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A bony growth where the big toe joins the foot that can be painful, unsightly and prevent you from wearing the latest pointy shoes. What to do? >>>

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Head lice affects every family at some point - but should you treat it with combing, powerful insecticide, a branded product such as Hedrin or could a bit of lavender oil do the trick? >>>



We know it's all part of a woman's life but there are things you can do to stop yourself causing actual injury to those around you >>>


Bingo wings

We can't lie to you, no one product will give you arms like Gwynnie ... but with a blitz of the right diet, exercise, products and treatments you could be nearly her... at least solve your bingo wings woes. >>>


Bad posture

Poor posture? Hunching over a desk all day can cause stifness, fatigue and headaches. Here's how to sit and stand straighter so you'll look and feel better >>>


How to cure and prevent a migraine

From migraine causes to migraine symptoms, we find out everything about them from the National Migraine Centre >>>


Heel pain

From unsupportive shoes to sudden accidents while running, we fill you in on the causes of heel pain and how to treat it >>>



From causes and symptoms to treatments and at-home help, we bring you all the information you'll ever need on the menopause >>>


Fungal nail infections

We ask the foot experts how to get rid of yellow toenails, Athlete’s foot and dodgy looking nails >>>



Are you too anxious? With expert advice and solutions, GTG is here to help >>>

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