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gtg-amelia-bbq-main.jpgAmelia Freer

Amelia Freer: how to do a healthy BBQ

June 23rd 2021 / Amelia Freer

Nutritional therapist Amelia Freer explains how to have fun this summer without falling off the wagon >>>

sarah-vine-weightloss-2.jpgWeight Management

Sarah Vine: 5 things they don't tell you about losing weight

July 22nd 2020 / Sarah Vine

No longer being the largest person among your friends creates a vacancy, says Sarah Vine. And you spend a fortune on clothes. Just some of the surprising side-effects of losing nearly two-and-a-half stone >>>


15 cures for the filthiest hangovers

December 31st 2018 / Emma Bartley

Suffering from having had a little too much last night? Here’s how to get straight back on fighting form by the GTG team >>>


The lazy person's guide to getting motivated

May 30th 2018 / Charlotte Sinclair

In need of a little get up and go? Charlotte Sinclair brings us her top 10 tips for fitness motivation >>>

get-the-gloss-new-baby-preparations.jpgDoing It All

The absolute essentials for a newborn (Royal) baby

April 23rd 2018 / Emma Bartley

Royal or not, don’t even think about going to the hospital to give birth until you’ve assembled this must-have kit for mums and newborns says Emma Bartley >>>

sleep-deprivation-1.jpgDoing It All

10 sleep rules for new mums - from someone who's been there

March 16th 2018 / Emma Bartley

Sleep deprivation is as debilitating as being drunk. Whether it's insomnia or a baby keeping you awake at night, sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows has given Emma Bartley some tips on coping >>>

tiredness-4.jpgEat, Play, Heal

8 natural ways to beat fatigue and exhaustion

February 5th 2018 / Rosemary Ferguson

Model turned nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson explains how everything from lack of leafy greens to the wrong drinks could be the cause of your fatigue >>>

pregnancy-2.jpgDoing It All

The 25 most irritating things about pregnancy

January 26th 2018 / Emma Bartley

From the oversharing of strangers to the permanent need to empty your bladder, Emma Bartley reveals the most irksome things she had to put up with when pregnant >>>


How to be a true fitness pro

January 5th 2018 / Susannah Taylor

It seems like everyone wants to become a personal trainer these days - even Davina McCall has announced it's her goal for 2018. But how do you decipher between the fitness enthusiasts and the true professionals? Here, trusted fitness expert and Global Nike ambassador Joslyn Thompson-Rule tells us what it takes to become a  real expert in an increasingly busy arena >>>


5 ways to support your digestion this festive season

December 11th 2017 / Peta Bee

Give your digestive system a helping hand this Christmas and avoid the festive discomfort with Peta Bee's expert guide >>>

boost-your-immunity-through-food.jpgEat, Play, Heal

How to boost your immunity through food

December 5th 2017 / Rosemary Ferguson

Nutritional therapist and former model Rosemary Ferguson on how to dose up your diet for a better, stronger immune system >>>


Amelia Freer's recipe: Green chicken

November 21st 2017 / Amelia Freer

A nutritious and delicious, easy chicken recipe from Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer that's as tasty as it is filling >>>

gtg-alternative-cows-milk-main.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

9 of the best alternatives to cow's milk

September 27th 2017 / Peta Bee

Want to make the switch from cow's milk, but unsure where to start? As researchers warn other milks may not have everything we need, Peta Bee weighs up the pros and cons of the most popular alternative milks on the market >>>


You can meditate anywhere - here's how

September 15th 2017 / Jillian Lavender

In the first installment of her new GTG column, The London Meditation Centre's co-founder Jillian Lavender explains why you don't need to cross your legs to do meditation >>>


Sarah Vine: The menopause diary - to HRT or not to HRT?

September 13th 2017 / Sarah Vine

In the second installment of her diary, Sarah Vine makes a decision on hormone replacement therapy with a little help from the experts >>>

childrens-packed-lunch.jpgEat, Play, Heal

How to make a child-friendly healthy packed lunch

September 4th 2017 / Rosemary Ferguson

Can you ever make a sandwich healthy and should you give up on the kale? Rosemary Ferguson shares her top ideas for a realistic healthy packed lunch for kids >>>

gtg-size-13-busy-mums-main.jpgDoing It All

50 things you don't have time for now that you're a mother

July 25th 2017 / Emma Bartley

Makeup, eyebrow-plucking, drinks that are actually hot... it all falls by the wayside after you have a baby >>>


How to eat your way to better abs

July 10th 2017 / Peta Bee

Are abs really made in the kitchen? Peta Bee investigates whether a flatter stomach is all about what you eat >>>

the-truth-about-salt.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

Is natural salt good for you?

June 30th 2017 / Peta Bee

Should you swap your usual table salt for Himalayan or rock varieties? Peta Bee finds out if there's ever a healthy way to consume sodium chloride >>>

motherhood-challenge.jpgDoing It All

What it feels like when you're about to give birth

June 16th 2017 / Emma Bartley

As rumours fly that Queen Bey may be about to welcome her twins, Emma Bartley looks back to when she was a week off her due date for baby number two... >>>

gtg-peta-bee-book-main.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

The Ice Diet: Can you lose weight by keeping cool?

April 28th 2017 / Peta Bee

A colder lifestyle may be the hottest way to lose weight and even treat Type 2 diabetes >>>

gtg-zika-main.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: Zika virus - what you need to know

October 3rd 2016 / Peta Bee

It's the virus that's made world news and threatened the Olympics in Rio, but how much should you worry about Zika? Peta Bee investigates >>>

step-up-club.jpgBrand You

Brand You: are high heels bad for your career?

September 18th 2016 / Phanella Mayall Fine / Alice Olins

In the first of their monthly career advice columns for Get The Gloss, the Step Up Club’s Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine ask whether it's time to swap heels for flats in the workplace >>>

gtg-af-chickenskewers-main.jpgAmelia Freer

Amelia Freer: Chicken Za’atar Skewers recipe

August 14th 2016 / Amelia Freer

Upgrade your party food with Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer's easy recipe for chicken skewers, taken from her latest ebook >>>

get-the-gloss-amelia-freer-recipe-veggie-burgers-1.jpgAmelia Freer

Amelia Freer: The ultimate veggie burger recipe

June 27th 2016 / Amelia Freer

Nutritional therapist Amelia Freer shares her delicious vegetarian red lentil burger recipe >>>

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