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Pregnancy: Health and beauty advice and tips for pregnant women

Wondering what skincare to use when you're pregnant, how to keep fit during pregnancy or what to expect from childbirth? Read on for our expert features on everything from pregnancy and nutrition to post-natal depression and breastfeeding, as well as real life stories from mums on how they deal with motherhood


Sleeping on your side linked to lower risk of stillbirth

November 20th 2017 / Anna Hunter

A new study suggests that going to sleep on your back in the third trimester of pregnancy can double the risk of stillbirth, but researchers also urge women not to worry if they wake up that way- it’s the initial sleeping position that’s important >>>


10 of the most ‘intimate’ questions that women ask their gynaecologist

November 19th 2017 / Anna Hunter

Ever wondered if your discharge is ‘normal’ or what you can do about down under dryness? From post-baby sex to vaginal douching, a gynaecologist answers ten questions she’s commonly asked in clinic. A must-read for anyone with a vagina >>>


8 natural solutions to help manage hormones, PMS and perimenopause

November 15th 2017 / Anna Hunter

Meds and just feeling ‘okay’ aren’t your only options when fluctuating hormones bring on unpleasant symptoms associated with PMS and perimenopause. Here’s how a few healthy habits and a touch of Mother Nature can help out… >>>

doing-it-all-5.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: 10 reasons why mums are allowed to be grumpy

November 14th 2017 / Emma Bartley

You may have noticed that women with small children are a little less gracious and understanding than usual. "OF COURSE WE BLOODY WELL ARE, YOU MUPPETS!" says Emma Bartley. Here’s why >>>


Oestrogen: how it affects your skin, strength and state of mind

November 3rd 2017 / Anna Hunter

Here are ten things to know about oestrogen, including its impact on collagen levels, why too much could lead to injury and why drinking wine could be giving you sore boobs… >>>


Do you need a flu jab?

October 20th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

We ask a doctor for the flu jab facts including who and where to get it from and who’s most at risk >>>


The health checks to book in for (even if you think you’re healthy)

September 3rd 2017 / Anna Hunter

The notion of a general check-up has become old fashioned (in Britain at least) but there are some health checks you should never skip, even if you feel fighting fit. There are also a couple you might not need to bother with… >>>


Night sweats: when is being hot in bed a health issue?

August 6th 2017 / Anna Hunter

Admittedly there are many reasons you could be hot under the covers, but if you’re waking up drenched, the culprit could be night sweats. Here’s what to do if you’re too hot in bed at night and soaking the sheets >>>

bf-mainimg.jpgDoing It All

7 things they don't tell you about breastfeeding

August 1st 2017 / Emma Bartley

In World Breastfeeding Week, Emma Bartley talks about feeding in public, floppy football sock boobs and taking her suckling infant on a hen do >>>

gtg-size-13-busy-mums-main.jpgDoing It All

50 things you don't have time for now that you're a mother

July 25th 2017 / Emma Bartley

Makeup, eyebrow-plucking, drinks that are actually hot... it all falls by the wayside after you have a baby >>>


What to eat (and what not to eat) when you’re pregnant

July 24th 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

We asked a duo of fertility experts about the best foods, supplements and healthy diet recommendations to benefit both mother and baby during pregnancy >>>


Amelia Freer's nutrition advice for pregnancy: "Do your best"

July 11th 2017 / Anna Hunter

The nutritional therapist on going with your gut, never feeling guilty about cravings and getting plenty of pre and probiotics >>>

motherhood-challenge.jpgDoing It All

What it feels like when you're about to give birth

June 16th 2017 / Emma Bartley

As rumours fly that Queen Bey may be about to welcome her twins, Emma Bartley looks back to when she was a week off her due date for baby number two... >>>


You want to put that laser where?!

June 16th 2017 / Anna Hunter

Anti-ageing for ‘down there’: it’s a thing. That said, “vaginal rejuvenation” is far from a skin-deep fad - it could help solve everything from mild incontinence to pain during sex. Here’s your lady laser crib-sheet… >>>


How to look after your skin during pregnancy

June 7th 2017 / Abigail James

Which ingredients should you avoid during pregnancy? Renowned facialist Abigail James has your ultimate guide to skincare for mums-to-be >>>


Kimberly Wyatt: “Dancing is part of my daily fitness routine.”

April 25th 2017 / Anna Hunter

She’s just designed a 42 piece fitness wear line for women and girls and is still doing the splits at 22 weeks pregnant. We find out where Kimberly Wyatt gets her energy >>>


Exercising and pregnancy: The rules and risks

April 20th 2017 / Katie Robertson

As it emerges Serena Williams won the Australian Open when roughly 8 weeks pregnant, we ask the experts about the rules or risks of exercising while supporting a baby bump >>>


Pregnancy Pampering: The top 10 beauty buys for mums to be

February 17th 2017 / Katie Robertson

Pregnancy can be a hard nine months on the body - but with these top 10 beauty products it doesn't have to be... >>>

grow-a-baby.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: secrets of midwife blogger and mum of four, Clemmie Hooper

February 7th 2017 / Emma Bartley

At last a parenting book that Emma Bartley can relate to. She asks its author all those crucial labour questions (such as childbirth orgasm, myth or fact?) >>>


What did a nutritional therapist eat while she was pregnant?

January 23rd 2017 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

We caught up with new mother of twins Gabriela Peacock to find out what was on her pre-mama menu >>>

doing-it-all-9.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: online workouts while the baby naps - the new way for mums to get fit?

January 10th 2017 / Emma Bartley

Emma Bartley seeks out her HIIT fix by testing a new workout streaming platform for mums >>>

rogue-mums.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: when mums go rogue

December 1st 2016 / Emma Bartley

At a time of year when mums can start to feel seriously frazzled and nobody seems to listen, is there anything to be gained from staging a walkout, wonders Emma Bartley? >>>

emma-bartley-6.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: mental hard drive full - 10 stresses mums can drag to trash right now

November 2nd 2016 / Emma Bartley

It’s easy to reach your internal memory limit when you’re processing work, family, personal admin and your internal chocolate-to-weight algorithm. Here are some stresses it’s not worth wasting your mental energy on >>>

fussy-eaters.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: Is it my fault if my child is a fussy eater?

October 20th 2016 / Emma Bartley

A new report says fussy eating may be in the genes. So is there any point in trying to make your kids eat greens, ask Emma Bartley? >>>

doing-it-all-7.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: The real 'Pie Life'

October 4th 2016 / Emma Bartley

A new book, 'The Pie Life', suggests dividing your time into slices - career, family, relationship etc - as a guilt-free recipe for having it all. Emma Bartley's 'Doing It All Pie' looks rather different >>>

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