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Sarah Vine's News and Features

Keep up with our Creative Director and Co-Founder Sarah Vine, as she goes from school gate to lipstick launch, from dog salon to state dinner


Sarah Vine: Browned off

August 24th 2013 / Sarah Vine

After years of trying creams and cover ups, Sarah Vine finally zaps her sun spots >>>


Sarah Vine: Madonna's teeth grills have got to go

August 22nd 2013 / Sarah Vine

Madonna can get away with most things, but copying the likes of Bieber, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus with the golden teeth grill isn't one of them. It's time for the pop icon to grow up, says Sarah Vine >>>


Sarah Vine: No7's natural beauties

August 8th 2013 / Sarah Vine

No7's new campaign in which none of the 'real women' are airbrushed should be wholeheartedly encouraged, writes Sarah Vine >>>


Sarah Vine: The Apprentice winner 2013

July 19th 2013 / Sarah Vine

Alan Sugar's new business partner is beautiful, smart and soon to be very successful. Sarah Vine explains why she's broken all the rules >>>


Sarah Vine: Martino Midali

June 7th 2013 / Sarah Vine

All Sarah Vine wants is some well-fitting, flattering clothes. On a trip to Turin, she found them... >>>


Sarah Vine: Making me flab-u-less, part five

May 21st 2013 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine's weight loss battle hasn't been easy thanks to her underactive thyroid, but with two nutritionists on hand she's being almost saintly >>>

Imogen Edwards-Jones on weights

Sarah Vine: Making me flab-u-less, part four

May 15th 2013 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine's mission to lose weight might finally be paying off... >>>


Sarah Vine: Making me flab-u-less, part three

April 29th 2013 / Sarah Vine

In which I learn that going on holiday in France and Spain is not conducive to weight loss, writes Sarah Vine >>>


Sarah Vine: Samantha Brick and her perma-diet

April 18th 2013 / Sarah Vine

Daily Mail writer Samantha Brick is trending on Twitter again for her controversial opinions. Sarah Vine reports >>>


Sarah Vine: Making me flab-u-less, part two

April 17th 2013

In part two of her weight loss diary, Sarah Vine talks cheese cravings and setbacks >>>


Sarah Vine: Making me flab-u-less, part one

April 12th 2013 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine is on a mission to get her mojo back and lose weight, but it's not going to be an easy journey... >>>


Sarah Vine: Olivier Echaudemaison

March 15th 2013 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine meets the charming Creative Director of Guerlain, a man who sees beauty in every woman >>>


Sarah Vine: Specs appeal

February 28th 2013 / Sarah Vine

Sarah Vine's eyesight isn't quite what it used to be but she's not letting that get in the way of good style >>>


Sarah Vine: it's a dog's life

January 21st 2013 / Sarah Vine

Feeling blue? Perk up the most depressing day of the year with puppies and lippies, Sarah Vine advises >>>


Sarah Vine: gel manicures

December 17th 2012

Shellac and gel manicures are more than just pretty - they give hard-as-nails protection, says Sarah Vine >>>


Sarah Vine: RIP Chanel No 5?

November 6th 2012 / Sarah Vine

Brussels bureaucrats should keep their noses out of the often self-regulating perfume industry: professionals producing luxury scent know which ingredients bring people out in a rash >>>


Sarah Vine: Riley rocks

October 24th 2012 / Sarah Vine

Strictly's Lisa Riley is living, shimmying proof that a woman’s shape does not determine her character. And I bloody love her for it >>>


Sarah Vine: my mouth meets Guerlain nose

October 23rd 2012 / Sarah Vine

It was all absolutely fabulous... being wined and dined in Paris by the charming nose of Guerlain. And then I went and accidentally told him what I really think of his Signature. Male. Fragrance >>>


Sarah Vine: Chanel's new man is the Pitts

October 17th 2012 / Sarah Vine

Brad Pitt is a beautiful man, but he's not the right man to sell Chanel's classic No5 perfume in its new commercial. Here's who they should have hired >>>

Get the Gloss_Aerin Lauder_1.jpg

Sarah Vine: glamming up

October 5th 2012 / Sarah Vine

Holding your own in a room of impeccably coiffed beauty editors is not easy, so time to pile on good old-fashioned glamour, movie-star style >>>

Cameron Diaz poses underwear esquire 40.jpg

Sarah Vine: Looks begin at 40

October 4th 2012 / Sarah Vine

Get the Gloss's founder, blogger and wise sage knows why Cameron Diaz has stripped down to her pants for a men's magazine as she completes her fourth decade. She looks better than ever >>>


Five ways to spot counterfeit makeup

October 2nd 2012 / Sarah Vine

They seem tempting when you’re searching for a deal online, but cut-price cosmetic rip-offs come at a price, says our editor-in-chief >>>

sarah vine get the gloss blog chanel nail polish in frenzy.jpg

Sarah Vine: Getting the gloss

October 2nd 2012 / Sarah Vine

Twenty-four hours after GTG launched, the enormity of what she has taken on finally sinks in for our editor-in-chief and blogger extraordinaire >>>


Sarah Vine: My facial fears

October 1st 2012 / Sarah Vine

A day in the life of GTG's founder and editor-in-chief. Today: why I'm fussy about who touches my face >>>


An App a Day: Period Tracker

April 28th 2012 / Sarah Vine

Clumsy? Grumpy? Wiped out? You'll probably still need your phone to tell you why, says Sarah Vine >>>

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