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Latest Health and Beauty Features

Read the latest health and beauty features from our columnists and award-winning writers


Boots No7 drops a super high-strength retinol and we think it’s a clever product

June 1st 2022 / Ingeborg van Lotringen

The new No7 high-strength retinol serum is the highest-percentage retinol available on the high street. But should you be using it? >>>


Everything you need to know about ultrasound facials for skin tightening

June 1st 2022 / Ingeborg van Lotringen

Ultrasound facials are having their moment in the spotlight, and here are all the reasons why >>>


What derms have done: Dr Anita Sturnham reveals the treatments she never skips

June 1st 2022

They have all the skincare knowledge and know-how, but which products do skin doctors have in their own bathroom and what treatments and procedures do they swear by? >>>


Omega 3 supplements: the brain health and immunity booster we all need

May 30th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

It's hard to get enough of this vital nutrient, found in oily fish and algae, in our diet. For brain health, clearer skin and better sleep, these are the omega 3 supplements experts recommend >>>


May empties 2022: What our beauty editors finished this month

May 30th 2022

Confession time: we love some beauty products more than others. From Olaplex to Ole Henriksen, here are the ones we literally got to the bottom of this month >>>


Meet Plantopia, supporting your skin and your stress levels, one plant at a time

May 30th 2022 / Verity Clark

Holistic wellness brand Plantopia is betting big on the stress-busting power of adaptogens. We take a closer look at its next-level beauty rituals >>>


What are the benefits of niacinamide and how can you fit it in your routine?

May 27th 2022 / Ingeborg van Lotringen

It has the rare distinction of being an active skincare ingredient that works on every skin type. And the benefits of niacinamide are such that it can improve almost any skin issue. And no – there is no catch! >>>


Best UK beauty and wellness offers, discount codes and bargains to snap up now

May 26th 2022

From a free facial to 30% off our favourite, science-backed collagen supplement and a rare 20% off at Decree skincare, these are the limited-time-only discounts and offer codes you can't afford to miss! >>>


Trinny Woodall tells us her exact morning and evening routines that keep her glowing

May 26th 2022 / Amber Voller

The presenter and beauty brand founder shares the food, products and supplements behind her luminous skin and sky-high energy levels >>>


Friends of Glossier sale 2022: Glossier is offering 20% off almost EVERYTHING on site!

May 25th 2022

Love a Glossier discount code? We've got one for you. Time to stock up on Futuredew again at the Friends of Glossier Sale. >>>


Masterclass: Declutter your skincare routine with Dr Anita Sturnham. Get a £150 Decree skincare goodie bag when you sign up!

May 25th 2022

Feeling overwhelmed by product choices? Dr Anita Sturnham shows you what a straightforward, but effective, skincare regime should really look like at our latest online class - live and available on catch up >>>


15 wedding hairstyles for every length

May 25th 2022 / Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith

Whether you’re the bride or a guest, we’ve found the best wedding hairstyles for long, medium and short hair, and you can even do them yourself - promise! >>>


The best self tanning drops for a natural glow all year round

May 24th 2022 / Verity Clark

Self tan drops are our favourite way to give our face a glow-up. These are our top-rated and an expert guide on how to use them >>>


NAD+: is this new wonder supplement the secret to looking and feeling younger for longer?

May 23rd 2022 / Ingeborg Van Lotringen

Move over collagen there’s a new supplement with a growing fan base promising to hold back the years. Is NAD more than a fad? We asked doctors to weigh in >>>


Euphoria makeup artist Doniella Davy has launched her makeup range

May 20th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

Half Magic Beauty is here and - good news - it ships to the UK! >>>


Clairol Colour Gloss Up is the temporary colour refresh we've been waiting for

May 20th 2022

We put the new conditioning and colouring hybrid boosters loved by Stacey Dooley to the test >>>

a-celebrity-makeup-artist-swears-by-these-5-sensitive-skin-products.pngMakeup, Skin

How to calm sensitive skin fast: the products a celebrity makeup artist always uses for red carpet events

May 20th 2022 / Cassie Powney

Is your skin flaring up but you need to get your makeup on quick? Nathalie Eleni lets us in on her celebrity-approved secrets for calming a sensitive complexion >>>


Join our Goldfaden MD Glow facial online class and get a £100 derm-developed skincare kit!

May 19th 2022

Lisa Goldfaden takes us through a 6-step at-home facial in our latest masterclass. Spaces are limited, sign up now! Also available on catch-up >>>


11 of the best face serums under £20

May 19th 2022 / Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith

They’re one of the most powerful products in your skincare arsenal, but that doesn’t mean they should cost a fortune. Read on to discover the best budget serums we really rate >>>


What is hair primer? Here’s why you need one and 9 of the best hair primers out there

May 18th 2022 / Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith

We all know about make-up primers, but what about a hair primer? Here’s everything you need to know about the product you never knew you needed. >>>


What is Profhilo? A doctor explains

May 17th 2022

It's the treatment that aesthetic doctors most often have themselves. Dr Sophie Shotter talks Profhilo, the moisturising injectable that creates a dewy, healthy, plumper looking glow with almost zero downtime >>>


The best cream blushers for a natural flush

May 16th 2022 / Cassie Powney

Which liquid blushers are the cream of the crop? Read our reviews and get a lit-from-within glow >>>


Menopause and sleep: how I survive the hell of hormonal insomnia

May 14th 2022 / Mariella Frostrup and Alice Smellie

For broadcaster, menopause campaigner and author Mariella Frostrup, insomnia was the first indication of perimenopause. She describes how she has managed a decade of hormonal insomnia and asks experts for their solutions for menopause and sleep >>>


Masterclass: Kickstart your journey to a leaner, healthier body and get a £150 goodie bag with Dr Natalie Geary

May 13th 2022

As one of the best body sculpting specialists in the UK, Dr Natalie will be sharing her expert advice on how to get healthy, lose weight and the in-clinic body contouring treatments that really work. We're giving you a ZO Skin body cream worth £70 too! >>>


Collagen: Are you burning through your body's collagen too fast?

May 13th 2022 / Ingeborg van Lotringen

There are times when we lose the collagen in our bodies faster than usual, leading to accelerated ageing. Here's why knowing your collagen burn rate is important and how to get the most out of your collagen supplements >>>

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