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Our favourite health and beauty experts reveal their skincare, makeup, nutrition and fitness diaries with us for an insider's look at how the pros glow inside and out - and how we can follow in their footsteps


My Week in Food: High Mood Food's Joey O'Hare

May 21st 2018 / Judy Johnson

The Masterchef: the Professionals finalist and High Mood Food founder shares her gut-friendly week on a plate >>>


My Week in Food: Lizzie Loves Healthy

May 3rd 2018 / Judy Johnson

Nutritional Health Coach, author and mother of three Lizzie King reveals what her week's food diary looks like >>>


My Week in Food: Masterchef's Billy and Jack

December 26th 2017 / Judy Johnson

The well-loved duo share their weekly food diary with us, which is so varied it even includes a dinner of doughnuts... >>>


My Week in Food: Rebecca Hopkins, Co-Founder of Balance Me

October 25th 2017 / Anna Hunter

A natural skincare pioneer shares her 7 day food diary, from healthy traybakes to flapjacks and an exotic spin on a Sunday roast... >>>


My Week In Food: Annee De Mamiel

August 21st 2017 / Victoria Woodhall

Her high-performance natural skincare range, de Mamiel, is a beauty editor's favourite. But what does founder Annee eat to keep her own skin glowing and her energy balanced? >>>


My Week in Food: Rob Hobson

August 15th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Registered nutritionist and co-author of the Detox Kitchen Bible Rob Hobson shares his food diary, which includes everything from Haribos to a Pret salad >>>


My Week in Food: Alexandra Dudley

August 4th 2017 / Judy Johnson

The Punch Foods founder shares her personal food diary >>>


My Week In Fitness: Roxie Nafousi

August 2nd 2017 / Roxie Nafousi

The model, wellness & mental health ambassador and lifestyle writer, shares her favourite workouts and fitness hotspots with us >>>


My Week in Food: Olivia Cooney

July 30th 2017 / Judy Johnson

The personal trainer to Millie Mackintosh and Storm Models shares her fitness-fuelling food diary >>>


My Week In Food: Joe Wicks

July 26th 2017 / Elizabeth Bennett

The Body Coach and Instagram fitness superstar Joe Wicks shares his food diary of workout-fuelling meals >>>


My Week in Food: Clean Eating Alice

July 5th 2017 / Alice Liveing

The bestselling author, personal trainer and Instagram star serves up her week on a plate for us >>>


My Week in Food: Marie Lavabre

June 28th 2017 / Marie Lavabre

The co-founder of organic lifestyle brand KINN, shares her weekly food diary with us >>>


How I Stay Fit: Niki Rein, founder of Barrecore

June 19th 2017 / Anna Hunter

How does a barre fitness pioneer prioritise her own fitness while running a business? We took five with Niki Rein to find out her health and fitness non-negotiables >>>


My Week in Food: Naturally Sassy

June 13th 2017 / Naturally Sassy

Personal trainer, Barre teacher and cookery author Sassy Gregson-Williams, serves up her week on a plate for us >>>


My Week in Fitness: Alexandra Miro

May 19th 2017 / Alexandra Miro

The luxury swimwear designer, mother and master of the one-piece shares her weekly workout plan with us >>>


My Week in Food: Stephanie Johnson of Pollen + Grace

May 9th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Food-to-go company Pollen + Grace don't believe in dull diet food - and this refreshing food diary from their co-founder proves it >>>


My Week in Food: Giles Humphries, Mindful Chef co-founder

April 18th 2017 / Judy Johnson

As his debut cookbook with fellow founder Myles Hopper is released, Giles Humphries shares his weekly food diary with a little help from his co-author... >>>


My Week in Food: Ceri Jones

February 13th 2017 / Judy Johnson

The healthy cooking instructor and Natural Kitchen Adventures writer reveals her weekly food diary >>>


My Week in Food: Bonnie Stowell of Spring Green London

February 8th 2017 / Judy Johnson

The founder of the healthy food delivery programme shares her week on a plate >>>


My Week In Food: Iris Louwerens, career coach and founder of The Wellscene pop-up fitness

January 16th 2017 / Victoria Woodhall

Staying energised with unprocessed foods and avoiding eczema triggers are key to this wellness entrepreneur's eating regime >>>


My Week in Food: David Kingsbury

December 2nd 2016 / Judy Johnson

Founder of OPUS, a new personal training gym in London, David Kingsbury shares his weekly food plan >>>


My Week in Food: Abigail James

September 30th 2016 / Anna Hunter

A skincare expert and Liz Earle treatment ambassador lets us in on quite what keeps her glowing... >>>


My Week in Food: Lorraine Pascale

September 21st 2016 / Lorraine Pascale

What’s on the TV chef and author’s personal weekly menu? We found out... >>>


My Week in Food: Hannah Zussman

September 2nd 2016 / Judy Johnson

The co-founder of This is Good Macadamia Nut Oil and weightlifting champion shares her week on a plate >>>


My Week in Food: Lily Soutter

August 25th 2016 / Judy Johnson

We asked the nutritionist to share her own weekly food diary >>>

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