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Going South

Imogen Edwards-Jones is middle-aged, not middle-of-the-road - follow her journey through all that the beauty world has to offer for a woman who will try anything once

two-lips.jpgSex & Gynae

We tried the 'fanny pack' that wants to detox your vagina

February 14th 2019 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Is an activated charcoal sheet mask for your bits such a crazy idea? Imogen Edwards-Jones puts her big girl serum-infused pants on and gives the Blackout vulva mask a try >>>


How Profhilo treatment knocked five years off my face

January 17th 2019 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

If you've stumbled across the Holy Grail of skincare then it's kind of your duty to share, says Imogen Edwards-Jones. What is Profhilo? You've come to the right place... >>>

imogen-edwards-jones-byonik-facial-1.jpgGoing South

The no-downtime laser facial that syncs with your heartbeat

November 5th 2018 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

In need of some serious rebuilding, Imogen Edwards-Jones tries the Byonik facial powered by NASA research >>>

summer-drinking.jpgGoing South

Going South: Beware the summer stone

August 24th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Forget Christmas, Imogen Edwards-Jones finds out why a summer holiday poses the most risk for falling off the wagon >>>

gtg-armpit-botox-main-1.jpgGoing South

Going South: Underarm Botox has changed my life

July 26th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards-Jones is rejoicing in the fact she can finally wear silk shirts and stop bulk buying deodorant thanks to a visit to the Queen of Botox, Dr Vicky Dondos >>>


Going South: Operation Arse is complete - and now I love exercise

July 23rd 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

After 3 months of HIIT training with Nike super trainer (and Project Me expert) Joslyn Thompson-Rule, Imogen Edwards-Jones has never been more ready to hit the beach >>>

imogen-tan.jpgGoing South

Going South: The spray tan of death

July 10th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards-Jones rushed to her father's death bed still wearing the salon colour that had been sprayed on that morning... >>>

gtg-imogen-no7-serum-main.jpgGoing South

Going South: Is this the best anti-ageing product of all time?

July 9th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Does No7's Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum live up to all that hype? Imogen Edwards-Jones and her doting husband test out the anti-wrinkle wonder >>>

amelia-1.jpgGoing South

The 10 golden Amelia Freer rules to live by

June 25th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Amelia Freer changed Imogen Edwards-Jones' life (and helped her lose two stone) long before the nutritionist met Sam Smith. This is what Amelia taught her... >>>

gtg-going-south-anniversary-pic.jpgGoing South

Going South: The top 10 beauty hacks that actually work

June 5th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards-Jones celebrates three years as our beauty guinea pig by revealing what's really worth your time and money >>>

Fertility and IVFFamily

"There's no right time to have a baby"

June 1st 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

As women are told to have a baby by the age of 30, Imogen Edwards-Jones explains why age shouldn't matter and why IVF is certainly not a choice >>>

accupuncture.jpgGoing South

Going South: The underrated power of acupuncture

May 20th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards-Jones revisits the acupuncturist who got her through her IVF >>>


Going South: The dracula facial loved by Kim Kardashian

May 1st 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards-Jones braves the blood-sucking beauty treatment >>>

gtg-going-south-the-madonna-facial-main.jpgGoing South

The Madonna-approved facial that really works

April 17th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Columnist Imogen Edwards-Jones shares her verdict on a facial from in demand facialist Sharon Oldham >>>


Going South: The FaceTime workout for a pert Kardashian-worthy bum

April 3rd 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards-Jones has squatted, planked and FaceTimed her way to a better bum, all in the comfort of her own home >>>


Going South: Is copying Sienna's bob the easiest way to look younger?

March 20th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

After three decades of long hair Imogen Edwards-Jones goes for the chop with hairdresser to the stars George Northwood >>>


Going South: Can a pill make you look and feel younger?

March 6th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards Jones couldn't resist finding out if popping a pill could turn back the clock >>>


Going South: The anti-ageing facial that gets you red carpet-ready

February 19th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards-Jones discovers a facial treatment that gives you a youthful glow, even on a hangover >>>


Going South: The closest thing to a cure for colds

February 6th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards-Jones discovers a natural miracle worker for the dreaded winter sniffles >>>


Going South: Strength and the city

January 23rd 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards-Jones experiences her first HIIT strength-training workout, because being weak is not an option >>>


Going South: Why Headspace might change your life

January 9th 2015 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards-Jones on why the meditation app du jour well and truly lives up to the hype >>>


Going South: What is a Black Chicken facial?

December 26th 2014 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Imogen Edwards-Jones experiences the Australian facial with a name that's got everybody talking >>>


Going South: Imogen Edward-Jones meets Oscar winning makeup artist Jenny Shircore

December 12th 2014 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

Jenny Shircore reveals the juicy details of working as a top Hollywood makeup artist to Get The Gloss columnist Imogen Edward-Jones >>>


Going South: How to party sober

November 14th 2014 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

As the Christmas party season gets into full swing, Imogen Edwards-Jones tells us how to do it if you're staying sober - without looking like a party pooper >>>


Going South: 10 old health and beauty trends we definitely don't miss

October 31st 2014 / Imogen Edwards-Jones

From coloured mascara to cargo pants, Imogen Edwards-Jones counts down the top 10 fashion and beauty trends she is glad to see the back of >>>

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