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Postcard from...

All the latest from Hollywood, or wherever in the world Kinvara Balfour finds herself


Nano-tech: The new super-smart fitness fabrics

April 15th 2014 / Kinvara Balfour

The new fitness fabrics get your arse in gear even when you don’t, while silver is about to protect you in a big way in this digital age >>>


Postcard from LA: Not just another juice bar

April 7th 2014 / Marissa Montgomery

Marissa Montgomery discovers the A-list secret to healthy living at Earthbar >>>


Postcard from Miami: Looking good for South Beach

December 7th 2013 / Marissa Montgomery

If you're heading to Miami, make sure you look the part - Marissa Montgomery tells you how >>>


Wakeman Road Wellbeing House opens

December 4th 2013 / Kinvara Balfour

Kinvara Balfour discovers the wellbeing centre and spa that's a real home from home >>>


Postcard from NY: Enchantments spell store

October 29th 2013 / Marissa Montgomery

Marissa Montgomery explains why she is spellbound by the magical and mysterious Enchantments store in New York... >>>


Postcard from LA: Perk-me-up powders and hydrating drinks

October 18th 2013 / Kinvara Balfour

Kinvara Balfour picks up the hot new pick-me-ups for professional athletes (and busy people)... >>>


Postcard from NY: Jennifer Johnson's JJ Dancer Technique

September 18th 2013 / Marissa Montgomery

Marissa Montgomery finds out how Jessica Alba gets those perfectly toned abs with the hottest, sweatiest dance class in New York >>>


Postcard from LA: The protein shake

August 12th 2013 / Kinvara Balfour

Shake it all about: No longer just fuel for body builders, Kinvara Balfour documents the rise and rise of the protein shake >>>


Postcard from Ibiza: Post-party pampering

July 31st 2013 / Kinvara Balfour

Ibiza angel (most of the time) Kinvara Balfour gives the insider low-down on the best post-party therapists on the island >>>


Postcard from NY: Aqua Spin

June 6th 2013 / Marissa Montgomery

Marissa Montgomery dips her toe into the latest fitness craze to hit New York >>>


Postcard from LA: The new fitness formulas

May 24th 2013 / Kinvara Balfour

Kinvara Balfour reveals the hottest new fitness classes from across the pond that are probably coming to a gym near you... >>>


Postcard from LA: Seed the world

March 20th 2013 / Kinvara Balfour

In the USA, seed milk is the new must-have writes Kinvara Balfour >>>


Postcard from LA: Drybar's brilliant blow dries

February 22nd 2013 / Kinvara Balfour

Kinvara Balfour has finally found The One - here she reports on where to go for the perfect blow-dry in LA >>>


Postcard from LA: The elixirs of life

February 1st 2013 / Kinvara Balfour

Move over chunky, choking vitamins: in California, it’s all about the liquid remedy for intelligent, tip-top health, reports Kinvara Balfour >>>


Postcard from LA: Firm Body Evolution

November 11th 2012 / Kinvara Balfour

Kinvara Balfour reports from Hollywood where she has seen the future in a hybrid gym-spa – think mini theme park for the body – and experienced a seriously hot sauna pod >>>

Get the Gloss_A postcard from L.A_Mega juices.jpg

Postcard from LA: the detox juice craze

October 7th 2012 / Kinvara Balfour

Almond milk, kale alkalisers, spirulina margaritas and the only brand of coconut water the A list will touch - Kinvara Balfour drinks it all in >>>

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