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Sensitive skin sufferer and GTG's Digital Editor Judy Johnson risks reactions so you don't have to, in her regular sensitive skin column. Find out about the cutting edge treatments and the best products for sensitive skin, as well as the ingredients to look out for and the causes of skin allergies and reactions, and how to resolve rashes and redness in her regular guide to looking after sensitive skin types.

gtg-s-s-eye-listing.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The best eye makeup removers for sensitive skin

January 26th 2018 / Judy Johnson

Even those with normal skin need to treat their eyes carefully. Judy Johnson picks her top makeup removers for sensitive eyes >>>

Face masks for sensitive skin-listing.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The best face masks for sensitive skin

January 12th 2018 / Judy Johnson

The idea of leaving a high-performing product on sensitive skin may seem like it's asking for trouble, but these tried and tested gentle formulas will help you get over your face mask fear once and for all >>>


The best face oils for sensitive skin

December 15th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Judy Johnson picks the top facial oils for hydrating those with fragile, easily-irritated skin >>>

skin-ap.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The 99p app that everyone with sensitive skin needs

November 9th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Be sure you're shopping for the right skincare for sensitive skin with this online pocket ingredients dictionary >>>

Sense and Sensitivity: How not to waste money on beautySense and Sensitivity

How not to waste money on beauty for sensitive skin

October 13th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Women waste £148m on products they can't use. Here's how to make sure your cash is well-spent if you suffer with sensitive skin >>>

lip-balms-3.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The 7 best lip balms for sensitive skin

September 28th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Lip balms packed full of strong ingredients and perfumes can turn chapped lips into irritated ones if you're sensitive. Judy Johnson finds the best performers and looks at the mineral oil debate >>>

experts.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The experts’ edit of the best products to boost your skin barrier

September 15th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Sensitive skin? Soothe it with products that will improve its tolerance with these top picks from the people in the know >>>

superdrug-2.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The £3.99 night serum that sensitive skins will love

August 31st 2017 / Judy Johnson

Superdrug has added to its popular Simply Pure range that wows all skin types, including sensitive. Judy Johnson puts the new Hydrating Night Serum to the test >>>

mascaras-for-sensitive-skin.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The best mascaras for sensitive eyes

August 17th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Irritated, itchy eyes aren't necessarily just a problem for those with sensitive skin - here's how to find a mascara that amplifies lashes without the discomfort >>>

talonted-lex-2.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Rosacea and me: Talonted Lex on skincare, stress and being highly sensitive

August 3rd 2017 / Judy Johnson

The beauty blogger and rosacea sufferer talks to Judy Johnson about her favourite products, the link between stress and skin and the secret to great nails >>>

get-the-gloss-sense-and-sensitivity-spf-3.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The ultimate guide to sun cream ingredients for sensitive skin

July 25th 2017 / Judy Johnson

From physical and chemical filters to minerals and preservatives, here's all you need to know about choosing sun cream for sensitive skin types >>>

ingredients-list.jpgSense and Sensitivity

How to read an INCI list for sensitive skin

July 21st 2017 / Judy Johnson

Can you ever judge a product by its ingredients? Judy Johnson asks the skin care experts how to read the label >>>

gtg-festival-s-s-main.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Going to a festival? Here's how to survive if you have sensitive skin

July 21st 2017 / Judy Johnson

Off to Glastonbury or another UK festival? Other than saying ‘Don’t go!’, our sensitive skin columnist advises on how to survive (while still having fun) at a festival >>>

gtg-spf-s-s-listing-1.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The best sun creams for sensitive skin

July 9th 2017 / Judy Johnson

SPF and sun lotions for sensitive skin needn't be a hassle - you just need to know which sun creams play safe with their ingredients. Here are Judy Johnson's top picks of the sunscreens that look after hypersensitive, reactive or allergy-prone skin >>>

sospr-mainimg.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The prickly heat rash product survival kit

June 22nd 2017 / Judy Johnson

Heat rash is as stubborn as they come - but can any beauty heroes really help you to ditch the itch? Judy Johnson rounds up the best products for prickly heat hell >>>

listing-18.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The best body moisturisers for sensitive skin

June 9th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Soothe your sensitive skin all over with Judy Johnson's pick of the best body lotions for fragile, easily irritated skin >>>

essential-oils.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Essential oils and sensitive skin: everything you need to know

May 26th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Some give you an instant rash, some soothe even the sorest skin. What gives? Judy Johnson finds out >>>

neutral-1.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Neutral 0%: the full package for sensitive skin

April 28th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Meet the brand that’s looking after sensitive skin throughout the home, not just in the bathroom cabinet >>>

gtg-prickly-heat-main.jpgSense and Sensitivity

How to stop prickly heat and heat rash from ruining your summer

April 13th 2017 / Judy Johnson

If heat rash is making life a living hell, read on for the experts' (and sufferers') advice on what causes prickly heat, how to get rid of heat rash and how to keep your cool with these remedies and treatments >>>

pai-facial.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Sense and Sensitivity: The VIP spa treatment for sensitive skin

March 30th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Sensitive skin gets an upgrade as The Beaumont Spa offers Pai’s signature facials. Judy Johnson reviews the luxury treatment for reluctant spa-goers >>>

sensitivity.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The best skincare routines for sensitive skin

March 16th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Yes you’re sensitive, but what about all your other skin woes? Judy Johnson asks Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting for her top tips on gentle skin care routines that still deliver the results you need >>>

ren-3.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Sense and Sensitivity: The 10 minute mask that desensitises your skin

March 3rd 2017 / Judy Johnson

Can REN’s new Evercalm mask really take you from irritated to calm in just 10 minutes? Judy Johnson found out >>>

get-the-gloss-ss-cleansers-main.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The best cleansers for sensitive skin

February 16th 2017 / Judy Johnson

Sensitive types need a gentle but effective cleanser to keep skin irritation to a minimum. Judy Johnson shares her favourite face washes for reactive, hypersensitive skin >>>

oats.jpgSense and Sensitivity

Sense and Sensitivity: The skin-soothing oat soak you can make at home

February 2nd 2017 / Judy Johnson

In a sensitive skin emergency, a kitchen cupboard essential could just come to your rescue, writes Judy Johnson. Here’s how to turn porridge oats into a skin soother >>>

hand-creams.jpgSense and Sensitivity

The best hand creams for sensitive skin

January 20th 2017 / Judy Johnson

After a manicure treatment left her with the worst reaction she’d ever had, Judy Johnson picks the best hand creams for sensitive, irritated skin >>>

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