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Sarah Vine's News and Features

Keep up with our Creative Director and Co-Founder Sarah Vine, as she goes from school gate to lipstick launch, from dog salon to state dinner


Sarah Vine: should we be taking testosterone for menopause?

October 18th 2016 / Sarah Vine

A leading gynaecologist is calling for testosterone to be given to menopausal women; why not, if it boosts energy, libido and bone density - and combats middle-aged spread? Sarah Vine books an appointment >>>


Sarah Vine: The expensive exercise regime that really works

June 17th 2016 / Sarah Vine

After years of trying and failing with various new workout plans, Sarah Vine has finally found 'the one' - and what's more, she's sticking with it >>>


Sarah Vine: why do we still fear the M-word?

June 12th 2016 / Sarah Vine

When so many expressions of sexuality are now accepted by society, why are we made to feel embarrassed about being menopausal? >>>


Sarah Vine reveals what makes her feel #BetterThanEver

June 8th 2016 / Sarah Vine

Everyone has their own tips and tricks for getting the most out of the skin they’re in. For the third in our series, Sarah Vine - mother, Get The Gloss co-founder and award-winning journalist - fills us in on how she feels #BetterThanEver in hers. >>>


Sarah Vine has always hated her double chin. Could Coolsculpting make a difference?

May 29th 2016 / Sarah Vine

The fat-freezing treatment is a favourite for shifting mummy tummies and wobbly thighs. So when Sarah Vine heard that a new special attachment could target the chin, she was first in the queue >>>

gtg-sarah-vine-high-fat-diet-main-1.jpgWeight Management

Sarah Vine: Proof that the high fat diet works

May 23rd 2016 / Sarah Vine

Is fat friend or foe when it comes to weight loss? As the debate ignites again, Sarah Vine reveals how she lost half a stone in 10 days on a high fat diet >>>


Sarah Vine: The Menopause Diary - the reality of HRT

January 18th 2016 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine is undergoing HRT and experiencing all manner of symptoms >>>


Sarah Vine: The menopause diary - we're all in it together

December 6th 2015 / Sarah Vine

In part three of her menopause diary, Sarah Vine finds support is all around her >>>


Sarah Vine: Woman on the verge - a menopause diary

November 24th 2015 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine was feeling constantly ill, but realised she was entering the menopause. This is part one of her story... >>>


Sarah Vine: The products I can't live without this autumn

November 15th 2015 / Sarah Vine

From the products to get you through party season to a skin-saving serum, Sarah Vine picks the beauty buys that really make a difference >>>


Sarah Vine: Why 85 per cent of us hate our bodies, myself included

September 9th 2015 / Sarah Vine

As a study reveals most of us have body image issues, Sarah Vine opens up on her own >>>


Sarah Vine’s Beauty Notes: The fail-safe suncream

June 4th 2015 / Sarah Vine

Tried and tested on a recent holiday to Greece, Sarah Vine has found a suncream brand that suits the whole family >>>


Sarah Vine: The single box that brings a whole host of health benefits

May 30th 2015 / Sarah Vine

GTG's co-founder explains why and how Get The Box came about, and how to buy yours while stocks last >>>


Sarah Vine gets drunk on fragrance at Jo Loves's candle cocktail bar

May 17th 2015 / Sarah Vine

Sarah plays mixologist and creates her own candle at Jo Loves' Elizabeth Street boutique >>>


Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: A thirst for beauty

April 26th 2015 / Sarah Vine

This week Sarah celebrates two of the most passionate women in the beauty industry and discovers a moisturiser perfect for her increasingly thirsty skin >>>


Sarah Vine: Back pain - the tech neck symptom that's hard work to cure

April 12th 2015 / Sarah Vine

Tech neck not only cause wrinkles but back pain and bad posture too. Sarah Vine is on a mission to ease hers >>>


Sarah Vine’s Beauty Notes: Spring skin cleaning

March 22nd 2015 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine discovers a facial that breathes life back into her dull winter skin, an at home alternative from Charlotte Tilbury and a Chanel CC cream that has become a makeup bag staple >>>


Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: The fat burning massage everyone should try

March 15th 2015 / Sarah Vine

Can a weight loss massage work? Sarah Vine has been testing the Remodellage treatment at The Grace Clinic and to say she is impressed is an understatement >>>


Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: Fuss-free health and beauty hacks

March 1st 2015 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine has found a bikini wax she actually looks forward to, an iron supplement that's doing wonders for her anaemia and the cleansing regime that she can fit around the school run >>>


Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: Something old, something new

February 8th 2015 / Sarah Vine

This week Sarah Vine is lusting after a 18th century cure-all balm, a fragrance to banish the winter blues and MAC’s arty new collaboration >>>


Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: Natural and not-so natural beauty

February 1st 2015 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine celebrates the death of the red carpet boob job and flirts with the idea of a chin jab... >>>


Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: Life-changing finds

January 24th 2015 / Sarah Vine

This week Sarah Vine has found a contender for London's best facial, a Ferrari of a hair dryer and a skincare range that all teenage girls need to know about >>>


Sarah Vine's Beauty Notes: How to revive dull skin

January 17th 2015 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine rounds up her favourite products to bring life back to dull January skin >>>


Sarah Vine: 2014, another year of not getting thin

December 15th 2014 / Sarah Vine

There may be no elusive diet secret but in 2014 Sarah Vine realised that weight loss is much easier for some people than others >>>


It's big, it's shiny, it's scaring us

November 14th 2014 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine dissects Kim Kardashian's bum >>>

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