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Glossip Girl

Emma Gunavardhana keeps an eye on the celebrity A-listers and what they're up to health and beauty wise


Glossip Girl: The good news bikini body

July 21st 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

With team A-list leading the way, you no longer need to let time catch up with your body... >>>


Glossip Girl: The celebrity tanning tribes

July 14th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

From pale and interesting to dark and mysterious - which tanning tribe are you? >>>


Glossip Girl: The silicone story behind Louise Galvin's haircare

July 7th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

First it was our diets, then it was our beauty products, now it’s our hair… Glossip Girl goes natural with Louise Galvin >>>


The alkaline diet: celebs love it, but what does it involve?

July 1st 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

The stars are all signed up and anyone ‘in the know’ has gone the way of the alkaline diet - but what does it really mean? >>>


Glossip Girl: Is Victoria Beckham our new health hero?

June 23rd 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

The pop star turned fashion designer doesn’t miss a trick to stay super fit and healthy >>>


Glossip Girl: Superstar styling for the masses

June 16th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Stylist-to-the-stars Julien Farel secures a future of good hair days >>>


Glossip Girl: Where do celebrities go on holiday?

June 9th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Show off your bikini body and share your poolside view with the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow this summer... >>>


Glossip Girl: The A-listers' skincare secret

June 2nd 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Loved by the owners of the best skin in showbiz, SK-II deserves a closer look >>>


Glossip Girl: When social media stars go rogue

May 27th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

The A-list blackouts across the Twitter-sphere >>>


Glossip Girl: Inside the Skinny Bitch Collective

May 20th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

The A-list love him and he IS Victoria’s Secret, Glossip Girl caught up with Russell Bateman, the man responsible for the hottest bodies around >>>


Glossip Girl: A-list diet buddies

May 12th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Take some diet tips straight from the stars' kitchens - and Instagrams... >>>


Poppy Delevingne’s beauty secrets

May 5th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Glossip Girl swaps beauty and health tips with the model of the moment >>>


Glossip Girl: The Lancer lot

April 28th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Meet the man who makes the A-list glow... >>>


Bringing sexy back

April 21st 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

This week Glossip Girl wants to know, is motherhood making us saucy? >>>


Glossip Girl: Hollywood's favourite skin doctor

April 14th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

From Jennifer Lawrence to Angelina Jolie, meet the doctor who's always on call to bring the stars' skin back to life >>>


Is the full bush back?

April 7th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Cameron Diaz is leading a bikini wax backlash. Glossip Girl observes the rise and fall of the wax job >>>


Glossip Girl: The rise of the supermodel role models

March 31st 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

If you’re going to get taken under someone’s wing, it might as well be a super star… >>>


Glossip Girl: Mum's the word

March 29th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Even the A-listers aren't afraid to tell the world they love their mums, says Emma Gunavardhana >>>


Soul Cycle - the spinning class that's good for the mind

March 18th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

There’s a new fitness phenomenon in town and it’s on two wheels. Emma Gunavardhana reports on Soul Cycle, the mind and body workout that's got Jake Gyllenhaal hooked >>>


Glossip Girl: Beyonce and Jay-Z's love story

March 10th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Emma Gunavardhana has a couple crush: the powerful duo that is Mr and Mrs Carter, AKA Beyonce and Jay-Z >>>


Glossip Girl: The Oscars rebooted

March 3rd 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Has Ellen DeGeneres changed the Oscars, as we know them, forever? Emma Gunavardhana celebrates the the Academy Awards' reboot >>>


Glossip Girl: The kale crew

February 25th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Been there, ate that, got the T-shirt. The celebrity world's devotion to kale has gone one step further, writes Emma Gunavardhana >>>


Glossip Girl: Insta-quotes - the rise of the philosophical and famous

February 18th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

The celebrities are interspersing their gratuitous selfies with philosophical quotes that allow them to say it all while saying nothing, writes Emma Gunavardhana >>>


Glossip Girl: Beyonc's 65 pounds weight loss

February 3rd 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

They had Madonna and Gwyneth, Alba and Lopez, but last week we lost Beyoncé to the celebrity slimming trend and we’re not sure we like it, writes Emma Gunavardhana >>>


Glossip Girl: Celebrities going off the radar

January 30th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

We can keep up with them on all forms of social media and their red carpet appearances, but what’s really going on when celebrities ‘disappear’ from view? Emma Gunavardhana finds out >>>

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