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Glossip Girl

Emma Gunavardhana keeps an eye on the celebrity A-listers and what they're up to health and beauty wise


Glossip Girl: P Diddy and the rise of the Instagram 'beauties'

January 20th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

The award for the best metrosexual selfie goes to... P Diddy. Emma Gunavardhana has her eye on the new trend for 'beauties' >>>


Glossip Girl: Celebs and their alternative beauty therapies

January 14th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

Forget fancy face creams and expensive hairdressers - Glossip Girl Emma Gunavardhana finds that the stars do some lateral thinking in how they beautify >>>


Glossip Girl: The Hollywood lifestyle and SIGG bottles

January 7th 2014 / Emma Gunavardhana

It’s not just about drinking two litres of water a day or making a kale and apple smoothie; in celeb-world, it’s how you drink it… >>>


Glossip Girl: The red lipstick revamp

December 23rd 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

What was once a mark of luxury is now commonplace in casual beauty; is this the redefinition of red lipstick? Emma Gunavardhana explains >>>


Glossip Girl: Beyonce's surprise album and her video beauty looks

December 17th 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

Mrs Carter’s album might have hit the No1 spot around the world, but it’s the beauty looks Glossip Girl can’t get enough of >>>


Glossip Girl: Kim Kardashian and the Atkins diet

November 25th 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

Has the Kardashian effect reignited the low-carb lifestyle? Glossip Girl Emma Gunavardhana investigates... >>>


Glossip Girl: A-listers and their newfound love for short hair

November 18th 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

To crop or not to crop? It’s the latest style statement but is short hair just for A-listers? >>>


Glossip Girl: The Beckham Factor - why are male celebrities getting better with age?

November 11th 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

Is it just us or are some guys getting hotter with age? Glossip Girl Emma Gunavardhana has the tough job of investigating… >>>


Glossip Girl: Celebrity tattoos and tattooists

November 4th 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

Not content with being the canvas, the stars are picking up the needle in their revamped obsession for tattoos. Emma Gunavardhana reports >>>


Glossip Girl: How to perfect the Kim Kardashian 'belfie'

October 28th 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

If you've only just perfected the art of the selfie then get ready for another challenge... >>>


Glossip Girl: Jessica Alba, Gwyneth, Miranda Kerr - which celebrity lifestyle will you follow?

October 22nd 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

Celebrities have let down their guards to show us what life as a superstar is really like – and how easy it is for you to copy it. Emma Gunavardhana starts clicking >>>

Glossip Girl: Miley Cyrus reveals all with her unhealthy tongue

Glossip Girl: Miley Cyrus reveals all with her unhealthy tongue

October 14th 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

Has Miley’s tongue given away one too many of her secrets? Emma Gunavardhana takes a closer look at the mouth that's been making headlines >>>


Glossip Girl: Why Miranda Kerr loves the Vitamix

October 7th 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

Would you spend £500 on a blender that Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth can’t live without? GTG's celeb watcher Emma Gunavardhana explains why you might just need one... >>>


Glossip Girl: Barefaced beauty

October 2nd 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Georgia May Jagger went barefaced on the Balmain catwalk last week. Is no make-up the next trend in beauty for the rest of us? Only if you perfect your skincare first says Emma Gunavardhana >>>


Glossip Girl: Celebrity fitness wear

September 25th 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

If burning calories wasn’t motivation enough the lure of the latest choice of high performance gym gear might just be… >>>


Glossip Girl: Cara Delevingne's laid back style

September 16th 2013 / Emma Gunavardhana

In her new column for GTG following the health and beauty dos and don'ts of celebrities, Emma Gunavardhana asks: are Cara’s laddered tights actually a line in the style sand? >>>

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