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The Gloss Report: Dry shampoos

March 16th 2018

This week the Glossy Posse took 10 dry shampoos for a test drive to see if any could help out our limp locks >>>

to-buy-for-1.jpgTo Buy For

To buy for: the shampoo that’s Botox for hair

March 9th 2018 / Victoria Woodhall

For healthy age-proofed hair this shampoo is your life insurance policy >>>


The new brush that promises not to snag or break your hair

March 5th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Designed to be as gentle to hair as running your fingers through it, the Manta hairbrush could be a game-changer for those with thinning or fine hair. We put it to the test >>>

hair-longer-for-longer.jpgWho, What, Hair

How to keep your hair longer for longer

March 2nd 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Age is just a number when it comes to your hair; it needn't mean going for the snip. As more and more women are embracing longer locks at any age, here are the secrets to keeping it growing and looking healthier than ever >>>


7 hair cleansing oils that leave you glossy, not greasy

February 22nd 2018 / Anna Hunter

We’re sold on cleansing oils to remove makeup and dissolve daily grime from our faces, so why not apply skincare principles to our hair and scalp? Here’s your guide to oil cleansing up top >>>


Ghd gold review: the 10 year old straightener that’s had a makeover

February 20th 2018 / Anna Hunter

It’s been dropped more than 800,000 times in testing, is coiffing supermodels at London Fashion Week and there’s an 18k real gold one up for grabs: here’s the deal on the new ghd gold styler >>>


Beauty Shopaholic: how blogger Amelia Liana spends her beauty budget

February 18th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

From her favourite drugstore buys to her go-to hair experts, digital influencer Amelia gives us an insight into the products and services that are worth every penny >>>


Does your hair need a sheet mask?

February 13th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Korean skincare is booming, but what about haircare? Redken’s new hair mask innovation could be the answer to dry, frazzled hair. We put it to the test >>>


Below-zero beauty: cold weather skin and haircare fit for Olympians

February 8th 2018 / Anna Hunter

The Winter Olympics kick off tomorrow in Pyeongchang and temperatures are currently hovering around the -13ºC mark. As such, here’s our edit of dream cold-weather hair and skin savers to keep chapping, static and flaky skin at bay. BRRRR. >>>


The Foundation by Mr Smith: base control for unruly hair

February 8th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Is hair foundation now a thing? We put the newest base on the block to the test >>>

scalp.jpgWho, What, Hair

Is exfoliating your scalp the answer to better hair?

February 6th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

It can help manage greasy roots, calm flaky skin and boost hair growth >>>

hair-colour.jpgWho, What, Hair

How to re-energise your hair colour in between appointments

January 23rd 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Whether you’re looking to tackle brassiness, dullness or root regrowth, here are the best products for giving your hair colour a new lease of life >>>


Beauty Shopaholic: What Flowerbx Founder Whitney Bromberg Hawkings spends her beauty budget on

January 19th 2018 / Victoria Woodhall

The CEO of flower delivery service Flowerbx and former right-hand woman to Tom Ford on her love of mobile beauty services and the budget-friendly skincare routine she swears by >>>


The self-care beauty shopping list: Nadia and Katia Narain

January 11th 2018 / Anna Hunter

The celebrity yoga teacher and wellbeing pioneer let us into their bathroom cabinets. Here’s what we found when we had a nose… >>>

hair-detox-2.jpgWho, What, Hair

Should you go on a hair fast?

January 9th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

If you could go without heat or hair colour for a month, it’ll breathe new life into dry and damaged locks. Award-winning hair stylist Charlotte Mensah, shares her tips for fasting like a pro >>>


The Glossy Posse's party essentials - the products we can't go out without

December 27th 2017 / Anna Hunter

The bubbles are chilling and outfit is sorted, but a party wouldn't be a party without this lot. Here are the products that are always invited to GTG gatherings... >>>


Plantur 39 - can a caffeine shampoo help with hair loss?

December 19th 2017 / Dr Sarah Brewer

Having found that her hair was starting to thin in her forties, Dr Sarah Brewer turned to a caffeine shampoo to see if it could make a difference. The results came as a pleasant surprise >>>

hair-5.jpgWho, What, Hair

The best volumising hair products

December 15th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Which products provide most body for your buck? These are our top hair thickening and volumising picks >>>


Christmas Gift Guide: our top 10 luxury gifts for £100 and over

December 8th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

From designer makeup and fitness wear to jam-packed beauty boxes, here’s our ultimate edit of high end Christmas presents >>>


Christmas Gift Guide: the £75 and under beauty and fitness edit

December 6th 2017 / Anna Hunter

A more extravagant edit of the best beauty, hair and fitness gifts we’ve spied in the shops this season. Indulge a loved one or leave this list on display somewhere obvious… >>>


Christmas Gift Guide: Our top 10 gifts for £30 and under

December 5th 2017 / Anna Hunter

We’ve scoured the shops so you don’t have to: here’s your reasonably priced beauty and wellbeing wishlist/ gift list. Tuck in. >>>


Christmas gift guide: our top 10 stocking fillers priced £15 and under

December 4th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Struggling for Secret Santa or Christmas stocking gift inspiration? These budget-friendly beauty and wellness buys are guaranteed crackers >>>


Glossy Posse Picks: The new health and beauty launches worth knowing about

December 2nd 2017 / Judy Johnson

From an indulgent hand scrub to a blush palette that's not as bold as it looks, these are the new products that have got us talking >>>

supermarket.jpgBudget Beauty

The best budget supermarket beauty brands

November 30th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Supermarkets are upping their game when it comes to well-formulated makeup and skincare - here are the unexpected items we’d recommend putting in your bagging area >>>


Our reviews of Meghan Markle’s favourite beauty products

November 28th 2017 / Anna Hunter

The soon-to-be Duchess has seriously good taste in beauty, as it turns out, and her makeup, skincare and hair stash reveals some affordable gems too. Here’s what’s in Meghan’s bathroom cabinet… >>>

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