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Doing It All

Emma Bartley shares her stories of being a busy new mum, living in London and trying to do it all. From attempting to lose the baby weight to following in Kate Middleton's footsteps, she's becoming quite the multitasker...


Doing It All: is it baby blues or postnatal depression?

January 19th 2015 / Emma Bartley

Between sleep deprivation, hormones and big life changes, new mums find themselves in tears a lot. But when should you see a doctor? >>>


Doing It All: Is hypnotherapy the answer to losing weight?

January 5th 2015 / Emma Bartley

Can you hypnotise yourself thin? Emma Bartley gives it a go and documents the start of her journey here... >>>


Doing It All: 15 things you don't have time for at Christmas now you're a mum

December 20th 2014 / Emma Bartley

A time for giving, a time for laughing, a time for waking every hour in the night to soothe a coughing child and now you want us to start fiddling about with fairy lights? Don't think so... >>>


Doing It All: 12 steps to party glamour for new mums

December 7th 2014 / Emma Bartley

Magazines want to tell us how to look sexy this season, but the real trick is figuring out which clothes have the least amount of houmous on them >>>


Doing It All: 20 things you should never say to a new mum

November 9th 2014 / Emma Bartley

There are lots of things that you should say to a lady with a newborn baby. "It's beautiful," for example. Or: "Here's a cocktail." So why do so many people opt instead for stuff like... >>>


How to get your you-know-what back in shape after giving birth

October 26th 2014 / Emma Bartley

Still can’t look a hand mirror in the eye? Changing your underwear every time you sneeze? Suffer no more! I've faced a Frenchwoman in a latex glove to find out how to fix it >>>


The 10 biggest lies that mums tell non-mums

September 25th 2014 / Emma Bartley

Frighteningly, the next generation of children is being raised by a bunch of barefaced liars. Here are just a few of the whoppers we tell women who haven’t had kids yet >>>


Doing It All: 3 body sculpting workouts you can do while your baby naps

September 21st 2014 / Emma Bartley

Too busy changing nappies to get to the gym? Tone up in 10, 20 or 30 minutes with these 3 home workout tools that actually work >>>

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