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Read the latest health and beauty features from our columnists and award-winning writers


Why you need to wear an SPF even when you’re indoors

February 18th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

Even though you won't burn, those damaging rays can affect you even when you're not leaving the house. Here's how to protect against them and the sunscreens you need >>>


Jones Road Miracle Balm: “This is the one product I use everyday for healthy, glossy skin”

February 18th 2022 / Verity Clark

It had 10,000 people on the waitlists, celebrity fans and went viral on Tik Tok. Our beauty writer gives an honest review of the product you didn’t know you needed, but really do… >>>


Recipe: Cauliflower cheese and white bean bake for when you need the ultimate comfort food

February 18th 2022

Warm yourself from the inside out with this homely recipe >>>


Should I brush bleeding gums?

February 17th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

Nobody likes to see blood in the sink, but what should you do if you do spot it? >>>


Our favourite hard-working concealers for every skin concern

February 16th 2022 / Verity Clark

From covering dark circles to camouflaging spots this is our expert edit of the concealers that really do the job >>>


Best period pants reviews: we put 15 styles to the test

February 16th 2022 / Emma Elms

They look and feel just like normal knickers and leggings but does washable period underwear - and even period leggings and period swimwear really work? We found out >>>


Are you overtraining?

February 16th 2022 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

We’ve seen the clean eating trend taken to the extreme with cases of orthorexia, but what about our HIIT habits? We find out when pushing yourself should come with a health warning >>>


Dr Michael Mosley: "I lost 2.2kgs in 7 days on the Fast 800 Keto diet'

February 15th 2022 / Dr Michael Mosley

From reducing inflammation to improving brain health, The Fast 800 diet expert explains the benefits of a keto diet and 5 easy ways to 'flip the metabolic switch' >>>


Do you need a low histamine diet?

February 15th 2022 / Jane Collins and Emma Elms

Experts are noticing an increase in histamine reactions after Covid. Could a low histamine diet help? >>>


The blusher trick Bobbi Brown says takes 10 years off

February 14th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

We hit up iconic MUA Bobbi Brown for her top tips for makeup application for over forties, from how to best use concealer on older skin to the blusher tip that makes you look more youthful >>>


Tweakment power couples: which ones give better results together?

February 14th 2022

From peels and LED to facials and fillers, these are the treatments that combined give you a bigger bang for your buck >>>


Join our IRL manifesting workshop at The Organic Pharmacy, London

February 13th 2022

Discover how to manifest your glossiest self and enjoy an evening of healthy snacks and Organic Pharmacy treats and discounted shopping! Hurry, limited tickets! >>>


Lost your sense of smell after Covid? Now there's a new way to help it come back

February 12th 2022

Long-term smell loss now affects so many of us. Smell training might just be the answer >>>


Is this the smell of optimism? Why rose is having a real moment

February 11th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

Rose is the self-care scent to look for to lift our spirits, according to aromatherapists. This is how rose is coming to the rescue >>>


What is manifesting and can it help you attract what you want?

February 11th 2022 / Verity Clark

It’s the self-care buzzword of the moment and advocates say it can fast track your goals, whether that's getting engaged or buying the dream house. How do you it – and is it any more than wishful thinking? Our experts weigh in >>>


JVN Hair: When is Jonathan Van Ness’ haircare coming to the UK?

February 11th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

The wait is over! JVN Hair has landed on Space NK! Here's what you need to know about the collection >>>


Baked oats: What does a nutritionist think of TikTok's latest breakfast trend?

February 9th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

Making baked oats for breakfast is the latest trend on TikTok, but is it any good for you? We find out. >>>


No7's Restore & Renew Serum Foundation launches this week. We tried it

February 9th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

The skincare/makeup hybrid promises to give you firmer, more even skin as well as medium coverage for less than £20 >>>


Valentine's gifts to suit your love language perfectly

February 9th 2022 / Melanie Macleod and Verity Clark

Whether you or your partner prefer 'acts of service' as an expression of love or 'quality time', these are the love language-based presents to gift on Valentine's Day >>>


These vegan banana bread muffins are our new favourite breakfast

February 8th 2022 / Roz Purcell

For when you want to flex your baking muscles further than banana bread, try Roz Purcell's vegan recipe – ideal for breakfasts and snacks >>>


GHD has relaunched its original straightener and I’ve never felt more nostalgic

February 7th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

21 years have passed since GHD first got us hooked on poker-straight hair. Now the cult Original Styler is back and better than ever >>>


Best micellar waters for a quick, effective cleanse

February 6th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

We tested dozens of micellar waters to discover which of these quick but thorough cleansers and makeup removers deserve your time and money >>>


The Expert Edit: Tess Daly's £6.99 secret for smoothing fine lines

February 5th 2022 / Amber Voller

The 52-year-old presenter and former model unveils her daily wellness routine and what's really behind her glow >>>


Discover 2022's hottest tweakments at Beauty Uncovered LIVE

February 3rd 2022

Join us at Beauty Uncovered LIVE for a weekend of live tweakment demos, skincare advice plus a stellar goodie bag worth £150 >>>


Brain health: are you age-proofing your brain as much as your body?

February 2nd 2022 / Stacey Carter

You may spend time keeping your body, face and even your gut in top condition, but are you also futureproofing your brain? Our experts reveal how to boost your brain health so that what you do now helps you stay sharper for longer >>>

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