hormonal changes? Nutritional therapist and menopause specialist Jackie Lynch explains which foods to add to your diet to ease symptoms as well as to increase protein during menopause and perimenopause >>>


Apple cider vinegar: how to cheat Victoria Beckham's favourite health tonic into your diet

June 16th 2022 / Victoria Woodhall

If you’ve ever tried drinking ACV as a health tonic, you’ll know that it’s pretty hard to swallow. Here are clever ways to take this weight loss and gut hero, without screwing up your face >>>


Omega 3 supplements: the brain health and immunity booster we all need

May 30th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

It's hard to get enough of this vital nutrient, found in oily fish and algae, in our diet. For brain health, clearer skin and better sleep, these are the omega 3 supplements experts recommend >>>


Trinny Woodall tells us her exact morning and evening routines that keep her glowing

May 26th 2022 / Amber Voller

The presenter and beauty brand founder shares the food, products and supplements behind her luminous skin and sky-high energy levels >>>


A study into Bio-Kult probiotics has proved the link between gut health and mood. Here’s everything you need to know

May 12th 2022 / Cassie Powney

Scientists at the University of Oxford have shown that taking a probiotic to balance the gut's 'good bacteria' has a direct impact on mood and depression levels. Intrigued? Why wouldn't you be... >>>


Breakfast salads are becoming a thing. Here’s why you should start loving them too

May 4th 2022 / Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith

The latest breakfast trend has a celebrity following but is also loved by nutritionists >>>


From brain fog to insomnia these are the supplements to take for menopause

May 3rd 2022 / Victoria Woodhall

Davina McCall's latest menopause documentary has put the way we treat menopause on the map again. We spoke to experts about how to help to ease the symptoms and what supplements to take >>>


I lost 3 stone in 6 months and saw my menopausal symptoms disappear with this gentle form of exercise I can do in my PJs

April 27th 2022 / Amber Voller

Dubbed 'Chinese yoga,' qigong helped transform the body and mind of lifelong compulsive overeater Manuela Roche, 52. No sweating it out in the gym required... >>>


10 natural remedies for anxiety that our experts rate

April 4th 2022 / Danielle Hine

Feeling more anxious than normal? From herbal hot chocolate to medicinal mushrooms, here are some surprising, affordable and easy ways to support a stressed-out mind and body >>>


The best belly-busting workout that'll target your core like nothing else can!

March 28th 2022 / Jessica Morgan

Kickoff your week with a 20-minute fat-burning ab workout with YouTube star and yoga teacher Adriene Mishler >>>


Is your plant-based diet making you bloat?

March 14th 2022 / Rob Hobson

Finding that you're suddenly blowing a gale down there? Registered nutritionist Rob Hobson explains why and the easy swaps to stop it in its tracks >>>


Green goddess salad: This is what a nutritionist has to say about Tiktok’s favourite lunch

March 9th 2022 / Verity Clark

We can’t stop eating this viral green chopped salad. Is it as nutritious as social media would have us believe? >>>


Having a tidy kitchen really does help curb snacking - and this is why

February 24th 2022

Decluttering can help you stick to healthy habits, reduce stress, even sleep better, says this doctor (and reformed hoarder) >>>


6 expert-rated supplements to take when you feel a cold coming on

February 21st 2022 / Melanie Macleod

With restrictions easing this week, the chances of catching a cold are higher. Health experts tell us what they take to stop a cold from taking hold >>>


Do you need a low histamine diet?

February 15th 2022 / Jane Collins and Emma Elms

Experts are noticing an increase in histamine reactions after Covid. Could a low histamine diet help? >>>


These vegan banana bread muffins are our new favourite breakfast

February 8th 2022 / Roz Purcell

For when you want to flex your baking muscles further than banana bread, try Roz Purcell's vegan recipe – ideal for breakfasts and snacks >>>


Brain health: are you age-proofing your brain as much as your body?

February 2nd 2022 / Stacey Carter

You may spend time keeping your body, face and even your gut in top condition, but are you also futureproofing your brain? Our experts reveal how to boost your brain health so that what you do now helps you stay sharper for longer >>>


Anna Jones' green pepper and pistachio recipe has made us fall in love with risotto all over again

January 29th 2022

Fed up with the same old meals? Jazz up dinner time with this plant-based risotto >>>


Make Anna Jones' super simple tofu and broccoli pad thai recipe tonight

January 28th 2022

Stuck for dinner inspiration? Chef Anna Jones is here to save the day with her vegan take on pad Thai >>>


8 unexpected signs you might be perimenopausal

January 21st 2022 / Victoria Woodhall

From fear of driving to itchy skin and irregular periods , menopause nutritionist Emma Bardwell explains common yet often-missed symptoms of perimenopause >>>


3 healthy breakfast recipes that will reboot your body, energy and mood

January 20th 2022 / Verity Clark

Whether you love a smoothie bowl, scrambled tofu or eggs or a chia parfait, these low calorie, high nutrition breakfast ideas will supercharge your morning >>>


Try the 3 Day Reset to help kickstart healthy eating habits for good

January 18th 2022 / Verity Clark

Forget dieting, a reset is the new detox - no cravings allowed. Nutritional therapist, Rhian Stephenson, has created this 3-Day Reset diet plan to kickstart a healthy lifestyle that lasts beyond January. >>>


Impress your friends with Bosh's vegan 'cheese' and onion tarte tatin

January 12th 2022

This easy-to-make plant-based tarte tatin is a dinner party staple – even non-vegans will be begging you for the recipe >>>


Does your skin need a supplement regime?

January 10th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

Whether you’re looking for skincare supplements for acne or sensitive skin or to reduce wrinkles, these are the best, according to experts >>>

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