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Sarah Vine's News and Features

Keep up with our Creative Director and Co-Founder Sarah Vine, as she goes from school gate to lipstick launch, from dog salon to state dinner


Sarah Vine's Cheap and Cheerful Supper

October 20th 2014 / Sarah Vine

An easy, healthy and warming winter dish... >>>


How to cheat the weight off by Sarah Vine

October 19th 2014 / Sarah Vine

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Never was a truer word spoken, especially when it comes to slimming. If you, like me, find yourself almost at the end of another year in which you resolved to turn yourself into Angelina Jolie but find instead that you are still dumpy old you, then don't stress. Cheat instead. Here's how.. >>>


Sarah Vine: The fat police

August 10th 2014 / Sarah Vine

In her quest to banish the bulge, Sarah Vine discovers that having her own 'fat policeman' might not be such a bad thing after all >>>


Sarah Vine: A visit to George Northwood

July 20th 2014 / Sarah Vine

After a hectic week, Sarah Vine calms her nerves with a visit to celebrity hairdresser George Northwood >>>


Sarah Vine: Falling off the wagon

July 8th 2014 / Sarah Vine

It was all going so well but temptation has finally taken hold. Sarah Vine talks diets, dinners and falling off the wagon >>>


Sarah Vine: When a diet is not just a diet

June 30th 2014 / Sarah Vine

With the diet finally starting to feel normal and a kitchen stuffed with healthy food, Sarah Vine is beginning to reap the rewards of all her hard work >>>


Sarah Vine: The dreaded weight loss plateau

June 13th 2014 / Sarah Vine

It's the moment every dieter hopes will never come, but will Sarah Vine stay on the health wagon if the pounds are no longer shifting? >>>


Sarah Vine: The low-carb holiday diet

June 3rd 2014 / Sarah Vine

Cutting back carbs is hard enough, but when holidaying in Greece? Sarah Vine took on the challenge >>>


Sarah Vine: How to host a gluten-free dinner for 10

May 25th 2014 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine gives us the lowdown on how to host a political dinner party for 10 >>>


Sarah Vine: Did the fat farm work?

May 19th 2014 / Sarah Vine

Five days at Grayshott Spa has turned Sarah Vine into a new woman - and the weight is dropping off >>>


Sarah Vine: Diary of a fat farm - day three

May 13th 2014 / Sarah Vine

Halfway through her retreat, Sarah Vine hears a convincing theory on the cause of obesity and learns exactly what to avoid >>>


Sarah Vine: Diary of a fat farm - day two

May 12th 2014 / Sarah Vine

On day two of her Health Regime at Grayshott Spa, Sarah Vine finds out the truth about fats and dreams of carbs... >>>


Sarah Vine: Diary of a life revamp at Grayshott Spa

May 9th 2014 / Sarah Vine

Is a six-day strict health regime at a retreat the answer to Sarah Vine's weight issues? >>>


Sarah Vine: 5 of the best hair removal products

April 26th 2014 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine’s guide to cheap, stress-free hair removal at home >>>


The frogspawn facial

April 1st 2014 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine writes on the latest leap forward in anti-ageing technology >>>


BMI: There's no such thing as 'normal'

March 28th 2014 / Sarah Vine

It's time to stop using an antiquated system to determine a person's ideal weight, says Sarah Vine >>>


Sarah Vine: The benefits of exercising with your children

March 25th 2014 / Sarah Vine

As a new study reveals that the more active a mother is, the more physically active her child will be, Sarah Vine explains how training with her daughter works for both their body and mind >>>


Get The Gloss joins Liberty's What's Your Issue event

March 17th 2014

Join Get The Gloss at Liberty's beauty event this week for expert tips and advice on all things body and wellbeing >>>


Sarah Vine: Charlotte Tilbury’s new Rock ‘n’ Kohl pencils

March 13th 2014 / Sarah Vine

Chic defined lines are harder to create on mature eyes. Sarah Vine reveals why makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has come to her rescue with her new Rock ‘n’ Kohl pencils >>>

Sarah Vine: Brad Pitt's trench foot

Sarah Vine: Brad Pitt's trench foot

October 8th 2013 / Sarah Vine

The news of Brad Pitt's trench foot highlights just how terrible men are at looking after their trotters, writes Sarah Vine >>>


Win a free ticket to Grace Belgravia's expert beauty event

September 17th 2013 / Judy Johnson

Want to know everything there is to know about ageing gracefully? Head to Grace Belgravia's event for a talk with our very own Sarah Vine >>>


GTG's NET-A-PORTER Twitter takeover

September 17th 2013 / Susannah Taylor

Get the Gloss is taking over NET-A-PORTER.COM's Twitter account on Wednesday 18th September from 4pm - what questions will you be asking? >>>


Sarah Vine: The best Bridget Jones style shapewear pants

September 14th 2013 / Sarah Vine

We should welcome the cold weather with open bingo-winged arms, writes Sarah Vine, because now we can all get back to wearing our big pants, Bridget Jones style... >>>


Sarah Vine: Yoga revisited

August 31st 2013 / Sarah Vine

Having left her yoga bunny years behind her after an injury, Sarah Vine revisits the exercise under the expert tuition of Jane Kersel >>>


Sarah Vine: Introducing Charlotte Tilbury's first makeup range

August 26th 2013 / Sarah Vine

Legendary make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury is all set to launch her first range of products next week - and they're nothing short of perfection, writes Sarah Vine >>>

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