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Pregnancy: Health and beauty advice and tips for pregnant women

Wondering what skincare to use when you're pregnant, how to keep fit during pregnancy or what to expect from childbirth? Read on for our expert features on everything from pregnancy and nutrition to post-natal depression and breastfeeding, as well as real life stories from mums on how they deal with motherhood

rogue-mums.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: when mums go rogue

December 1st 2016 / Emma Bartley

At a time of year when mums can start to feel seriously frazzled and nobody seems to listen, is there anything to be gained from staging a walkout, wonders Emma Bartley? >>>

emma-bartley-6.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: mental hard drive full - 10 stresses mums can drag to trash right now

November 2nd 2016 / Emma Bartley

It’s easy to reach your internal memory limit when you’re processing work, family, personal admin and your internal chocolate-to-weight algorithm. Here are some stresses it’s not worth wasting your mental energy on >>>

fussy-eaters.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: Is it my fault if my child is a fussy eater?

October 20th 2016 / Emma Bartley

A new report says fussy eating may be in the genes. So is there any point in trying to make your kids eat greens, ask Emma Bartley? >>>

doing-it-all-7.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: The real 'Pie Life'

October 4th 2016 / Emma Bartley

A new book, 'The Pie Life', suggests dividing your time into slices - career, family, relationship etc - as a guilt-free recipe for having it all. Emma Bartley's 'Doing It All Pie' looks rather different >>>

gtg-zika-main.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: Zika virus - what you need to know

October 3rd 2016 / Peta Bee

It's the virus that's made world news and threatened the Olympics in Rio, but how much should you worry about Zika? Peta Bee investigates >>>

doing-it-all-3.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: How scheduling everything keeps me sane (just)

September 6th 2016 / Emma Bartley

I DO know how she does it, says Emma Bartley. She’s on a ridiculously rigid schedule, has three to-do lists on the go and sets mobile phone reminders for everything >>>


Is this the most inspiring maternity clinic in the UK?

August 23rd 2016 / Emma Bartley

My Body Back’s new London clinic helps rape survivors to start a new chapter with their bodies. Founder Pavan Amara tells Emma Bartley the story behind the groundbreaking service >>>


Ectopic pregnancy: 8 things every woman needs to know

July 13th 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

What are ectopic pregnancies and what causes them? We asked a leading fertility expert for his advice regarding spotting the signs and the best modes of treatment >>>

summer-style.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: Summer style rules for new mums

June 28th 2016 / Emma Bartley

The dos and don’ts of post-baby summer fashion, by houmous-encrusted former fashionista, Emma Bartley >>>

working-mums.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: Should employers hire mums our way?

June 14th 2016 / Emma Bartley

Demanding flexible working makes Emma Bartley feel sheepish. But maybe a shouty new campaign has the right idea... >>>


Fertility Facts: 15 things you need to know about getting pregnant

June 2nd 2016 / Katie Robertson

With 1 in 6 couples experiencing fertility problems, expert Susannah Makram looks into the top facts we should all know before embarking on the road to pregnancy >>>

not-doing-it-all.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: 10 reasons I'm not 'doing it'

May 31st 2016 / Emma Bartley

No sex please, we’re new mums, says Emma Bartley - who has a three-month-old baby and a weirdly well-organised sock drawer >>>

natural-birth.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: Is natural birth really worth it?

May 17th 2016 / Emma Bartley

While some women claim labour is orgasmic, others are so disappointed that they try to 'rebirth' their babies. And no, we're not high on pethidine... >>>

the-pill.jpgA Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity: The pill - side effects, safety and stories from real women

April 20th 2016 / Peta Bee

Is the Pill all it's cracked up to be? Peta Bee reports on why the contraceptive is still a topic of debate >>>

baby-weight.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: Kate Middleton and the baby weight blues

April 17th 2016 / Emma Bartley

Despite breastfeeding and 'running around after the kids' like the Duchess of Cambridge, Emma Bartley is finding it near impossible to lose the baby weight after her second child - and it's causing an identity crisis >>>


The pros and cons of alternatives to the Pill

April 8th 2016 / Katie Robertson

The pill continues to be the most popular form of contraception in the UK despite the myriad of other potentially more successful options available - is it about time you thought about switching up your safety? >>>


The Best Things I’ve Learned: Tania Boler, Co-founder and CEO of Chiaro, creators of Elvie

April 4th 2016 / Anna Hunter

Tech entrepreneur, mother and women’s health advocate Tania on the wisdom that’s stayed with her… >>>

first-week-after-having-a-baby.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: how to get through the first week of parenthood

March 18th 2016 / Emma Bartley

It’s easy to make mistakes like not taking enough advice, or forgetting to freak out about your baby’s weight. So here’s a helpful checklist for brand-new mums and dads >>>

pelvic-floor.jpgDoing It All

How pelvic floor training got sexy

January 16th 2016 / Emma Bartley

Can't go on a trampoline? Terrified to sneeze? Would never consider a running club for fear you'll need a change of leggings? Thanks to some great new products, it's all easily fixed - without shame. Emma Bartley reports >>>

12-days-of-xmas-stress.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: The 12 days of Christmas when you're a mum

December 14th 2015 / Emma Bartley

There are women who start shopping in October, send tasteful cards in November, leaving all of December to perfect the art of mince pie baking. If you’re not either of them, it’s more likely to go like this… >>>

how-not-to-handle-stress.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: How not to handle the stresses of being a mum

November 30th 2015 / Emma Bartley

Motherhood is tough enough without Christmas lurking round the corner. Here's how not to deal with it when things get too much... >>>

what-not-to-say-to-a-pregnant-woman.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: The 10 stupidest things ever said to a pregnant woman

November 9th 2015 / Emma Bartley

Like moving house, getting divorced or going to IKEA, pregnancy can be stressful. Please don’t add to it by talking this kind of nonsense >>>


Can you test your fertility at home?

November 2nd 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

Just in time for National Fertility Awareness Week, midwife to the stars Zita West has relaunched her Fertility MOT - a kit allowing women to test their fertility at home with just a pinprick >>>

support.jpgDoing It All

Doing It All: How to support a new mother

October 26th 2015 / Emma Bartley

New research suggests 23% of new mums have postnatal depression. That number seems high, but we all feel low in the first few months. Here’s how you can help >>>


How to clear up a bout of spotty skin

October 23rd 2015 / Anna Hunter

Blemishes seriously bugging you? Follow our guide to getting rid of the rotters... >>>

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