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Read the latest health and beauty features from our columnists and award-winning writers


A 20-minute power nap can help with weight management and make you better at your job, according to a top sleep guru

April 14th 2022 / Amber Voller

Sleep specialist Dr Guy Meadows reveals his tips for supercharging your power nap, and why you don't need to actually fall asleep to reap the benefits >>>


32 healthy hair hacks you haven't heard before

April 14th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

From turning down the heat in your shower to leaving your hair untied at night, we spoke to the experts about their latest secrets to keep hair looking its shiny, full best >>>


I took a freezing cold shower every day for a week and this is what happened

April 14th 2022 / Verity Clark

From wild swimming to ice baths, braving freezing water is this year's coolest wellness trend. Celebs are going all in too with the new BBC show 'Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof'. Verity Clark dips her toe into cold water therapy >>>


Mini Eggs inspired nails that are super easy to do yourself

April 11th 2022

Follow our step-by-step for fun pastel-coloured Easter nails >>>


Glossy Picks: the best new budget beauty and wellness buys under £15

April 11th 2022 / Cassie Powney

Enjoy our round-up of the beauty and wellness goodies soothing our souls without forcing us to check our banking apps. A lavender-laced shower oil that turns your bathroom into a spa, an under-£10 brightening serum and the cutest stick-on nail designs that'll have you cancelling your next salon appointment >>>


Retinol & retinoids decoded: the skin experts' guide

April 8th 2022 / Ingeborg van Lotringen

Dermatologist-approved, retinol and its siblings in the vitamin A family are among the most effective anti-ageing (and spot-busting) ingredients on the block. Here’s exactly how to use them well. >>>

the-best-budget-mascaras-for-under-10-2.jpgBeauty, Budget Beauty

The best budget mascaras for under £10

April 8th 2022 / Cassie Powney

Is it us, or does buying mascara require a small bank loan these days? Newsflash: it doesn't have to, thanks to these affordable, lash-boosting wands >>>


I'm a skin doctor and this is how I look after myself during Ramadan

April 7th 2022 / Amber Voller

Dr Ayah Siddiqi shares her secrets for combatting dehydrated skin during fasting, and what she really thinks of the Huda Beauty Ramadan Calendar >>>


I'm a beauty founder and this is my £7.99 sleep hack

April 6th 2022 / Ingeborg van Lotringen

The voice of a digital generation and founder of luxury self-care brand Mirror Water Estée Lalonde talks ride-or-die beauty products, wellness hacks and why sometimes, staying in bed all day is good for you >>>


Noughty's Get Set Grow hair range is here for your thickest hair yet

April 6th 2022 / Victoria Woodhall

We put the affordable plant-powered Growth Tonic, Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner to the test >>>


Sign up for our Organic Pharmacy lymphatic drainage facial-a-long and get a £90 goodie bag

April 5th 2022

If tension and puffiness are showing on your face, join founder and homeopath Margo Marrone to learn this glow-giving, massage technique using Kylie Minogue's favourite cleanser >>>


Glossy Picks: You'll wonder how you ever did without this week's game-changing beauty buys

April 4th 2022

We’ve pressed 'upgrade' on our beauty routines, with a sheer version of one of the most iconic foundations, a dead-skin slayer that works in 30 seconds, and a luxe lipstick that will have strangers stopping you in the street to ask, "What are you wearing?" >>>


10 natural remedies for anxiety that our experts rate

April 4th 2022 / Danielle Hine

Feeling more anxious than normal? From herbal hot chocolate to medicinal mushrooms, here are some surprising, affordable and easy ways to support a stressed-out mind and body >>>


Boots' free derm-grade skin analysis tells you *exactly* what your skin needs

April 4th 2022 / Victoria Woodhall

Fed up with wasting money on skincare that doesn't work? The No7 Pro Derm Scan finds your perfect regime and foundation shade in 15 minutes. We tried it first >>>


Dermaplaning is the fast track to glowing skin. Any wonder it's having a moment

March 31st 2022 / Verity Clark

The face shaving treatment is all over social media for its complexion-perfecting results. Top skin doctors rate it too. But did it give our tester stubble? Find out >>>


'Brightliner' is the makeup trend of the year, say these celebrity makeup artists

March 31st 2022 / Verity Clark

Yes, you can – and should – wear bright blue, green, purple or pink eyeliner, whatever your age. Our MUAs pick the best and show how to rock a bright line >>>


7 reasons you could be experiencing hair loss

March 28th 2022 / Sophie Shotter

With Jada Pinkett Smith's alopecia becoming the talk of the Oscars, it has shone a light on the many reasons why our hair is falling out or thinning. Experts Dr Bessam Farjo and Dr Sophie Shotter explain the most common causes of hair fall from Covid to weight loss and even too-tight ponytails! >>>

why-every-women-needs-this-ovarian-cancer-symptoms-checklist-screenshot-it-now-.jpgSex & Gynae

Why every women needs this ovarian cancer symptoms checklist. Screenshot it now!

March 28th 2022

It's the 5th most common female cancer but symptoms can be similar to other things such as IBS. The Lady Garden Foundation wants us all to be armed with this list to keep tabs on our health >>>


The best belly-busting workout that'll target your core like nothing else can!

March 28th 2022 / Jessica Morgan

Kickoff your week with a 20-minute fat-burning ab workout with YouTube star and yoga teacher Adriene Mishler >>>


Glossy picks: These hot new beauty buys are the mood boost you need right now

March 28th 2022

We've had our heads turned by a luxe, but affordable £12.50 cleanser that punches above its weight, the best mascara drop in years, and a face mask that gave our tester her most strokable skin ever >>>


LED face and neck masks were the stars of backstage at the Oscars

March 28th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

Actress Olivia Colman and Kourtney Kardashian used an LED mask to amp up their red carpet glow. Here's why makeup artists swear by this quick skin fix >>>


The Panic Diaries: ‘Anxiety medication saved me. It's time to remove the stigma'

March 25th 2022 / Nicola Bonn

In her latest second column, beauty podcaster Nicola Bonn reveals how her prescription medication changed her life for the better. And why more of us need to talk about it >>>


Pat McGrath has released a second Bridgerton makeup collection

March 24th 2022 / Amber Voller

The makeup artist's products, including a brand new palette and bow-adorned lipsticks, were used for the cast's flawless looks >>>


A mother/daughter skin online consultation gave us our best skin ever

March 24th 2022 / Lucia Ferrari

Fancy teaming up with your mum daughter to sort out your skin with the help of a world-leading specialist? With a new online consultation package it's possible and affordable. Beauty Writer Lucia Ferrari and her teenage daughter try it out >>>

skinceuticals-masterclass.jpgBeauty, Skin

Exclusive invite: get your glowing skin back - and a £90 goodie bag - at our online masterclass

March 23rd 2022

We’ve teamed up with leading skincare authority Dr Dean Rhobaye to tackle the many skin concerns that can affect our confidence from pigmentation to acne-scarring and large pores. Free Skinceuticals serum and skin consultation with ticket >>>

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